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Weed Whacker® 2.0 - Review of the best nose hair trimmer.

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Weed Whacker® 2.0 - Review of the best nose hair trimmer.

Do you feel that slight tickle in your nose? 

It’s not allergies. It’s not someone’s way-too-strong cologne. It’s not even a booger. 

It’s nose hair. 

That’s right. Your own hair is tickling your nostrils right now and we have some bad news for you. It’s only going to get worse. Nose hair is one of those things that only escalates as you age. If it’s tickling you now, it’s going to outright ruin your day later. 

But we’re not all doom and gloom. We have good news to pair with the bad news. You can trim that hair and with our help, it will be extremely easy. All you need is the Weed Whacker® 2.0. It’s the latest and greatest in nose-hair trimming technology and we’re going to take a couple of minutes to show you how it works. 

The amazing features of the Weed Whacker® 2.0.

We just called this trimmer the latest and greatest. Can we back up that claim? Of course we can. 

It turns out that the Weed Whacker® 2.0 is packed with design features that help elevate it above the competition. Let’s look at some of them together. 

MANSCAPED Weed Whacker 2.0

Cutting power is next level.

If a trimmer is going to claim to be amazing (or good in general), then there's one thing that matters more than anything else. The trimmer has to cut hair effectively. 

The Weed Whacker® 2.0 shines in this respect. The trimmer has a few special features that make it competitive at cutting ear and nose hair. 

First, it uses a 360-degree rotating blade. Since hair grows on all sides in your ears and nose, you don’t want to have to twist your trimmer around to get every last annoying strand. The rotating blade makes this simple. 

Second, the blades are made from strong steel and that means they last a long time. You don’t have to replace your blades after every trim with this bad boy. You can trust it to stay sharp and avoid pulling hair strands out of sensitive parts of your body. 

Third, it runs at a high RPM. The fast blade rotations enable the blades to cut hair rather than snag on it, adding a lot of comfort to the process. 

With all of these features, the Weed Whacker® 2.0 cuts effortlessly through your ear and nose hairs. You’re left with a comfortable finish and you didn’t have to abuse yourself to get the job done. 

Control and precision are yours.

Assuming your trimmer can handle the most important element of its job, then the next most important thing is usability. With any trimmer, you want a lot of control and precision so that you can cut hair exactly the way you want. 

With a nose and ear trimmer, precision is as much about safety as anything else. You’re working in tight spaces with a high-powered razor. On top of that, the insides of your nose and ears are extremely sensitive. If you’ve ever had hair pulled out of either place, you know just how tender it can get. 

You want clear control over your trimmer and you want it to work at a high degree of precision—even if you’re not a master of hair-cutting tools. 

Once again, the Weed Whacker® 2.0 delivers. The ergonomic body makes it easy to grip and use even in suboptimal circumstances (like in the lavatory of a turbulent flight).  

Most importantly, the SkinSafe™ technology in the high-precision blades pretty much automates safety. It’s going to cut the hairs, but it’s going to do that in a way that was optimized before you even touched the tool. 

MANSCAPED Weed Whacker 2.0

Battery life and convenience rock.

So far, we’ve discussed why functionality is so important, but there’s another element that’s easy to overlook: convenience. 

The old saying is that the best tool is the one you actually use. That’s true for trimmers too. 

No matter how amazing the cutting or other features of the trimmer might be, if it’s not convenient, you probably won’t use it. We understand that and it’s why we designed a lot of convenience into the Weed Whacker® 2.0. 

For starters, the tool is wireless. You might think that in this day and age wireless technology is a given, but it isn’t. You can still find plenty of trimmers out there that attach you to a cord and complicate a trimming process that should be simple. 

Still, there are plenty of other wireless trimmers. The Weed Whacker® 2.0 has a competitive battery. Using lithium technology, it works fine with fast charging, so when you need more juice, you don’t have to wait hours to get your trimmer up and running again. 

Then again, you’re not going to have to charge it too often. The battery is designed to provide 45 minutes of continuous trimming. If you’re new to ear- and nose-hair trimming you might not know this, but that’s a lot of trimming time. It usually doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes to groom your nose and/or ears. That means you can use this trimmer a bunch of times between charges. 

What else? 

Clearly, the Weed Whacker® 2.0 is pretty awesome, but there are a few more things you need to know about it. We’re going to cover all of them in the sections below. 

Here's how to clean and maintain. 

A great trimmer is convenient, right? Well, maintenance on the Weed Whacker® 2.0 couldn’t be any easier. Since the whole thing is waterproof, you can rinse it by running it under your faucet. That’s enough for routine cleaning. 

When you want to be more thorough with your cleaning (which you should do every now and then to mitigate microbial risks), the process is still simple. You can snap off the blade head. You can run it and the trimmer under water. You can also rinse them with or soak them in rubbing alcohol to disinfect everything thoroughly. 

As for other maintenance, that’s even easier. Charge the trimmer when the indicator lights tell you that the battery is low. If the blade starts to feel a little dull, then you can swap in a new blade head. Just snap out the old blade and snap in the new one. 

That’s it. That’s all you have to do to take care of this trimmer. When we said we maximized convenience, we really meant it. 

MANSCAPED Weed Whacker

 Warranty and service.

Something else you should know about is the warranty. We take pride in our products and the Weed Whacker® 2.0 is no exception.  

For starters, this trimmer is supported by our standard 30-day guarantee. If you don’t like it, you can return it for a full refund within 30 days of the purchase. 

We also provide a manufacturer’s warranty on this. If the trimmer or any parts prove defective, we handle repair and/or replacement. The standard warranty period is 90 days and it covers the entire trimmer. 

That’s still not all. 

We also offer the Platinum Warranty for our Peak Hygiene Plan members. This warranty allows for a complete replacement at any time as long as you’re a member. It’s as thorough as warranties get. 

If you need to make a claim or have your trimmer serviced, you can follow the steps laid out here. 

Frequently asked questions. 

What comes in the Weed Whacker® 2.0 box? 

The package includes the trimmer itself, a replacement blade for the trimmer, and a USB-C charging cable. 

What does the MANSCAPED® Weed Whacker® do? 

This is a hair trimmer designed specifically for your ears and nose. It's electric and makes ear- and nose-hair grooming easy. 

Is the Weed Whacker® 2.0 waterproof? 

Yes. The trimmer is waterproof and safe to use in the bathroom—even in the shower. 

MANSCAPED® delivers.

The Weed Whacker® 2.0 is a trimmer for your ears and nose that's easy to use, fast at trimming, safe, and convenient. With a long battery life, powerful cutting ability, and enhanced safety and precision, it’s as good as you’ll find for this specialized task. 

With a lesser tool, managing ear and nose hair can be a slow, meticulous process. With the Weed Whacker® 2.0, it’s not even a chore. 

If you’ve ever felt the need to trim hair in your ears or your nose, this is the tool for you. You can try it today.



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