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Why men need a shower kit.

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



Why men need a shower kit.


How do you feel right now? 

No, we’re not asking about your emotional state (this time). How do you feel physically? 

Hmm. This still isn’t coming across. Maybe we can put it this way. Do you feel pristine right now? Do you feel actively clean? Are you confident that if someone came up to you right now, hugged you, and took a sniff while they were up in there, they would appreciate the aromas coming from your body? 

If you feel clean, then good job. You don’t need this (or you happen to be reading it right after a shower). If you’d like to achieve a state where you feel clean throughout the day, then what you really need is a shower kit. 

What’s a shower kit? 

Platinum Kit


Look. We’re over here making promises that we’re going to improve the quality of your shower. Odds are, you’ve been showering your whole life. (We really, really hope we’re right about that.) You don’t need someone to nag you about washing behind your ears or scrubbing your pits properly.  

You’ve got that. We believe in you. Truly. 

We’re really just trying to make your life a little bit easier by getting you to seriously think for a few minutes about the products you use in the shower. You don’t need years of research. A few minutes of thought is enough so you can improve your products in the shower a little bit and reap some benefits from the upgrades. 

With that said, let’s revisit the concept. 

What is a shower kit? It’s a simple list of items that you hand-pick to go in your shower to make sure you come out clean and happy. It might also include a travel bag so that you can take the exact same shower lineup with you when you travel. 

What do you put in it? 

That’s easy enough. So, what should you actually put in the kit?  

That’s ultimately up to you, but as you've no doubt guessed, we have suggestions. 

Basically, you need three things. You need stuff that actually gets you clean when you shower. You probably want some tools for grooming, since doing that in the shower is pretty convenient. And you need something to put it all together. Keep reading, and we’ll show you exactly what we mean. 


man in shower


It’s a shower kit, so there should probably be something that can serve as a type of soap in there, don’t you think? 

This is actually the first area where a planned shower kit can shine. Instead of throwing in a random assortment of shampoos and body washes, you can get products that are designed to work together. 

The MANSCAPED® lineup includes Ultra Premium Shampoo + Conditioner and Body Wash. These cover most of your bases for hair and body care. There’s also the Body Buffer that can help you scrub and exfoliate in the shower. You can even get really specialized and throw in Crop Cleanser® for the boys. 

This part of the kit is so that you can get clean in the shower. We’re not reinventing the wheel here. (Although MANSCAPED® kind of has reinvented the wheel with each of these products.) 


You might also want to groom in the shower. If that’s your style, then you need grooming tools that are made for wet work. 

The Lawn Mower® 4.0 is your waterproof body trimmer that can handle your whole body. For specialized beard management, The Beard Hedger™ is an efficient, powerful, safe tool that you can use in the shower. 

The Beard Hedger

These trimmers are designed well enough that they can do it all. You don’t need a longer list of items, but if you really want a clean, close shave, you can add The Plow® 2.0 to the lineup. It’s a razor, so it doesn’t exactly take up a lot of space. 

For close shaves, you can add shaving cream or gel to the mix. Some guys are fine with just soap and water. Others need a thicker lubricant, and there’s nothing wrong with that. 


So far, we’ve listed a lot of nice items that you might want to have in the shower. But it’s not a kit if you just pile a bunch of random things in your shower. Consolidation is what turns this bunch into your own customized shower kit. 

For that, The Shed is all you need. It’s a well-designed, spacious travel bag that can serve as the home base for all of your shower goodies. It simplifies your life and it looks good doing it. 

There’s really not much more to say here. 

It’s all about synergy. 

Synergy is still a fun word, but it’s more than just a catchphrase for large companies in the early 2000s. What synergy really means is that your products are working together by design and gaining extra benefits from being together. 

Sure, having products that are great on their own is nice and possibly important. But don’t you want all of the bonus gains? 

Here’s what we’re really talking about. When you steer into the MANSCAPED® ecosystem, you get products that are all engineered for a specific purpose. On top of that, they’re engineered to work together. 

The scents from your shampoo and body wash are designed to layer together so that they don’t clash. Your deodorant and your shaving gel use ingredients from the same lines of plants so that you have overlapping skin benefits that don’t have to fight against each other. 

 MANSCAPED deodorant

Best of all, the products are designed to cover each other's gaps, so when you use the whole lineup, you know that you’re getting total-body skin care that exceeds anything you could have hoped for. 

You want that synergy, and when you design your shower kit for it, you'll look, feel, and smell better as a result. 

So why do you need the kit? 

That’s what this is really all about. You’re a grown man. You don’t need some website to tell you to use soap when you take a shower. That’s not the point here. 

The real point is that you can put a little more thought into your setup, and it will probably benefit you in the long run. A good shower kit will elevate your skincare routine so that you have healthier and more attractive skin. 

It’ll help you tackle sources of odor so that you don’t stink. Better than that, it can make you smell fantastic. That’s a worthy goal for all men. 

A well-designed shower kit can give you these benefits while also making your life easier. You know that you're not missing anything. You did your homework to ensure that you’re doing all of the necessary things for self-care. You can just hop in the shower, follow the routine, and the preparation will take care of the rest. 



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