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What Are the MANSCAPED™ Lawn Mower® Guard Lengths?

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



What Are the MANSCAPED™ Lawn Mower® Guard Lengths?

When you get into male grooming, you find that more control is never a bad thing. A lot of trimmers are made to proxy for razors. They get super close, which doesn't leave you a ton of options for keeping some of your hair a little longer. As you get more comfortable styling below the waist, this becomes unacceptable. The good news is that the variable MANSCAPED™ Lawn Mower guard lengths make this control more effortless than ever.

The Lawn Mower 3.0® Trimmer Features

We're not shy about calling The Lawn Mower 3.0 trimmer the best body groomer for grooming. We're proud of the work that went into it, and when you see the list of features, you might find yourself agreeing. Here's a taste of what makes this tool so special:

  • SkinSafe® technology works hard to protect you from nicks and cuts. You can get aggressive with this trimmer without fear.
  • The cordless design makes it easier to handle the trimmer — especially in those hard-to-reach zones.
  • The waterproof design makes it safe to use in the shower.
  • Improved battery life allows you to take your time and trim correctly.
  • The 7,000 RPM motor makes quick work of even the wiliest lower-body hair.
  • The LED light makes it easy to see every nook and cranny that you trim.
  • The USB charging dock is a convenient way to keep your trimmer ready for work.
  • The non-slip grip gives you a great handle on your trimming, even if you get a little wet in the process.
The Lawn Mower 3.0 On Its Docking Station

What Are Trimmer Guards?

These are precisely what you are imagining. Trimmer guards are the plastic attachments that go on the trimmer. They help control the length of the hair after it is cut. Your barber or hairstylist uses them to blend close-cropped hair on the side of your head with the longer hair on top. You can use them to blend your pubic hair if you want.

You can also use them to make sure you don't cut the hair too short. We talk about this pretty often. If you cut your pubic hair down to stubble, it's going to itch like stubble. From there, you need to shave to control the discomfort (and you'll want to know how to shave your pubic hair). A lot of times, it's easier to keep the hair longer to avoid that problem altogether.

What Lengths Can You Achieve?

An adjustable trimmer guard controls the Lawn Mower 3.0 guard lengths. It protects you from nicks and cuts. It also lets you avoid that stubble problem we mentioned. With the variable adjustments, you can choose from a length ranging between 2mm and 3.5mm.

It's worth noting that The Lawn Mower 3.0 trimmer only has one guard that can be adjusted as you see fit. Using this design is easier and more convenient than what we used for the 2.0. That version had separate plastic attachments that had to be added and removed. We're big fans of simplicity around here, hence the upgrade.


The Blades On The Lawn Mower 3.0

How to Trim Your Pubic Hair With The Lawn Mower 3.0

You have a device that can trim your pubes at a variety of lengths. It's probably a good idea to learn how to use it, so we're going to teach you. You'll find that the process of grooming is pretty straightforward. That said, there is invaluable knowledge that goes with the practice, and we include that in today's lesson.

Trim Using Magic Mat® Shaving Mat

Before you do anything to your hair, you want to preemptively manage the mess. Lay down a Magic Mat® shaving mat. It will catch the hair clippings while you do your work. You can simply fold it up and throw it away when you're done.

With that out of the way, your first step is to use The Lawn Mower 3.0 trimmer to reduce your lower body hair. We recommend you start with the guard at its longest length. If you decide you want to go shorter, you can always do another pass, but you're stuck living with the mistake as soon as you go too short. 

No special techniques are needed here, just Ppck your length, trim and the Mower does all of the work.

Shower With Crop Cleanser™ Hair & Body Wash

What you do after you trim is often more important than how you go about removing pubic hair. Hair clippings are incredibly itchy and annoying. After you groom, you should shower. Since you're taking a shower, you want to use Crop Cleanser™ hair and body wash as your soap. Its formula will hydrate your skin and help restore it — assuming you roughed yourself up a little with your trimmer. Even if you had the gentlest trim of your life, it never hurts to promote healthy skin.

Post Shower With Crop Preserver® Ball Deodorant & Crop Reviver® Ball Toner

When you finish showering, you still have work to do if you want to take proper care of yourself. Since you're dripping wet at this point, you want to pat dry with a towel. You're not a cartoon character, so you shouldn't use a sawing motion to towel dry. That's hard on your skin, and if you get a close enough trim, your skin will be sensitive. Gently pat dry. The towel will work just as well.

When you are dry, you want to apply Crop Preserver® ball deodorant. This is your ball deodorant. It simultaneously moisturizes your skin while preventing you from getting swampy throughout the day. Our scientists are pretty impressive.

It takes less than a minute to rub Crop Preserver ball deodorant into your crotch. When you're done, you want a finishing touch of Crop Reviver® ball toner. It has a pH formula and Aloe Vera in it. Together, they restore your skin and soothe any discomfort.

Finish With MANSCAPED™ Boxers

The MANSCAPED Performance Boxer Briefs

At this point, your routine is finished. You can put on your boxers. If you know what's good for you, you'll reach for MANSCAPED boxers. They're designed to do a few things that improve your quality of life. For starters, they have an anti-chafing design. This design makes them far more comfortable after you groom. They also wick moisture. That makes them excellent for keeping you cool and dry. They will help you avoid swamp ass during a long day, and they keep you feeling fresher and better.

It looks like you're all set. You can use the MANSCAPED Lawn Mower guard lengths adeptly. More importantly, you can take good care of yourself when you're done with the grooming part of your day.




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