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Ultimate Guide to Gen X Manscaping

Do you remember that old song about the lady who’s still stuck in 1985? If you can relate to it, you might be a member of Generation X. You were a pioneer of big hair, metal, and all kinds of cultural achievements. But, these days, you’re probably a parent. You probably have a regular job. Your life has changed from the days of Gen X glory. After all of that change, you might have missed out on some new stuff that is pretty awesome. Mostly, we’re talking about manscaping. It is an elusive practice for Generation X, and we think that’s a shame. 

The Long Road to Enlightenment

To go from not manscaping to embracing the ideology is a journey. You won’t simply believe on the words of others. You have to take a journey of self-reflection and personal experience. Only at the end of this road can you achieve the special form of enlightenment that comes from a proper manscaping routine.

Ok. Maybe it's not that big a deal. You can break into this world pretty easily, and modern technology only helps. But, to enjoy manscaping, there are probably some things you need to learn, and as a Gen Xer, the statistics show you're less likely to already know this stuff than some of the kids these days.

Modern Manscaping Is a New Idea

Sorry, Gen Xers. We’re not trying to kick you in the soft spot or anything, but you’re not the young, hip generation anymore. There are literally two generations of fully-fledged adults that are younger than you. People often disagree over when one generation begins and another ends. For today’s purpose, we're going to go with being born between 1965 and 1980 for Gen X. You might disagree with those dates, but for the purpose of this discussion, every member of Gen X is at least 40.

Things were a lot different 40 years ago. The hippy movement was in full swing. Guys were starting to grow long hair a form of protest. They wanted to get away from the “clean-cut” style of previous generations. And, a lot were mad about the draft. Having unkempt body hair and being a little gross was the revolution. It’s how they differentiated themselves from older generations (this theme will repeat). Even porn stars had tons of hair and bushy mustaches. It was a different era, to be sure.

In fact, manscaping as we know it today didn’t really get its start until the early 90s in the U.S. It was an underdeveloped idea then, and all but the youngest Gen Xers were already adults with strong opinions on sex appeal and lifestyle. They grew up during the crazy big hair days of the 80s. Suddenly turning that around and going for a clean/tempered look was different, and it was met with reluctance. 

Meanwhile, the new young generation was coming of age. They wanted to distinguish themselves from the previous generation by getting away from big hair and hippy styles (this might explain most generational fashion decisions). Ultimately, manscaping became a common practice among the youth, and many in Gen X were left behind.

Even today, Gen Xers practice manscaping at a much lower rate than Millenials and Gen Z. That said, Gen Xers aren’t actually as old as they might feel. There’s still plenty of youth left. Even though many are parents, many Gen Xers are dating. They’re still climbing corporate ladders. They’re still in all of those social situations that benefit from manscaping. 

ultimate guide to gen x manscaping

Busting Some Manscaping Myths

At least some Gen X resistance to manscaping stems from beliefs in old myths. You were told stuff when you were younger, and some of it was convincing. We’re not saying that everything you have ever thought about manscaping is wrong. We just want to bust a few myths to help you overcome your inertia.

There’s No Benefit to Manscaping

This is myth numero uno. The idea is that manscaping is just a metrosexual practice that doesn't help normal guys in any way. Let’s put aside the sex stuff (although women really do prefer some level of manscaping for bedroom time). Manscaping offers genuine benefits to your daily life. It will combat body odor by reducing the hair that traps the strongest smells (we know you’ve smelled your own swamp crotch before).

It also adds to your standard level of comfort. Have you ever accidentally tugged on some pubes? That doesn’t happen when they’re shorter. You’ll be surprised at how much your general mood improves when that small annoyance is out of your life forever. On top of that, removing some hair downstairs makes it easier to scrub and moisturize your lower-body skin. That can battle dryness and itchiness. It can also help you stay cool in the pit when you’re having a busy or hot day.

When you add all of these benefits together, you find that manscaping can genuinely improve the quality of life for any guy.

It Hurts

We have to be fair. Manscaping can be substantially painful and/or uncomfortable if you use the wrong tools. If you do it incorrectly, you can bleed from places that scare you and live in a bit of misery until you recover from the mishaps. Spend some time on Reddit if you want to find good stories.

