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What is the Best Shaver for Manscaping?

There’s so much more to manscaping than most beginners realize. Just trimming your pubes is a far cry from a full manscaping effort. This is the art of mastering your entire body, and part of that process requires a razor. If you’re ready to get serious about your male grooming, you need to know which shaver you should be using and how to make it work. We’re going to walk you through that right now. 

Managing Your Chest

Before you try to find the perfect razor for your chest, you should probably first divine whether or not shaving is the right route to take. A lot of men (and women) have strong opinions on this, and the debate is eternal. Without getting into another heated discussion (things get intense around the water cooler sometimes), we can go over a few guidelines that determine when shaving is appropriate.

Let’s start with the obvious. Grooming your chest is definitely appropriate. No matter your body type, tufts of fur that stick out of the neck of your shirt are never attractive. You need to tame that beast for sure. That doesn’t necessarily mean shaving. For some guys, a clean trim works better.

The key to deciding whether or not you should shave your chest is in your fitness. You’ll notice that super fit male models pretty much always look smooth. That’s because the smooth look accentuates the chiseled pecs and good form. If you’ve been slacking at the gym lately, a little chest hair can de-emphasize the softer shape of your body. It’s an age-old trick, and it works.

That’s the basic rule for shaving the chest. Obviously, if you have a sporting or medical reason to shave, go for it. Above all, if you have a special someone who prefers you shaved, order your Plow right now. When it comes to shaving the chest, the Plow offers a few advantages. One of those advantages is the stainless steel design. Most guys overlook this until they have some manscaping experience, but shaving the body puts a lot more work on the razor. Stainless steel can take the extra wear, and it never rusts from all of that extra lubrication.

what is the best shaver for manscaping

How Do You Shave Your Back?

Unlike the chest, there’s a pretty clear consensus on back hair. None is the preference. With that out of the way, we can focus on the bigger issue. Shaving your back is extremely challenging. There are parts you can probably handle reasonably well, but getting all of that surface acceptably smooth is going to be a problem.

This is supposed to be the part where we tell you that the Plow magically solves all of these problems and makes back shaving easy. That’s simply not true. The easiest way to keep your back smooth is to schedule a waxing appointment. Seriously. It’s professional quality, and it lasts for a while.

If you need to shave, the best way to shave your back is with help. If you have a partner or someone you can trust to shave your back for you, it’s a much easier process. In these situations, the Plow does offer a lot to make the work easier. In addition to the advantages of stainless steel, the Plow features an easy-glide design. It helps with working over large areas without eating through your entire day.

If you have to shave on your own, you’re going to have to get creative. Plenty of guys can’t even reach their own back, so we’re going to simplify this with some basic advice. No shaving at all is better than some patchy, mismatched attempt that leaves random hairy spots.

Getting Down and Dirty

It’s important to manscape the whole body, but most of the guys who come to us stick to the same questions. They’re worried about their balls. If that applies to you, then this section is going to cover shaving below the belts.

Deciding what to shave and what to leave manicured is tough. Unlike the chest and back, there are a lot of acceptable approaches to manscaping the boys. The rules of thumb are that the pubes should be the longest hair down their, the shaft and balls look better bare and completely shaved can be a little strange. Other than that, it’s really a matter of what you like.

As for the shaving itself, this was our primary concern when we designed The Plow. Sure, it’s durable and glides well, but the bulk of the design was aimed at helping you shave your groin with minimum risk and irritation. That’s why the Plow has a two-edged safety design. Only one blade touches your skin. As much as multi-blade shavers might be convenient on your face, you don’t want that irritation on your nut sack. It’s no fun.

The design also favors short, controlled strokes. You can be more liberal on your upper body, but when you put blade to your most precious flesh, you want to exercise caution. The function of The Plow promotes that, and the improved control will help you get a clean look without nicks and cuts.

Don’t Forget the Rear

what's the best shaver for manscaping

The last major area of concern is the ass. Let’s start with the most basic truth: no one likes a hairy ass. You’re going to have to get that under control. Professional waxing is still on the table, but for a lot of us, relinquishing this duty to a friend is out of the question. Even if you’re selfish enough to ask, to you really trust someone else with a razor between your cheeks or on the hole itself? Contemplate that carefully.

Fortunately, it’s actually easier to shave your ass than your back. The trick is to squat over a mirror. As awkward as it sounds, this will give you access to everything that needs to be groomed. Here’s another tip. Even though the Plow is designed for this job, it’s usually best to trim with The Lawn Mower 2.0 before you grab the razor. It makes things easier.

Once you get your squat down, you’re sticking with the basics. Short, easy strokes will do the job. You’re trying to get your ass nice and smooth, and you’re taking your time because nicks here hurt worse than anywhere else.

Here’s the grossest advice for you today. Unless you’re expecting some intimate time or are prepping for a photo shoot, it’s actually ok to get a little lazy between the cheeks. You can’t let that stuff get fuzzy, but if you go for smooth, it’s going to be back as stubble before too long. Any excuse you can find to not have stubble in the crack of your ass is worth taking. That’s a discomfort no one needs. 

After the Shave

There are so many reasons why the Plow is the best shaver for manscaping. We hit the major points, but the absolute best attribute of the Plow is that it comes in The Perfect Package 2.0. This is a consolidated manscaping toolkit. It includes the Plow, the Lawn Mower 2.0 and all of the things you need to take care of yourself after a shave. We’ve covered the grooming part, so we’re going to take a minute to discuss what to do once you finish shaving.

What is The Best Shaver for Manscaping?

Take a Warm Shower

Some of you shave in the shower. That’s fine as long as you remember to do the scrubbing after you shave and not before. You want a gentle agitator (like a loofah) and Crop Cleanser. The point of showering after you shave is to gently scrub away the dead skin and clipped hair. They are extremely irritating, and a gentle scrub is vital to getting rid of all of the irritants. This is one of the most important steps to prevent razor burn across your whole body.

Use Deodorant

Once you shower, you want to gently pat dry. This is especially important after a shave because the process makes the skin pretty sensitive. Once you’re dry, you want to apply some ball deodorant. Crop Preserver will help soothe your shaved skin. The talcum-like base helps keep you feeling cool, and it reduces friction. While this deodorant will do wonders for keeping you from smelling bad, it’s also designed to help revitalize your skin after a shave.

Apply Some Toner

If you’ve never used a refresher for your balls, then you’re going to be delighted by Crop Reviver. This is a gentle mist that aims to hydrate your skin under the shorts without turning it swampy. It has a formula that helps restore the acid layer on your skin that gets damaged by shaving. Most importantly, it makes you feel super fresh. Skin care aside, you can give yourself a spray of Crop Reviver any time you feel like you might need a little pick-me-up.

Hopefully, you’ve learned something valuable today. You know which shaver is best for manscaping, and you have a good idea of how to use it. Still, if you want to go a little deeper, you’ll find vast advice at




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