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What does ball toner do?

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



what does ball toner do

You take care of your skin, right?

You use good soap when you shower. You moisturize with lotion on a regular basis. You use sunscreen when you’re spending time outside. With all of that, you’re in good shape, right?

Well, do you do all of those things with all of your skin? For instance, do you moisturize your ball sack? It’s a blunt question, but we’re actually being serious. Your boys need skincare too, and it’s easy to overlook.

So, we’re going to talk to you today about skincare around the lower regions, and it all starts with a good ball toner.

The miracle known as ball toner

Ok, gents. We have some stuff to talk about.

Are you even familiar with the concept of ball toner? The truth is that not many companies make ball toners, so we can’t really tell you that much about other brands' toners..

What we can tell you about is Crop Reviver® ball toner. It’s been in the MANSCAPED® lineup for a long time, and it’s made quite deliberately. We make it for the benefit of your manhood. No, seriously. This ball toner exists to provide physical benefits to your groin region. Just take a look at our top five:

  1. Hydrates
  2. Refreshes
  3. Soothes
  4. Cools
  5. Restores

These are things that Crop Reviver® really can do for your body, notably in the testicular region. Other ball toners might focus on one or more of these benefits, but we’re devoted to all five. In fact, allow us a couple of minutes to elaborate on exactly how Crop Reviver® does all of this for you.

crop reviver

Hydrating the boys

It goes without saying, right? You need to hydrate your skin to keep it healthy.

The problem is that the best way to hydrate your skin is to rub lotion into it, and when it comes to the testicles, that prospect is awkward at best. Some of you might endure it, but wouldn’t it be nice if there was a better way?

There is. You can just spray a little ball toner on there, and it takes care of the rest. It passively hydrates, making skin care easier than ever.

Controlling odor

Second on the list, we said that ball toner refreshes. That’s the polite way of saying that it fights back against the unholy stench that sometimes stews in your nether regions.

Did we go too far in the other direction?

Look. Balls get sweaty, and it’s definitely the smelly type of sweat. You want to keep that odor under control, and that’s one of the primary purposes of ball toner.

We recommend that you pair your ball toner with a nice ball deodorant (more on that later). The real advantage of the toner is that you can easily pack it in a day bag, and if your manly musk starts to overwhelm your deodorant at some point, you have a reinforcement spray at the ready.

Soothing what ails you

The first two benefits are the primary reasons that people use ball toners in general, but there’s actually a lot more going on. Once you know a little more (and especially after you feel the benefits firsthand), you might decide that this is the real benefit.

We make our ball toner with aloe leaf juice. You’re familiar with aloe, right? It’s one of the best natural anti-inflammatory, healing, good-for-you things on the planet. It’s practically magic.

So, if a little bit of grooming irritates the boys, your ball toner will soothe that feeling. If you haven’t groomed enough and your own curly hairs are irritating you, the ball toner is still useful. If you’re late to the party when it comes to moisturizing downstairs, again, the aloe juice will make things feel a lot better very quickly.

Keeping cool

Something can mean more than just dealing with inflammation and irritation. It can also mean keeping you cool. 

You’ve been a guy for a bit at this point, so you already know. Balls just generate heat. Even on a cold day, you can work up a sweat down there.

When you can keep them feeling cool and fresh for any amount of time, it’s usually nice.

Ball toner helps with that. The ingredients help to reduce friction. While that doesn’t eliminate all sources of heat below the belt, it does take the edge off. Plus, when you apply the ball toner, you’ll get a little bit of evaporative cooling. It’s like a temporary refrigerator in your pants.

Well, it’s actually quite different from that, but it still feels nice.

Helping to restore damaged skin

Remember like 30 seconds ago when we said that aloe juice can help reduce inflammation? Well, that’s a really good thing. Like, really good.

It turns out that aloe juice can literally help your damaged skin restore itself faster and better.

Now, you might be thinking to yourself, “Self, I take good care of my balls. They don’t need to be restored, whatever that means.”

And, that’s where you’re wrong. 

All skin gets damaged. When it gets dry, it gets damaged. When you take a shower that’s too hot, your skin is damaged. When you scratch a mild itch around the boys, you guessed it, your skin gets damaged.

So, knowing that at least some skin damage is inevitable, don’t you want a good way to deal with it?

Use the ball toner with aloe leaf juice, and you only stand to benefit.

Consolidate your ball care

Ultra Smooth Kit

Clearly, ball toner is the magical stuff of legend, but it’s really only one part of a bigger story. There’s a lot more to ball care, and when you consolidate everything into an easy routine, you’ll have the healthiest, happiest balls possible.

With that in mind, here is the perfect ball-care routine, all distilled into an easy list: 

It’s as simple as that.



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