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What Is the Best Trimmer for Manscaping?

Posted by Christina A.



It’s pretty normal behavior for a lot of men. You want to get into a new hobby or craft, so you look into getting good tools. Anyone who’s gone far enough into a skill understands that good tools are a necessity, so when you try something new, you like to start with the right equipment. Manscaping is much more than a hobby, but if you’re still pursuing excellence in this craft, you might want a help finding the right tools. When it comes to trimmers, there is a manscaping device that is definitely the best: The Lawn Mower 3.0. Here’s why. 

For Your Upper Body

When you think about what makes a great electric razor for your face, you’ll probably eventually consider contouring. You have a weirdly shaped face. The only way to get a uniform shave across it is with a device that can adapt to all of that strangeness.

Fortunately, your upper body is even weirder. While your misshapen body distracts people from the awkwardness that is your face, it also can make grooming trickier than any of us want. The best body trimmer needs to be even more accommodating than a high-end electric razor. With the Lawn Mower 2.0 pube trimmer, this is accomplished with a carefully designed, ceramic blade head. The ceramic blade is sharp and tough like steel, but it’s substantially more flexible. When you combine those features with variable trimming guards, you obtain the freedom to groom your entire upper body in the exact way that you want.

best trimmer for manscaping

Trimming the Back 

So, technically, your back is part of your upper body, but when it comes to applications of grooming, it’s effectively an entirely different process. The needs of the back are quite different from the front. Sure, contouring is still important, but back grooming is mostly centered around one ideal: get the hair as short as possible. The most universal agreement in all of manscaping is that smooth backs are sexier than harry backs. For this trimming, you want something that can cut close.

The 2.0 is engineered to make this easy. The same flexible, ceramic blade system that suits the rest of your upper body enables an extremely close shave with the use of SkinSafe technology. You can actually push the trimmer firmly into your skin without risk of drawing blood. If you want one trimmer than can handle the front and back of your upper body, the Lawn Mower 2.0 is on a short list of devices that will live up to your demands.

The Junk

This is probably why many of you are bothering to read this. You probably want to know about the benefits of shaving male pubic hair. You might figure any old trimmer is fine for the tougher parts of your body. You want to know what’s going to take good care of the boys. The technology on the 2.0 that is specifically useful here is abundant. For starters, pubes are tougher, courser and denser than your other body hair. If you want to trim them without pain, you need a trimmer with a powerful motor. The 2.0 runs at 6,000 RPM. That enables it to tear through the toughest shrubs without any tugging. If you’ve ever attacked your pubes with a lesser trimmer, you’ll instantly love this feature.

There’s something you’re likely overlooking. While you are right to want a trimmer that is safe and gentle with your balls, the bigger risk that hasn’t crossed your mind is bacteria. Your armpits and your balls are extremely different, and spreading natural bacteria between the two is actually a pretty bad idea. This is the concept of cross-contamination, and it’s not something you want to play with.

what is the best trimmer for manscaping

The key to avoiding cross contamination is to separate your devices. You can use one trimmer to handle all of your upper body, but you want a different tool for your face and a third for your junk. That can get expensive. The Lawn Mower 2.0 offers you a much more affordable way to stay clean. For starters, it has a hyper-hygienic design. The materials and manufacturing methods used to make it create a device that is resistant to spreading microbes.

On top of that, the 2.0 has a snap-in blade module. This is the real key to cleanliness. You can have a separate blade for each part of your body and hot swap them when you do a full-body grooming session. As long as you clean your blades after use, this method enables you to utilize one trimmer for your whole body without risking cross-contamination.

If you've ever wondered, "How do pornstars shave?", we can promise you they're doing so safely and without tools that aren't designed for their specific body regions.

Shaving Your Butt

We said earlier that no one likes a hairy back. That extends to the butt. Actually, it’s the reverse. No one likes a hairy butt, and that truth extends to the rest of the back. The problem is that shaving your ass is one of the most challenging and potentially dangerous things you’re likely to do in the name of hygiene. You have to get it done. Hairy asses smell substantially worse, and allowing things to grow unrestrained down there is sure to hurt your enjoyment in bed. Still, there’s no natural way to attack this problem.

The Lawn Mower 2.0 doesn’t make it fully easy to shave your ass, but it does mitigate the danger. All of those features that help with the rest of the body keep you safe when you’re off balance, squatting over a mirror and wrong-handing your trimmer to try and get some stray hairs. That’s a good start. It has two more safety features that we haven’t covered yet.

The first circles back to ceramics. The ceramic blade doesn’t conduct heat the same way a steel blade would. This is important because the high-RPM motor generates plenty of heat. If we put a steel blade in their, you’d easily be burning yourself between the cheeks. Instead, the ceramic blade stays cool the whole time.

The second safety feature is a harmonic dampener. The nerds in our design department realized that powerful motors make trimmers shake a lot. You don’t want that. It can diminish your control over the blade, and it can make your hands go numb in the middle of a session. The harmonic dampening eliminates these issues so you get full control all of the time. It also makes the trimmer nice and quiet.

The Support Team 

We’re going to get controversial for a minute. What’s the biggest difference between LeBron James and Kobe Bryant? The correct answer is Shaq. You can be a superstar, but without a good support team, you won’t be winning championships. The same is true for a body trimmer. The Lawn Mower 2.0 is the best, but what truly sets it apart is the rest of MANSCAPED's goods. We’ll show you.

The Plow

Any good manscaping session begins with a trim. That’s all handled by the 2.0. You should make your life easier and trim over a Magic Mat, but that’s not the key point here. After you trim, there are areas you’ll want to shave. The Plow is the razor that gets the job done, and its extravagance lies in its simplicity. It’s a two-edge safety razor that sacrifices everything else to bring you a precise, controlled shave anywhere on your body. Just be sure to use shaving gel.

Crop Cleanser

After you trim and shave, you should take a warm shower. This is your chance to clean away any bacteria that was introduced to your body via grooming. It also washes away the irritating hair clippings. Most importantly, when you shave with Crop Cleanser and its Active pH control, you help your skin heal from the stress introduced during shaving. Skipping this step is the fastest route to razor burn, red skin and general misery.

Crop Preserver

When you finish your shower, you can apply some ball deodorant. This should be an obvious part of your daily hygiene routine, but a lot of guys are still in the dark on ball deodorant. It’s made from a formula that promotes healthy skin, but it also helps you regulate temperature and comfort under your shorts. That talcum-like base will reduce friction, help you stay cool and keep things from getting swampy throughout the day.

Crop Reviver

The final member of the starting lineup in your manscaping toolkit is Crop Reviver. This is a gentle spritz that kind of works like aftershave for your balls. Let’s reiterate the word gentle. Crop Reviver offers absolutely no burn. Instead, it’s designed to keep the jewels feeling soft and fresh throughout the day. It goes on after your deodorent, and you can use it as a refresher whenever a stressful day might place you at higher risk for getting a little smelly below the belt.

There is a best trimmer for manscaping, and you can get it with a complementary set that includes everything you need to be at your best, whether you're embarking on teen manscaping or you're a grown dude who's ready to keep his groin neat and tidy. If you want to pair those tools with the knowledge and experience necessary to utilize them to their fullest, you need to spend more time at It is the ultimate repository of knowledge for male grooming. Make it work for you.




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