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What is the best electric razor for sensitive skin?

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What is the best electric razor for sensitive skin?

Everyone has to groom their hair at some point. For most people, it might be an annoyance, but it isn’t a big deal. For other unfortunate souls, grooming is terrible. We’re talking about people with sensitive skin. No matter how you go about it, the process irritates your skin and causes no end of discomfort. It’s not fun, but there are ways to groom without going through this struggle.

What to look for in an electric razor with sensitive skin

You’re the one with sensitive skin. You know that you have to treat it delicately or else it goes crazy, but an intuitive understanding isn’t always enough to overcome sensitive skin challenges. Despite your best efforts, grooming can still be miserable. What things will help? When you think about three specific criteria, you can analyze your razor options to greater effect.

Start with safety

It’s pretty obvious. If you have sensitive skin, the last thing you need is a razor that nicks you every time you try to take a little off the top. While no one wants cuts when they shave, sensitive skin is usually easier to cut. It’s also easier to irritate and otherwise harm. Shaving can dehydrate skin, introduce bacteria, and do many other things that trigger sensitivity, and all of this is prevented with a properly safe razor.

That means you want to ditch the static blade and opt for an electric option. Good electric razors can still provide a close shave, but they absolutely minimize the risk of cuts, scrapes, infections, and everything else. If you have sensitive skin, get the safest razor you can find.

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Consider longer hair

Hair length matters more than you think. Sensitive skin is more likely to suffer from razor bumps after a shave. If you leave the hair you cut a little longer; it’s a great way to prevent this problem. Razor bumps occur when hair pokes through the skin after being cut very short. If you don’t cut the hair quite so short, it doesn’t have to poke back through, and you’ve eliminated the cause of the problem.

Similarly, scruff and very short hair can poke and irritate your skin. With a little more control over hair length, you can get a precise cut that leaves you adequately groomed, but the hair isn’t setting your skin on fire when you’re done. It’s an easy solution. Find yourself an adjustable electric razor, and you’re preventing most sensitive skin problems before they arise.

Reliability cannot be overlooked

You want a razor that effortlessly cuts through your hair reliably. Any time the razor tugs or struggles, it’s pulling on your sensitive skin and causing trouble. Two things help with reliable cutting. The first is a cutting motor. If the motor operates at high RPM and lasts a long time, it’s going to enable the blades to get through your hair with greater ease.

Even more important is sharpness. We’ve established that electric razors are better for safety, but many of them go dull without a good solution for maintaining or replacing blades. A razor with a blade that is easily replaced will allow you to always keep things sharp. That’s another problem averted.

The Lawn Mower® 4.0 trimmer is the best electric razor for sensitive skin

When you go through this list of necessities, you will find an electric razor for sensitive skin that truly shines. It’s The Lawn Mower® 4.0. With SkinSafe™ technology, it will protect against cuts better than anything else you can find. The multiple cutting guards allow you to pick your shaving length. Meanwhile, the blade head is easy to swap, so you get a reliable experience backed by a powerful motor. It checks all of the boxes and will treat sensitive skin with a soft touch.

Supplement your shaving experience

The Manscaped Crop Care KIt

While The Lawn Mower 4.0 trimmer shines in this area, you can improve your experience by expanding the tools you use for grooming. When you go the full distance, you can take great care of your sensitive skin and feel better than ever. To do this, you want to think about exfoliating, lubricating, cleansing, hydrating, and fighting inflammation. Manscaped™ has a product for each of these purposes.

Crop Exfoliator™ is designed to provide gentle exfoliation that softens your skin and reduces irritation risks when you shave. The Lawn Mower 4.0 does not need additional lubrication. However, if you decide to use a razor blade on any part of your body, Crop Gel™ shaving gel is an amazing lubricant that reduces friction and makes shaving safer.

Crop Cleanser™ is a body wash that helps restore your skin after a shave. Meanwhile, Crop Preserver® ball deodorant helps you control moisture and feel more comfortable. Finally, Crop Reviver® ball toner is the Aloe-infused restorative formula that helps your skin increase its comfort level after everything else.

When you use it all, you get the best results. Don’t hold back with your sensitive skin. Do what it takes to feel as good as you look after you groom.




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