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What is cologne quality fragrance?

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what is cologne quality fragrance

How do you smell to other people? Have you really ever thought about it? Sure, after a long workout, you’ll know you’re sweaty and probably don’t smell like your best self. But, if you have never worked to craft your own signature scent, then you might not like to learn how you smell to others.

It’s simple really. Everyone has a signature scent. If yours isn’t deliberate, it might not be pleasant. In order to take control of this situation, you need to invest in cologne quality fragrances.

What is cologne quality fragrance?

This is really a way of thinking about fragrances and why some might be better than others. The phrase ‘cologne quality’ evokes certain imagery and ideas, doesn’t it? That’s what we’re really talking about here. This isn’t some cheap scent tacked onto a few products. It’s a higher concept of scent.

One of the key ideas behind cologne quality is the design of the scent itself. Well-crafted scents can be layered together. That allows you to use products in your own way to create your own signature scent. You can leave a lasting impression on people, and they will think of you whenever certain smells arise.

As an example, if you use a citrus fragrance, people might think of you whenever they have fresh fruit.

More than just the layers, a fragrance of high enough quality lasts a long time without assaulting the senses. You should be able to count on your scent to keep you smelling great throughout the day, but you never want to make anyone’s eyes water. That’s where quality reveals itself.

How MANSCAPED™ uses cologne quality with the Refined™ fragrance

Cologne quality makes sense when you see it in practice. At MANSCAPED™, we use elements of Refined™ fragrance in any of our products that are supposed to smell good. The scent in each product is not identical. Instead, they are all built from the same framework, and any combination of scents will smell great and keep you fresh. You can look at each one individually to get a better idea.

Crop Preserver®

crop preserver

Our ball deodorant has a scent that focuses on the essence of Refined™. It provides a masculine aroma that is strong in spirit but not overpowering to the nose. The undertones convey a sense of health and vibrance.

Crop Reviver®

crop reviver

The ball toner is made to keep you feeling fresh and healthy, and so this portion of the scent is built around cleanliness. This scent is similar to that of Crop Preserver®, but it is gentler and subtler in application.

Crop Cleanser™

Our wonderful groin wash brings the right fragrance to your lower body parts. This is a cleansing formula, so it should leave you feeling clean and fresh. While it is still rooted in the Refined™ essence, the scent of Crop Cleanser™ has a light citrus air and will remind you of the smell of the woods and nature.

Ultra Premium™ Body Wash

body wash

Our body wash serves many overlapping purposes with the groin wash. Because of that, the fragrances largely map. This is another aroma that is delightfully citrusy with a hint of jasmine flower and light woods. It’s light and manly all at the same time.

Ultra Premium™ 2-1 Shampoo + Conditioner

shampoo + conditioner

While the shampoo and conditioner are designed for your hair, they are still shower products and likely to be used in tandem with the body wash and groin wash. Because of that, we were careful to ensure that these scents don’t clash. The shampoo and conditioner also feature a lightly citrusy flavor with a hint of jasmine and the woods.

Crop Gel™

crop gel

Crop Gel™ is the last product that is frequently used in the shower. While you can shave wherever you like, many guys prefer the shower. Once again, this scent is designed to match that of the other shower products. The citrus and jasmine smells come off a little stronger with Crop Gel™ because it is completely washed off before you leave the shower, leaving a light fragrance that lingers after you dry yourself.

Foot Duster®

foot duster

The foot deodorant steps away from the shower scent. Instead, it relies more on the signature MANSCAPED™ scent. This is a little muskier (in the good way) and returns to the essence of healthy strength in a signature scent.

Refined™ Cologne

refined cologne

Lastly, we have the cologne itself. This is the basis for the other fragrances. The cologne holds a stronger dose, but it is still gentle enough that you can apply it without feeling like your senses have been assaulted. Refined™ provides a clean scent that is masculine while still alluding to those hints of citrus, woods, flours, and other outdoor aromatic pleasures.

Most importantly, Refined™ stands alone. While the other products work together to build your scent, Refined can get you there in a quick spritz.

If you want to smell like your own man, take advantage of cologne quality fragrances. Craft them together to perfect your signature scent. We'll even teach you how to apply cologne so you can look and smell your best for any occassion.



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