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Why Lawn Mower 2.0 Is the Right Fit for Your Trim

Getting into manscaping isn’t that hard. Everyone has a razor. It’s mastering manscaping that is more difficult. There are tricks to learn, styles to explore, and most importantly, tools to acquire. If you’re looking for the right fit for your body grooming, you want The Lawn Mower 2.0. We’re not just saying that. Keep reading and we’ll show you exactly why.

Better Technology

The Lawn Mower 2.0 is a complete redesign of one of the first trimmers ever designed explicitly for a male body. It took years of data, research, feedback, and engineering, and put all of it to work. That is why it’s the right fit. Everything that follows from this point is proof of that concept, but the engineering is the ultimate “why” that you need to know.

Every single piece of this trimmer is made for male grooming. It has an ergonomic grip that is built from the ground up to fit comfortably in most male hands. It provides better stability and control as you groom, and it helps you gain the best possible results. This is just the grip.

Tied to the ergonomic design is the rechargeable battery. It makes the trimmer completely cordless, and that prevents some of the most awkward situations from occurring when you’re bending backwards to shave your own ass. Getting rid of that cord does more good than you might think. If you've ever tried to shave your upper crack with a corded trimmer, you understand the problem.

Why Lawn Mower 2.0 Is the Right Fit for Your Trim

More important than ergonomics is cutting power. The 2.0 features a new, high-RPM motor. The faster cutting speed enables it to saw through super-dense bush without hesitation. It reduces tugging and similar discomfort. This does more than make grooming less painful; it also adds to the control to help the trimmer fit your needs. Gone are the days when a subtle tug throws off your lines.

A powerful motor should be an obvious addition to every trimmer, but there’s an engineering problem that comes with it. Higher RPMs require stronger mechanisms that vibrate more. Left alone, the 2.0 motor would turn your hand into tingling rubber long before you could finish a manscaping session. Don't’ worry. We solved that problem already. The 2.0 uses specialized harmonic dampening. This eliminates that vibration to keep your hand from tingling. It also makes the trimmer quieter, and until everyone else figures it out, it makes the 2.0 outshine the competition.

RPMs alone can’t handle your ridiculous bush, though. The trimmer needs a blade that can keep up with 6,000 cuts per minute. The 2.0’s new ceramic blade fits that bill. First, the ceramic material is harder than steel and can handle much more trimming without getting dull, scratched or otherwise compromised. Ceramic blades are also more hygienic (more on that in a minute), but their best feature is their flexibility. The 2.0 has a blade module that utilizes patented SkinSafe technology. It’s extremely difficult to cut yourself with this trimmer no matter how closely you crop the hair, and it literally fits itself to the contours of your body. You've seen electric face razors brag about that for years. Why would you settle for less on your junk?

Why Lawn Mower 2.0 Is the Right Fit for Your Trim

As for hygiene, the 2.0 offers more than just a ceramic blade. The blade module is easily replaceable. That means you can dedicate blade modules to different parts of your body to reduce cross-contamination. You can also just replace them periodically to make sure everything stays clean.

Lastly, the 2.0 is designed to fit your schedule. While we recommend showering after you groom, we understand why so many of you like to tackle the manscaping in the shower. It can save a little time, and The Lawn Mower 2.0 is intended to give you that option. It’s completely waterproof and shockproof, so you can get your groom on during your morning shower.

A Dedicated Community

Better technology is the key to a good fit, but it’s not the limit of what you can do for better manscaping. Manscaped comes with a complete community. You don’t have to purchase a Lawn Mower 2.0 to be one of us, but it sure is as good an excuse as any to get involved. Our manscaping community is more than just a place to see a few ideas on how to groom. It’s an entire universe that is carefully maintained and dedicated to helping you reach your utmost with manscaping.

Sure, we have discussions on how to shave between your cheeks and which styles attract the most ladies, but there’s plenty more. We have book lists to help you round your education and participate in important discussions. We have advice on cooking, cocktails, throwing parties, general fashion and even eco-friendly cars. If in any way it can be tied to manhood, we never shy away from it.

Most importantly, the Manscaped community is growing. What we have today will pale in comparison to what is available tomorrow. If you really want treasure trove of resources to always put your best foot forward, our community is a good place to start.

Manscaping Advice

Most specifically, The Lawn Mower 2.0 is the best fit for any man’s trim because it comes with tutorials (online, not in the box). This right here can be your first.

When you open your 2.0, you’re going to want to jump straight into the action. Every guy loves playing with a new toy. That’s a mistake. The very first thing you want to do is grab a Magic Mat. Lay it over the floor where you plan to do your business and make cleanup easier.

When you do tackle your pubes, there’s one piece of advice that too many guys ignore from the start. Use a cutting guard. More specifically, your first once-over should be with the longest guard in the package. It will get everything nice and clean and make it easier to see where you should crop more closely. From there, you can go for whatever detail or closeness you like.

After you trim, you aren’t actually done grooming. You want to grab a Plow and do your shaving work. You can find the Plow and the rest of these tools in the Perfect Package 2.0. When you’re shaving, there are a few tips that are universal. Don’t forget shaving gel. Also, don’t go for long strokes. Your loins are completely different in shape and texture from your neck. You want short, controlled strokes. Most importantly, leave a hand free to manage the boys. This might require you to lay a hand mirror on the ground (please clean it when you’re done), but it’s totally worth it. Junk management is one of the hardest and most important parts of shaving below the belt.

Why Lawn Mower 2.0 Is the Right Fit for Your Trim

After you’ve trimmed and shaved, you should hop in the shower. Too many of you roll your eyes at this, but it’s the superior method. First, it saves water. Second, you always need to clean the skin after you cut hair. The little clippings will irritate your junk all day. More importantly, you need to gently exfoliate the area you just groomed to help restore it from the harms that can come from shaving. A warm shower, some lathered Crop Cleanser and a soft scrub are the primary difference between a comfortable manhood and an unholy itch that lasts for days.

Right out of the shower, you have two final steps in your daily manscaping routine (the grooming part doesn’t need to be daily but this does). Pat yourself dry (we’re still being gentle with sensitive skin), and apply Crop Preserver. This is the ball deodorant that changes lives. The formula is pH balanced to help restore your skin, and the talcum-like base will keep you smooth, cool and comfortable.

After you rub the deodorant in (it takes a minute or less), you want to apply a spritz of Crop Reviver. This is the final piece of the puzzle that will prevent the grooming from harming your skin. It helps you maintain a healthy moisture level in your pants, and it smells great.

It’s the combination that makes for the right fit. You can use the best tools, get the best advice and be a part of the best community. It all starts at



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