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Why the Crop Preserver Is Better than Aloe Vera Deodorant

How do you deodorize your below-the-waist parts? 

Perhaps you use baby powder. Sure, that can work in a pinch, but do you really want something that works in a pinch working on your privates? We think not. Maybe you've decided to go the natural route and work with aloe vera deodorant on your precious package. That's not necessarily ideal, either.

You see, male grooming involves a little bit of science since you're working around particularly sensitive places on the body. You need to ensure your balls are kept free and clear of stench while simultaneously ensuring they're moisturized to the optimal extent that your skin requires. This is where it gets tricky.

It may seem obvious that you'd reach for aloe vera deodorant after you've completed a manscaping session since its natural ingredients are the foundation for many anti-inflammatory elements that soothe skin when it's itchy or irritated. Before you go that route, however, we need to tell you why Crop Preserver's talcum-like ingredients will make you feel like a million bucks after you've manscaped—and why it's way better than aloe vera deodorant:

1. Crop Preserver is Specifically Formulated for Your Nut Sack

Let’s start with the obvious: aloe vera deodorant might work on your man parts, but we’re big proponents of not putting things around your privates that might work in places on your body other than those for which they’re intended.

There are certain ingredients in aloe vera deodorant that might be fine and dandy for your armpits but should never be put anywhere near the skin on your scrotum. Naturally, the ingredients in various aloe vera deodorants will vary by brand, but we can almost guarantee there will be elements you wouldn’t want anywhere around your lower half if you realized the reactions your skin could have to them.

If you don’t want to find out what kind of sores or burning sensations can be borne from using the wrong ingredients below the belt, skip the guesswork and go straight for the stuff that’s formulated specifically for your balls.

2. A Lather of Lotion is Better than a Stretched Scrotum

If you've never applied a stick of deodorant to the space between your legs, allow us to tell you: it's awkward. 

That skin isn't really meant to be pulled and tugged in different directions; it's wrinkly enough without giving it excuses to get bent out of shape by becoming attached to a stick of deodorant. Not to mention, the back-and-forth motion necessary to make the stick explore all the nooks and crannies of your nether region creates quite a cumbersome activity of bathroom acrobatics.

The Crop Preserver eliminates strange antics and side-to-side scrotum stretches because it comes in the form of a lotion. All you need to do is squeeze a small amount of Manscaped's moisturizing deodorant into the palm of your hands, then gently slather it onto the spots that'll need protection from swamp crotch as the day wears on. The liquidy, lotion-like substance is easy to spread across your skin without causing any weird games testicle tug-of-war.

3. Talcum-Like Gel Absorbs Into the Skin Quickly

Aloe vera deodorant has a tendency to leave a weird film wherever the stick comes into contact with the skin. In your underarm region, this isn't a huge deal because the likelihood of your lover inspecting your armpits is pretty low on the probability scale (in most situations, at least). 

On the other hand, the space beneath your boxers or briefs is meant to be examined and enjoyed by other people. If your southern anatomy is covered in a strange film, it doesn't really matter how great it smells, it's going to scare people away when a naked-skin situation arises. 

Manscaped doesn't believe in putting our customers into embarrassing scenarios where between-the-sheets excursions are concerned. The Crop Preserver's talcum-like formulation offers an advanced, quick-absorbing gel that goes right into the skin and goes straight to work without leaving slimy or filmy substances in its wake.

4. The Crop Preserver is Part of a Complete Anti-Swamp-Crotch Collection

Why the Crop Preserver Is Better than Aloe Vera Deodorant

The Crop Preserver is part of The Perfect Package 2.0— a complete set of products that'll help you keep your pubic hair taken care of while keeping stench and stink between your legs at bay.

Can aloe vera deodorant say that? Of course it can't! We challenge you to find an aloe vera deodorant that:

  • Comes with a manscaping trimmer because The Crop Preserver does! Manscaped has partnered The Crop Preserver with The Lawn Mower 2.0. When you're ready to make the most of your manscaping endeavors, The Lawn Mower 2.0 will be your go-to tool in the initial part of the process. This powerful little device was designed to make a serious dent in the amount of hair you carry on your body "down there". Before you let the hair rain from your body, be sure to lay down the Magic Mat. This little miracle makes cleanup a breeze after you've perfected your pre- and post-shave exercises.
  • Is paired with a safety razor that ensures the fuzz that comes from your follicles down below completely disappears safely and smoothly. At Manscaped, we're proud to say that we've figured out the formula for giving our customers the hair-free lower halves they've always wanted, and the second part of the task involves putting The Plow to work. Our single-blade double-edge razor does manscaping right, getting rid of unwanted hair without causing painful irritation, itching, or burning. 
  • Is best friends with an all-over body wash that's gentle enough for your ball skin but strong enough to keep crotch stink away. This is what Crop Cleanser was created for.  Just after you get all the hair off, step into the shower and let this pH-balanced body cleanser remove the dirt, bacteria, and germs you've accumulated throughout the day. It's made with the naturally soothing ingredients of aloe and sea salt, making it the perfect pre-Crop Preserver cleaning agent. Besides the fact that it's built to be hydrating and moisturizing—providing sensitive skin the nourishment it needs to be happy and healthy after coming into contact with a razor—it's also formulated to prepare your body for the application of Crop Preserver. With your body free of hair and all the gross things that live "down there," you'll be ready to apply our ball deodorant. 

If you're just using aloe vera deodorant, you're using some mismatched materials by the time you've made it to this step. Using bits and pieces of products around your bits just doesn't make sense to us. 

  • Plays nice with an aloe- and witch-hazel infused after-shave spritz that wards off the scary sensations of razor burn and dryness long after you've started your day (or night). That's what Crop Reviver does. Our toner and refresher is a complement to Crop Preserver, sealing in the good work you've done protecting your willy thus far.  

Let's be honest—you're not going to find a ball deodorizer that comes with a full line of hydrators, cleansers, and manscaping tools unless it's got the Manscaped name on it. 

5. Crop Preserver Keeps the Chafe Away

An aloe vera deodorant's job is to deodorize (and maybe moisturize a little, if you're lucky). It's not concerned with preventing chafing or protecting freshly shaven skin because it's not designed to go where pubic pores have been recently exposed to the world. It doesn't care if your balls rub against the seams of your jeans endlessly throughout the day. It won't care if you're in so much pain that you can't sit on a chair properly because your skin is inflamed and raw. 

Crop Preserver, on the other hand, does care. It wants to keep your balls safe and keep your skin from chafing. Its job is to promote anti-bacterial pleasantness while ensuring your delicate down under stays intact and pain-free.

Manscaped is your place for pre- and post-shave happiness below the belt. Whether you're just looking for a way to get your guys a little cleaner, or you're ready to throw in the full Monte with a set of balls that are shaven down to the skin, we've got you covered! Order your Perfect Package 2.0 today to see what Manscaped can do for your lower landscape!




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