But, if you manscape correctly, it’s a pain-free experience. At worst, if feels like a bit of a chore every once in a while, but that’s it. Modern manscaping tools are well-designed, and they protect you from the worst. Add a little styling knowledge and experience, and you’ll skip the bad, painful practices. You can enjoy your very first time manscaping, and it only gets better from there. That starts with busting this next myth.

You Have to Be Perfectly Smooth Below the Waist

This is a very common misconception among novices. The truth is that more women like a full bush than a completely shaved lower region on a guy. Manscaping is not about razors and wax. There was a period when guys experimented with all of that, but modern knowledge teaches us better. It turns out that no one likes razor burn on their crotch. All you need is a good trimmer. The pubic hair doesn’t have to be nearly as short as you might imagine. You just want it to look manicured. Think about the rough at a PGA tournament. Sure, it’s longer than the other grass, but it’s still carefully cut and managed. That could be you.

In fact, here’s a pro tip for you. Cutting your pubic hair too short is the primary source of misery in manscaping. You don’t want stubble around your giblets. If you leave the hair a little longer, it stays soft, and you get the benefits of manscaping without a uniquely unpleasant experience.

ultimate guide to gen x manscaping

It’s Weird

Here’s the final push. You’re a Gen Xer. You were exposed to the stigma of manscaping when it was a young, new idea. Only the dumb kids were doing it. To be fair, the development of manscaping included filtering through bad ideas. 

Modern manscaping is really about hygiene and self-care. The same way taking care of a beard taught you to have better hygiene habits with your face, manscaping can help you form good habits for that part of your body. It leads to healthier skin. That’s what this is really about.

By all means, if you want to motivate yourself by hoping manscaping will help your love life, go for it. That’s often the case. But modern manscaping really is all about you and what you stand to benefit from the practice. There's a reason that the majority of men in the U.S. now practice some level of manscaping.

Manscaping Nirvana

If you think you’re ready to break through some barriers, we’re going to take you through a basic manscaping session. It will cover the key tools and practices you need to make your way into this new lifestyle.

Trimming Is Easy

If you’ve ever used a beard trimmer, then you know that this isn’t complicated or painful. You just need a good trimmer. Stop. Put away your beard trimmer. You want a tool that is specifically designed for the more sensitive parts of your body. The Lawn Mower 3.0 is the only tool you need for grooming. Start with the longest cutting guard and see how you feel after getting through the hedges. If you want to go shorter, step it down one guard at a time until you’re satisfied. When you do it this way, if you go a little too far, it’ll grow back to a comfortable length faster because you didn’t go all-out from the start.

As a bonus tip, you can make cleanup easier by using The Magic Mat.

Shower Second

When you groom your face, you can choose between showering before or after grooming. That’s because you can pretty easily wipe your face clean and apply some aftershave. Below the belt, it’s not so easy. Pube clippings are stubborn and itchy. Shower after you trim for better comfort. Plus, it’ll help you moisturize the skin that you just attacked with an electric cutting machine.

For best results, use Crop Cleanser in the shower. It has a special Active pH Control™ formula that will help protect your skin and keep it resilient.

Give a Little Care

ultimate guide to gen x manscaping

You’re not done with manscaping when you get out of the shower. If you understand the value of aftershave, you want something comparable for your genitals. You also know that normal aftershave would burn ferociously.

Instead, you want to use Crop Preserver. It’s different from aftershave in a few fundamental ways. First, it’s deodorant, and it’ll keep you smelling fresh on even the worst days. Second, it has a formula that helps reduce friction on your balls. That’s just a happy bonus. Lastly, it’s designed to be gentle on the boys. It will help you maintain a healthy level of moisture that perfectly toes the line between dry and unpleasant and outright swampy.

Crop Preserver is at its best when you pair it with Crop Reviver. This is a gentle spritz that has restorative properties for your skin. It also has Aloe Vera, so if you do have a mishap, it’ll soothe what ails you.

At that point, you’ve finished manscaping, and you can get dressed. The biggest lesson to learn today is that the majority of your manscaping effort has nothing to do with removing body hair. It’s mostly about caring for your skin.

If you want access to all of these amazing products, they’re consolidated in The Perfect Package 3.0 (along with some other goodies). You can find all of it at You can also find volumes of additional advice on manscaping and answers to all kinds of questions you have about life and the universe (but mostly manly stuff).



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