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Using The Lawn Mower 3.0 to Shave

For most guys, shaving is the ultimate hurdle to manscaping. The idea of shaving your balls is unnerving, and it’s enough to keep many men from even trying the simpler, safer options. We’re going to shatter that barrier today by blurring the lines between shaving and trimming.

Shaving vs Trimming

Sure, you know the difference between a trim and a shave. We get that. But, we’re working on redefining that line, so we’re going to change the game a little. We’re not going to define shaving as using a razor to remove hair. Instead, we’re going to focus on hair length as the real factor. 

In essence, a shave should leave you with smooth skin. No prickly hair. No stubble (until it grows back). Traditionally, you might reach for a razor blade to accomplish such smoothness, but with The Lawn Mower 3.0, you can shave with your trimmer. You can get a smooth finish on all parts of your body, and that’s the shaving that we’re talking about today.

Using The Lawn Mower 3.0 to Shave

Shaving With a Trimmer

There are a few things that dramatically change when you shave with a trimmer instead of a razor. First is that you don’t need a smooth, gliding skin surface. The trimmer works by making thousands of automated tiny cuts every second. It doesn’t slide across your skin. That means you can dry shave with a trimmer without it being a miserable experience. If your skin is particularly sensitive, a lubricant might be a good idea, but the quality of the shave isn’t dependent on how slick your skin is when you participate in male grooming. 

Safety is the next important point. We’re talking about a whole new ballgame. A good trimmer won’t cut you. Well, it should at least be much more difficult to get a cut with a trimmer than a razor. With this greater safety comes a little more freedom in your technique. You can get nice and close on the most sensitive parts of your body (we’re referring to your balls here). You won’t be worried about making a red mess while you’re doing it. A safer experience leads to the third big change.

You can shave so much faster with a trimmer than a razor. Since you don’t have to be careful and meticulous, you can shave with less time. You also get to cut all of the prep work. You’re not carefully lathering shaving cream. You aren’t getting your skin to the right temperature to prevent razor burn. You’re just getting the hair cut and moving on with your day.

Better Shaving for Better Manscaping

Now that we’ve redefined how to shave your balls, we should revisit the concept of manscaping as a whole.

Trim and Shave First

Think about your old manscaping routine. Now, consider that you can trim and shave in a single session. You can do it before you even hop in the shower. Life is getting easier.

But, no matter how easy your trimming and shaving become, we want to emphasize a safety tip. You should always go with the grain, especially below the belt. No matter how safe your trimmer is, shaving against the grain will dramatically increase the likelihood of getting razor bumps and general discomfort. Save yourself the pain and go with the grain (a little rhyme to help you remember).

Shower Second

Shaving with a trimmer might not tear up your skin like a razor, but it still leaves a bunch of tiny hair clippings all over your body. They itch. Do yourself a favor and shower immediately after grooming. It will do you a lot of good. If you use Crop Cleanser when you shower, you can make sure you smell great and have healthy skin when you’re done.

Using The Lawn Mower 3.0 to Shave


Classically, you want to moisturize after you shower. It’s a weird thing, but tap water dries out the skin. Rather than fight with working lotion into your ball sack, you can use Crop Preserver and Crop Reviver. Crop Preserver is a moisturizing ball deodorant that will keep you cool and reduce friction throughout the day. Crop Reviver is the gentle spritz that enables you to add a little extra moisture if you ever need it.

Then, Get Dressed

Once you’ve gone through the routine, you can slip into some MANSCAPED boxers. They’re designed to feel as sexy as they look. You’ll enjoy wearing them.

You can find everything you need for a full manscaping session in The Perfect Package 3.0. It has the new trimmer and the supporting staff. The package, and a whole lot of other manscaping resources, are all available at



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