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What is the Peak Hygiene Plan?

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What is the Manscaped Peak Hygiene Plan?

We're glad that you love your MANSCAPED™ products. We worked tirelessly to develop them, and the fact that men everywhere are having a better time with their body grooming makes us quite happy. It's why we do what we do.

In light of that, we understand that keeping everything supplied isn't always easy. If you wait until your blades are dull to order new ones, you have to sit in limbo while waiting for shipping. The same can be said for deodorant and any number of products that we offer.

That's why we have a replenishment plan. We call it the Peak Hygiene Plan, and it has been delighting MANSCAPED fans for some time now. Let us take you through the plan and explain how it works and what it can do for you.

What is the Peak Hygiene Plan?

Manscaped developed the Peak Hygiene Plan to make it easy to stay stocked on consumables. It originally developed out of a blade refill subscription service, but we quickly realized that getting a few blades every month could feel a bit dull (pun intended). So, we crafted the Peak Hygiene Plan to give you more than just blade replenishment. It's an adjustable service that allows you to schedule deliveries that keep you supplied with all of your favorite MANSCAPED products. It's designed to be easy, affordable, and reliable.

The plan has been around for a while now, and we are constantly trying to update, upgrade and improve everything we offer. MANSCAPED products have seen some improvements since we launched the Peak Hygiene Plan, so we're giving it an update too. The new plan offers more than ever before. We're excited to show it to you now.

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What's in the new plan?

We've updated the Peak Hygiene Plan. We've added some perks and options to expand what it can do for you and the value you get for your membership. Despite those improvements, we aren't raising the price at all.

While the original plan focused on blade replacements with a few other replenishment choices, the new plan aims to make it easy for you to refill on anything that drops a little low. It also comes with the Platinum Warranty and new membership perks.

The old plan focused on blades with the ability to switch. Now, you just pick the products you want and set up the shipments. We've also increased the options available. Your Peak Hygiene plan can regularly replace any of these favorites:

Stay ahead of dwindling supplies

It's important to replace your blades regularly. No matter how you look at it, they go dull. You don't want to realize that you're out of fresh blades in the middle of a grooming session, so keep a backup handy with automatic replenishment.

Now that we've expanded the plan, you can apply this to any of your MANSCAPED consumables. You can refill your ball deodorant, foot deodorant, wipes, or anything else that is running a little short. You can always have a backup, and you can schedule the plan, so you aren't stockpiling more than you need.

Exclusive access

One of the coolest perks of the Peak Hygiene Plan is that it includes access to our VIP section. You get the best pricing on anything you order. You also get exclusive access to limited special offers and products.

Right now, we're particularly excited about the Platinum Warranty. It's our way to ensure that you have a great trimmer at the ready no matter what, and it's only available to Peak Hygiene VIPs.

Manscaped Crop Care Kit

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With any change comes questions. These are some of the questions we have heard most since announcing the new plan. Feel free to contact us with questions that you don't find on this list.

What happens to members of the old Peak Hygiene plan?

The new plan simply expands the existing Peak Hygiene Plan. If you signed up before, you're already in. The price isn't changing, and we aren't taking away any perks. Instead, you are automatically enrolled in the new plan that adds perks to what you already love.

Can I modify the plan delivery times?

Yep! The standard setup is to get one shipment every three months. You can adjust that in increments of one month as needed, pause or even cancel your subscription. If you're signed up, simply go to the member portal and adjust the plan to fit your needs. If you're signing up for the first time, you can choose your shipment schedule once you verify your account and log into the member portal.

What is the MANSCAPED Platinum Warranty?

The warranty is a new perk that comes automatically with membership. It is there to replace your Lawn Mower trimmer or Weed Whacker trimmer if something goes wrong. You can get up to one replacement every 12 months. How long does the warranty last? It's good for life. As long as you're a VIP member, you have the Platinum Warranty. It's a simple way for us to thank you for being a member, and it lets us ensure that you will always have access to great trimmers.

When can I expect my first Peak Hygiene Plan shipment?

The first shipment will be up to you. The plan is made to be customizable. If you leave everything on default settings, you'll get a shipment every three months. If you increase the frequency, you can have your first shipment begin processing upon checkout. You can also delay it if you think you won't need anything for a while. It's all up to you.

How do I access my MANSCAPED account?

Accessing your portal is simple. There is a button that says "sign in." go through the login steps on our website. If you're a Peak Hygiene member, you can click on "My Peak Hygiene Plan." This will take you to the membership portal, where you can customize your plan and make sure everything is exactly the way you want it.

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