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Trimmer vs. razor - What is better for shaving your balls?

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



Trimmer vs. razor - What is better for shaving your balls?

You want to shave your balls. That’s great! Still, you have some reservations. You want to make sure you do this the right way, so you don’t hurt yourself or walk funny for a while after you shave. We’ve all heard horror stories, and you don’t want the next one to be about you. That leads to an important question: should you use a trimmer or a razor? We’ll explore both options, and you will be able to make an informed decision. 

Using a trimmer to shave your balls

Most guys are more comfortable trimming their balls before they graduate to shaving. The truth is that a good trimmer can get a decent shave, so the strategy holds water. Still, it’s important to see both sides and know what is good and bad about trimmers.

Everything great about trimming

Trimmers are an excellent choice for many reasons — provided you use a quality device. At the top of the list, trimmers are fast and easy to use. You don’t need any extra preparation before you get to trimming. A good trimmer doesn’t require preparatory exfoliation or even shaving gel. Simply turn it on and get started.

The main reason trimmers are so easy to use is that they are safe. With proper safety features, it can become difficult (but not impossible) to cut yourself trimming. Since the primary risk is minimized, you feel more comfortable getting down to business.

On a completely different note, trimmers are also great because they give you a little more freedom and control. You don’t have to cut your hair down to the skin if you don’t want to. You can simply clean up the aesthetics down there without going bald. 

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Room for improvement

Trimmers do a lot of great things, but they aren’t perfect. Above all else, a trimmer can never get as close a shave as a razor. Top-of-the-line trimmers get close, but it’s never perfectly smooth. Because of that, trimmers also don’t perfectly capture that fresh, clean feeling that you can get from a shave. By all means, you get to enjoy the benefits of decluttering your ball hair, but it’s not quite as satisfying as when the skin is completely smooth at the end.

Another downside to trimmers is that the devices are more complicated. They’re usually more expensive to buy, and they typically need more maintenance and upkeep than a simple razor. The best trimmers have pretty low maintenance requirements, but they still have to be charged, and the blades need care or replacement — which is usually more involved than swapping a razor.

Using a razor

When you think of shaving, you probably envision a razor, and rightly so. Razors are still the premier tool for truly shaving hair, and that applies to your balls as much as it does any other part of the body. Here are the things that are good and bad about shaving the boys with a razor.

The good parts

The number one reason to use a razor is to get a close shave. As mentioned above, a perfectly close shave feels amazing, and that’s half the reason we shave our balls in the first place. Sure, the initial motivation might be tied to romance, but we keep doing it because we like the feeling. Razors capture this feeling better than anything else.

The other thing that is great about razors is that they are pretty affordable (at least compared to trimmers). You can get a razor that is safe to use on your balls for a fraction of the price of a good trimmer. That accessibility helps a lot of guys get into shaving in the first place, and that’s worth mentioning.

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The OK parts

Razors have their downsides, and you’re already thinking about the most important of them. Razors require a bit more precision on the user’s part. With modern tools and technology (and good technique), there’s a lot you can do to mitigate the risk of cuts. That said, a razor is almost always going to carry more risk than a good trimmer. 

On a completely different note, razors can cost more than trimmers in the long run. It mostly boils down to the fact that razor blades don’t last as long as trimmer blades. On top of that, shaving with a razor requires you to add shaving gel to your list of accessories, and if you want the best results, you need a good exfoliator too. All of these things add up in terms of upkeep costs. It’s a bearable cost, but it leaves trimmer operation much cheaper.

Here’s the final downside to razors: they get a closer shave. Didn’t we just list that as a pro in the razor column? We did, but the long story is a little more complicated. A close shave feels amazing, but the hair doesn’t stay short forever. Eventually, it grows back, and part of that process leaves you with stubble on your ball hair. Left alone, ball stubble can be uncomfortable. There are things that can take the edge off of ball stubble, but if you aren’t prepared for it, you might suffer. This problem afflicts all forms of shaving, but closer shaves extend the discomfort.

Getting the best of all worlds

Any time you’re considering one option over another, a combination of the two is probably the best answer. When it comes to shaving your balls, that’s definitely true. When you have a great trimmer like The Lawn Mower® 4.0 trimmer, you get the safety and convenience we mentioned earlier. You can shave your balls to the height you want, and life is good. When you want that extra smooth, clean feeling, then you can grab your razor to finish the job.

The real advantage to combining tools is that you can control risks a lot easier. When you trim before you shave, it’s easier to keep things safe with the razor. You can also use great skincare products that soften hair when it grows back. This solves the stubble problem.

The bottom line is that you want to expand your resources to get the best results. You can have a great shave and all of the benefits without the downsides. You simply need to invest the time and energy to learn how to do it all the right way, and Manscaped™ is always here to help you with that.



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