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What do you get in the Ultra Smooth Package?

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



What do you get in the Ultra Smooth Package?

If there is one thing you can trust from Manscaped™, it's that we never quit. We will try to revolutionize male grooming again and again. We know our passion, and we don't get tired of this.

That's why we're introducing something new. We have developed the Ultra Smooth Package. It's made specifically for shaving in the groin area of men and women, making it a powerful addition to your impressive grooming arsenal.

Now that's a smooth package

Let's talk about contents. This is designed to have everything you need to shave the boys safely and effectively. If you're after smoothness, this is whether you'll find the tools you need to achieve it. The package includes an exfoliator, lubricant, razor, extra blades, and travel case. It's all neatly consolidated, so you can shave your balls with only this set.

ultra smooth package

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The Crop Shaver™ groin razor

This is our brand new specialized groin razor. It was painstakingly designed by our engineers to optimize shaving around your groin. From top to bottom, the entire razor is a testament to control, precision, and safety.

You'll notice the ergonomics first. It's not shaped like other razors, and that's on purpose. This is not the all-in-one general-purpose tool that you can also use around the groin. It's shortened to make it easier to navigate the hills and valleys of your nether regions. It has widened lubrication strips to reduce friction, and there are non-slip rubber pads that promise greater control when you shave.

The pivoting head can cleanly navigate the contours of your body to optimize safety, and the three-blade cartridge reduces the number of passes you have to make when you shave. That reduces irritation and the risk of cuts and nicks. Also, the cartridges are made for easy switching. You won't be tempted to keep shaving with a dull blade.

Speaking of which, the pack comes with six replacement blades. That's more than enough to get you going, and you can replenish with an automated plan as needed.

the crop shaver

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Crop Gel™

Our groin shaving gel is made to keep things lubricated, comfortable, and safe. We made it specifically for the groin. It has a clear color (hello, genius!) so that you can always see what you're doing when you have multiple razor blades right next to your genitals. 

Crop Gel produces a gentle glide. It does fine in the shower, and it rinses easily. It takes a lot of the hair clippings with it when you're done, so this is a must-have for any crop shaving you have in mind. It's arguably the most important component for preventing razor burn and maximizing comfort during and after you shave.

Crop Exfoliator™

We saved the best for last. We now have a specialized gentle exfoliator for the groin area. It's designed to help you scrub and cleanse your skin before you shave. It helps to remove dirt, skin cells, and other contaminants before you shave. Using it reduces wear on the razor blades and helps to maintain a controlled shave and healthy skin. We recommend exfoliating before each groin shave.

This exfoliator is the real deal. We include witch hazel, willow bark, and volcanic rock, so you get a gentle but effective cleansing when you use it. It cleans the skin without causing harm, and it even helps to refresh your skin before a shave.

crop gel and crop exfoliator

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Shaving with skill

Having access to these amazing tools means that you can shave your groin area better than ever before. With the addition of these items, we're changing the very course of male grooming, so we want to update our shaving advice. The whole package is designed for use in the shower, so that is now where your shaving journey begins.

For best results, start with a rinse in warm water. From there, exfoliate the area you are going to shave. Once done, lube up. When you're properly gelled, you can use your razor to shave whatever hair you're after carefully. Rinse every one to two strokes. When you're done, rinse thoroughly and store your razor in its case face-up.

We made the Ultra Smooth Package with purpose. We want to empower you. We want to give you freedom. You can shave as you see fit, with safety and efficacy always within reach. If you enjoy the feel of a freshly groomed groin, this kit is for you.



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