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What is ball deodorant & how to use it

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What is ball deodorant & how to use it

Ball deodorant.

Deodorant for your balls.

We can try to switch the words around a few more times, but ball deodorant is exactly what it sounds like. 

Ball deodorant is a specific deodorant that you apply to the bits of your nether region to keep them dry, fresh, comfortable, and friction-free throughout the day. 

Why, you might ask, do you need specific ball deodorant? Why can’t you just use the same stuff you slab under your arms? 

Your genital area is made up of some pretty sensitive skin. You also have hanging bits and folds of skin that do not exist in your armpit region. You are talking about two very different types of sweating areas, so you need a different kind of deodorant. This is also why there are specific foot deodorants. Same idea, your feet are also different from your armpits. 

We’ve come so far, gents

 crop preserver

The world of men's hygiene products is coming of age, and we cannot contain our excitement. Male hygiene expectations are no longer just a reminder to shower, brush your teeth, and spritz on some cologne every once in a while. Men are understanding that they need to take care of themselves in a different way and are taking a different approach to their daily grooming routine. 

The products made available for this newer male hygiene movement are advancing as well. What men used to have for ball deodorant was simply a powder or maybe just used baby powder or talcum powder. Thankfully, you do not have to get powder all over your body anymore. Or powder all over your clothes. Or powder all over your bathroom floor. 

Your products have evolved, men!        

But why, oh why, should I use ball deodorant?

Fact: Most men have testicles. Also known as testes. 

Fact: Testicles are contained in a skin sac. This is the scrotum. 

Fact: A man’s scrotum hangs around the pelvic area between the upper thighs. This is also known as the groin region.

Fact: The male groin region sweats. 

Fact: Sweat causes an area to get moist, and bacteria on the skin in that area love to munch on sweat. 

Fact: Bacteria munching on sweat produces stankiness. 

Phew! Now that we’ve dropped six, yes, SIX fact bombs on you, what was the question?

You need ball deodorant, dude. 

We’ve all been there as a man. We know you’ve smelled yourself after a workout or even just after a long day. Your nut area has the potential to throw off some special kinds of nasty. 

This is why you need to use ball deodorant that masks odors caused by sweat-eating bacteria. There are a few major reasons why this is helpful:

  • Sweating is actually reduced to a certain degree
  • Less sweat in the ball area means a reduction in sweat-eating bacteria which means a reduction in the sweat odor that can emit from the male groin area
  • Balls will not feel as sticky, so things are a lot more comfortable down there
  • Chafing is drastically reduced, and you get to avoid the rubbing, itching, catching/pulling thing that happens
  • Deodorant products are often designed with a scent component, so there will actually be a nice smell attached to your groin (both for you and someone else to potentially enjoy, wink, wink)
  • Ball deodorant is a part of a man’s overall full-body grooming and hygiene routine, improving confidence and in general, allowing a man to take care of himself 

But, is it safe? I mean, my balls are precious…

man's undies

Dude. We get it, and we promise ball deodorant is safe for your boys. 

This is why our MANSCAPED™ team has actually designed a special anti-chafing ball deodorant specifically for this purpose: Crop Preserver®

Our Crop Preserver® bottle has “Ball Deodorant” on the label, just to make it clear this is a product for your junk. You’re going to be able to put your deodorants in a nice little line on your shelf: armpit, foot, and now ball. They will be one big happy family, and you will get a full-body deodorant experience. Well done. 

This four fluid ounce bottle is packed with a serious formulated product. We’re committed to giving your balls the best, and the specs on Crop Preserver® are pretty awesome: 

  • Quick absorption. We know you’ve got stuff to do, so our formula is designed to soak into your skin quickly. This means nothing is rubbing off on your underwear, and you don’t have a sticky thing going on down there.
  • Clear drying. Crop Preserver® will come out as a white liquid lotion, but it will soon dry clear and quickly (point above). This means you won’t have an odd color thing happening down there or have to worry about any white streaks or anything like that. None of that will occur.  
  • Aluminum free. We do not put harsh chemicals or ingredients in our products, so you won’t find aluminum in this house. Aluminum in deodorant is also what causes those gross yellow armpit stains. No thank you. 
  • Ingredients like tapioca starch, caprylic capric triglycerides refined from coconut oil, and aloe. Tapioca starch reduces friction, caprylic capric triglycerides refined from coconut oil make your balls feel soft, non-greasy, and soothed, and aloe is just awesome. We think we should make t-shirts about how awesome aloe is. It’s kind of one of those plants that has been used by humanity for thousands upon thousands of years. It protects and hydrates and it is just wonderful, so we use it a lot. 
  • Paraben free. Let us repeat: we do not put harsh chemicals in our products. Paraben is a preservative that we don’t need, so we don’t put it in our stuff. 
  • Dye free. Dyes change a product’s color and for something we designed to dry clear, that’s just not needed. Also, dyes can cause issues like allergic reactions and we do not want anything like that around your nuts. That area is sensitive, so we created the most simple, but effective, product for you. 

We’re also cruelty-free and our products are vegan. That’s right; we experiment on ourselves, so no animals are harmed. Real men don’t hurt animals. That should be another t-shirt. 

man showering

So, how do you use this amazing Crop Preserver® ball deodorant?

We’ve got you covered with five simple steps:

  1. Shower. Deodorant works best when it is applied to a fresh, clean surface (this goes for your armpits, too). Get up, hop into the shower, get some warm water flowing, soap everything up, and get yourself clean and ready to face the day (or afternoon, or evening…we don’t know what your daily schedule looks like). The bottom line is you need to clean yourself. With soap. 
  2. Dry off. After you’re squeaky clean, take some time and really get dry. Towel off, put your leg up on the counter and make sure your bits are dry and there is no water hanging around in your skin crevices, and even get some music going and air dry a little. Your groin area needs all the help it can to stay dry, so help it out by starting off the day dry. 
  3. A little dab will do it. After you’re dry, you’re ready to apply our Crop Preserver® ball deodorant. A little dab will do it as this stuff goes a long way. Pour a small amount of the deodorant lotion into the palm of your hands and rub it around your ball and groin skin area. You can rub it between the upper part of your thighs as well. Think about the area of your legs your balls touch throughout the day. That’s your area for the ball deodorant application. If you notice you did not pour enough of the deodorant lotion to cover the area fully, apply a little more. You do not have to slab it on though, just apply thoroughly so you have solid, full surface-area groin coverage. 
  4. Finish your routine. Our Crop Preserver® formula is designed to dry on contact, so as soon as you’re done applying you can get those undies on, finish your grooming routine, and get fully dressed to tackle the day. 

Now, listen to Chaz

While our MANSCAPED™ team knows how awesome our products are, if you need a little more convincing, why don’t you take it from Chaz. Chaz is just one of our awesome members, and he loves Crop Preserver®. No, he seriously loves it. He even called it the “best invention of all time.” Look:

Chaz M.

Verified Buyer

Best invention of all time.

Best invention of all time. One hundred times better than using baby powder. This stuff feels amazing to put on. A great cooling sensation especially after trimming.

Really, you can’t argue with Chaz. 

the perfect package

Our Crop Preserver® ball deodorant is such a great product that we actually include it in a lot of our packages:

  1. The Performance Package 4.0
  2. The Perfect Package 4.0

It's truly an essential product for daily male grooming and hygiene, so we also include it in our Peak Hygiene Plan membership program. You save money, you get free shipping as an additional bonus, and you will never run out of your ball deodorant. 

Not only do we have the products you need to make your life awesome, but we try to make it easy. We know you’re busy, so let us take care of the logistics. 



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