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Where does MANSCAPED™ ship to?

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where does Manscaped ship to?

Not being on your A game when it comes to the groin game can be tough on your confidence. You don’t feel attractive or good about yourself. When you keep things cool and trim down there, you feel confident and ready to take on the world. Your partner will appreciate it and let you know without saying a word. It’s what male grooming and care are all about. When you shorten the fur, it’s easier to keep things cool. 

Manscaped™ has an entire line of products devoted to making you more comfortable and more attractive in the nether regions (and all over your body). While we started as a U.S. company, we’ve worked hard to expand and reach more countries and regions each year. Now, we’re multi-national, and there’s a good chance you can get our best products. These are the regions where we ship on demand, and all of our supplies are available in each of these locations. If you want to take care of your boys, check this list to see if you can get the goods.

Ball Deodorant in Australia

>>> Visit Our AU Site <<<

Aussies have a lot to deal with back home. Deadly animals. Extreme weather. It can put a lot of stress on a man, and when men can’t manage that stress, they get stinky balls. The good news is that Aussie men understand the art of manliness, and they get why it’s so important to keep your balls from smelling like, well, sweaty balls. It’s something no one wants to experience.

Manscaped ships our beloved Crop Preserver® ball deodorant to the land down under. Across Australia, in every single state, ball deodorant can be delivered on-demand. Naturally, you can get the rest of our essential products across Australia too. It would be a shame if you let ball care slip and found yourselves losing to the Kiwis across the pond or the Brits on the other side of the world.

crop preserver

Nose Hair Trimmers in the U.K.

>>> Visit Our UK Site <<<

The United Kingdom serves as the shipping hub for Manscaped across Europe. All of our goodies are available in the U.K., and that is important. Men in the U.K. need to groom just as consistently as men anywhere else in the world.

That means British men can’t afford to skip over their noses and ears. Nose hair is objectively the least attractive hair on a male body. It collects mucus and all kinds of things we would rather not consider. If you want to look good all the time, you need to keep nose hair under control.

Ear hair is also important. As you age, it will grow longer. Getting in the habit of trimming your ears now will only make things easier later in life. Men across the United Kingdom can be their most attractive selves by taking advantage of Manscaped products like the Weed Whacker™ ear and nose hair trimmer that are available throughout the region.

Ball Wipes in the United States

>>> Visit Our US Site <<<

Manscaped is an American company. As such, you should expect our products to be available throughout the U.S. We ship to all 50 states. Even if you’re catching waves in Hawaii or salmon in Alaska, you can stay supplied with a backup stash of Crop Mop™ ball wipes.

The U.S. is known for men who work hard, deal with stress, and then go back and work some more. For people who are always on the go, Crop Mop wipes are one of the most critical resources for keeping yourself fresh at all times. No matter how challenging your day is, you can get a refresher and feel revitalized with a quick trip to the bathroom for some crop-mopping.

You American gents don’t want to fall behind the rest of the world in crotch care. If you’re the only one out there with too much bush and an unmistakable funk, you’ll lose more than just a few dates. Live up the hype and take great care of your boys.

Groin Trimmers in Canada

>>> Visit Our Canadian Site <<<

Canada has long winters. They inspire many men to grow out their beards and otherwise get lackadaisical when it comes to grooming. It’s a sad sight to see. Long winters are no excuse to let your crotch hair get out of control. After all, cold weather is cozy and great for intimacy. You want to be ready at all times.

It’s pretty easy too. The Lawn Mower® 3.0 trimmer is available in all provinces and territories in Canada. No matter where you are, you can have the best male grooming trimmer delivered right to your door. No matter the season or weather, your boys will be ready for action. They won’t feel overstuffed in cold-weather gear, and they’ll be prepared for some breezy air during the warm season too.

Perfect Packages for the European Union

>>> Visit Our European Union Site <<<

We already mentioned that the U.K. is our shipping hub across Europe. That means you can get The Perfect Package 3.0 in every member state of the EU. That means you can get Crop Reviver® ball toner in the Alps. You can relax in comfortable Manscaped boxers after a day on the sandy beaches of the Mediterranean. You can groom your whole body before a night in Scandinavia. And, you can use your Magic Mat™ shaving mat for easy cleanup when you groom in Eastern Europe.

Across the European Union, you have every tool you need to be your sexiest, most comfortable self. European men are considered sexy around the world. You can live up to that image with a little help from Manscaped.

It’s pretty simple. If you intend to groom yourself properly, you need the right tools for the job. The good news is that the tools are available on multiple continents and across the planet. If you’re in any of the regions we just listed, you really can have it all. Take good care of your balls, and check-in with our website now and then. We complement amazing tools with the profound knowledge that will help you be a better groomer and a better man.

The Perfect Package 4.0

Performance Grooming in Singapore and South Africa

And let's not forget South Africa and Singapore. Those guys need Manscaped grooming tools and products, too. The Performance Package 4.0 is a comprehensive grooming tool kit similar to the Perfect Package, but with the very important addition of the Weed Whacker ear and nose hair trimmer.
So there you have it. Wherever you are in the world, you're likely to get your hands on Manscaped.



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