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Why Guys No Longer Have to Use Their Girlfriend's Razor in the Shower

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



Why Guys No Longer Have to Use Their Girlfriend's Razor in the Shower

A razor is a razor is a razor, right?


Here's the deal: all razors are not created equal. That's just as true between brands as it is for men's and women's razors. Of course, if you're going for the cheap drugstore option, you're going to get a less quality razor than you would if you'd have opted for a more expensive brand. It's not just about cost; it is about the material and construction put into each piece.

The differences are just as substantial when you're talking about men's razors versus women's. Naturally, they all do the same thing, and eventually, you may achieve the same results if you use your girlfriend's razor. More than likely, though, you won't. 

Here's why:

1.) Razors Aren't Meant to be Shared with Anyone

Let's put razor gender equality on the back burner for just a minute. No matter who's razor you're thinking of using—man or woman—it's not a good idea. Even the most expert shaver will likely nick him or herself a few times during the process, even if those nicks aren't visible by the naked eye. Each little scratch could impart a bit of blood onto the razor, not to mention those microscopic scrapes open spaces where bacteria can easily enter the body and spread infection.

Between the possibility of transmitting blood-borne viruses and exchanging bad bacteria, sharing razors with anyone is an unsanitary solution to removing your hairy situation.

Woman Shaving Her Legs

2.) Women's Razors Aren't Meant to Get Around Men's Groins

Women's razors simply aren't designed to take care of the hair you're trying to get rid of down there. Women's razors are wide because they're designed to cover a large space in a single swipe. After all, your girlfriend doesn't want to spend all day going from her ankle to her secret area. Using women's razors on your secret area can spell disaster since your groin has nooks and crannies that your girlfriend doesn't have to deal with when she shaves her legs. 

You need a man's razor built to handle your below-the-waist region from the day it was designed. You need Manscaped's The Plow. Thanks to its single-blade, double-edged elegance, it'll easily glide along your groin because it's got the perfect shape, size, and stainless-steel construction to handle your manly space.

3.) Sloppy Seconds Don't Belong in Your Life

The thing about already-used razors is, well, they're already used. In other words, the blades have already been exposed to hair, skin, and follicles. They've already got someone else's shaving goo on them. Maybe they've been dropped a time or two, which can cause tiny gashes in the metal that will ultimately disrupt a perfect shaving experience.

When you're un-fuzzing your balls, you need fresh blades, and you need to know where they've been. Nick-free nether regions are an unlikely possibility when you're using someone else's sloppy seconds. To avoid mishaps around your manhood, keep your razor within arm's reach, so you know where it's been, how often it's been used, and when it needs to be replaced. Steer clear of sloppy seconds to keep your scrotum safe.

4.) Pink's Just Not a Good Look on You

Even if nobody else ever sees the pink you put on your body, you'll know it was there. Pink's just not a good look on you. Stainless steel has a much better appeal. If you wouldn't step out of the house in a tight fuchsia-pink t-shirt, you shouldn't put pink anywhere near your pelvis (unless, of course, it comes in the form of sexy lace and is worn by your female partner shortly before it hits the floor).

Finely designed metal is a way better look for your manhood. As a bonus, your girl can never claim that she couldn't remember which razor was yours when her entire anti-hair arsenal comes in pastel shades you've stayed away from. 

5.) Maneuverability is Meant for Men's Razors

Razor burn and irritation have no place in your lower region. Avoiding these unwanted situations involves a combination of science, art, and solid preparation. Before you begin your close-to-the-skin shave, make sure you've warded off all the unwanted rogue hairs that stand between you and a sensual sensation. 

Your male grooming adventure should always begin with The Lawn Mower 3.0. This no-pull, no-discomfort device sets you up for grooming success without any fuss or muss. Long before you put The Plow's blades down onto your bare skin, make sure you've laid out the landscape properly with a well-trimmed runway. Your razor will be far more maneuverable if you remove unnecessary obstacles long before the sharp surface comes anywhere near your skin's surface. 

In the world of men's grooming, maneuverability means more than you may realize. By eliminating unnecessary obstacles from your ultimate path, your razor can do the work it's supposed to do without weeding through a forest of man-fur. 

Do your razor a favor; trim your crop before you start to plow. Trust us—your girlfriend's razor couldn't compete with the crop you're packing below your waist even if it wanted to. 

Man Using The Lawn Mower 3.0

6.) Your Lower Region Deserves a Close Shave

The Plow can certainly deliver a close shave, but can your girlfriend's razor say the same? We're willing to bet it can't.

Why are we so confident? 

Because we've created the ultimate tool for a clean, close shave that doesn't inflict painful damage to your bottom half, you can rest assured you've got everything you need in the palm of your hand when you put The Plow to work. 

Should you shave before or after your shower? Always before. But what's the actual process, you ask? Let's find out.

To ensure a close shave, make sure you perform pre-and post-shave prep correctly. A little attention to detail will help keep your skin smooth, hydrated, and irritation-free. 

  • Start with a solid workspace. You don't need a huge area to groom your nether region; you just need a space that's large enough to accommodate The Magic Mat. If you can spread your feet hips' distance apart, you've got a solid space for a grooming situation. The Magic Mat is merely there to save you from messy cleanup situations you don't want to deal with after you've removed your furry layer. Trust us on this; we know what we're talking about!
  • Tidy up with a trim. Like we stated before, the best way to avoid unnecessary pains and pulls is to trim your tender region with The Lawn Mower 3.0 before you even think about delving deeper into the task. Once you clear a path in the forest, the rest of your grooming elements will have clearer paths so they can be more effective.
  • Now it's time for The Plow. With major obstacles out of the way, The Plow can do its thing, gently gliding over the nooks and crannies of your nether parts without warranting any sort of fear. Why? Because it was specially designed to take care of the area between your legs without necessitating unwanted pain. 
  • Wash your body. Shaving isn't the only thing you need to do to keep your manhood well-kempt. No matter how much or how little you shave, you need your body to be clean. Crop Cleanser will replenish your body with its reinvigorating ingredients. Picture yourself enjoying the soothing aloe after your shave. Crop Cleanser offers an unbeatable feeling of freshness and hydration without any over-the-top scents or ingredients. Everything in the bottle is formulated to make your body happy.
  • Make sure your balls are in working order. You've got many hours in front of you. How will your balls do with so many obstacles standing between your skin and the rest of the world? Crop Preserver can help! It's specifically designed to keep balls fresh, dry, and comfortable. This liquid talcum-like gel doesn't believe in falling flat where your phallus is concerned. It's up for the challenge, and ready to get to work as soon as the sweat starts rolling.
  • Revive your crop. One more thing—before you step into your boxer briefs, make sure you've spritzed your lower region with Crop Reviver. This witch hazel-infused formula is inherently designed with anti-inflammatory properties in mind. A quick spritz or two can stave off painful irritation and itchiness that could otherwise create embarrassing problems.

MANSCAPED is every man's way away from his girlfriend's bathroom tools. You need your stuff to take care of your...stuff. We've got you, bro. Get your goods today so you can get rid of the pink products that aren't doing your pelvic region any favors. Now you know if you should shave before or after your shower, and you have all the knowledge necessary to embark on a well-cared-for body.




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