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Why Using a Corded Electric Trimmer in the Shower Is a Recipe for Disaster

You should not be grooming your body in the shower. You’re going to do it no matter what we say, but we’re going to emphasize that this is more trouble than it's worth -- especially when the Magic Mat exists to eliminate the hassle of cleanup. Water is not a good shaving lubricant. You won’t notice because it feels soothing at the time, but if you switch from water to an oil-based lubricant, you’ll see your skin improve immediately. Grooming in the shower is also a good way to get sloppy with manscaping. The running water makes it harder to see the clean lines you want to present a well-manicured manhood. Really, there are countless reasons to avoid grooming in the shower, but it you won’t listen to anything else, please at least consider this. Corded, electric trimmers have no business being around water. You know it’s true, but we’re going to prove it outright. It’s time to learn one of the most important safety lessons in all of manscaping

How Electricity Works

Strap in, boys, you’re about to get scienced. We use electricity every moment of our waking lives, but most people honestly have no clue as to how it actually works. Here’s an example. Most people are told when they’re children that cars are a safe place in a lightning storm because they sit on rubber tires. This is stupid. Your house is safe in lightning, but it doesn’t have a rubber foundation.

In reality, the car and house are both safe for the same reason. They have conductors that can safely channel the electricity to the ground. Electricity will always flow through the past of least resistance, and this usually means following a good conductor.

Your lesson isn’t finished. You’ve also been told that water is dangerous with electricity because it’s a good conductor. This is half correct. Water is actually a bad conductor, but the stuff in your tap has a lot of electrolytes in it, and they can conduct electricity very well. Long story short, it’s still a bad idea to drop a toaster in a bathtub.

Ok. Let’s bring this back to grooming in the shower. It’s convenient (until the drain clogs). We get it. You’re going to look for a way. The thing is, running a corded trimmer in the shower is super dangerous. The tap water can definitely conduct electricity, and if it gets past the cord’s sheath, it’s going to present a brand new path for the electricity in the trimmer. That electricity is going to go everywhere -- your body included. Some of you are daredevils and have tried this without dying. What you need to understand is that the insulation around the cord will eventually break, and that eventually comes much faster when you expose it to the hard water in your shower. Once that moment comes, your trimmer in the shower turns into a toaster in the bathtub.

A Trimmer Built for Wetness

why using a corded electric trimmer in the shower is a recipe for disaster

We can all agree, then, that a corded trimmer in the shower is stupid? Good. There’s no reason to fret. You can safely manscape in the shower; you just need the right tool. It’s time to talk about The Lawn Mower 2.0. This is a cordless trimmer (a good start) that is specifically designed for safe operation in wet situations. That includes the shower.

The key to the 2.0 is the polycarbonate shell. For starters, it’s completely waterproof. That’s an obvious first step to building a water-safe trimmer, but just sealing the electric device isn’t enough. We just talked about how hard water can corrode insulating sheaths. The 2.0 solves this problem by specifically using polycarbonate for the shell. At the risk of throwing even more science at you, polycarbonate is one of the least porous materials on earth. Basically, the corroding stuff in your tap water can never find a purchase to corrupt the shell. It will be as waterproof in 20 years as it is today (provided you don’t drop it, smash it with a hammer and run it over with a dually).

So, acknowledging that The Lawn Mower 2.0 provides lasting waterproofing, it’s a clear option for those of you who insist on grooming in the shower. The polycarbonate shell is also designed to provide a non-stick grip even when things get wet. That’s important to helping you get a trim that looks good. More importantly, it prevents you from dropping a running, motorized razor on your balls.

The 2.0 is also packed with a bunch of additional features that transform the trimming process. The rechargeable lithium battery prevents you from having to stockpile AAs. The QuietStroke Technology silences the hum and reduces the vibrations of the ultra-powerful motor. This enables you to go for a long trimming session without your hand going numb.

The improved, ceramic blade head is stronger, sharper and more waterproof than anything before. It’s also easy to swap to improve cleanliness and just keep everything in top shape. The entire design is antimicrobial, and the SkinSafe blade feature makes it almost impossible for you to cut or nick yourself with this trimmer. The end result is that this is a superior trimmer on every front, and if you like your junk at all, you need to be ready to upgrade. 

Why Using A Corded Electric Trimmer In The Shower Is a Recipe For Disaster

Manscaping Like a Champion

So, you’re ready to use your new, awesome body trimmer. It’s perfectly safe in the shower, and you’re excited for all of the new features that will help you manscape to your fullest potential. We’re going to take a moment to tell you how proud of you we are. You have realized that the tool is worthless if you don’t know how to use it, and you’re still reading. For your effort, you can learn some new manscaping trade secrets.

Before we get into the new details, we’re going to remind you of two things. It’s easier to keep track of your trimming, aesthetically, when you’re dry. That means you want to remember your Magic Mat.

With that covered, here’s a new way to think about trimming around the junk. We’ve often said that you want to start long and slowly work your way down to a closer crop. This helps you avoid stubble and prickly hair. It also gives you a chance to notice when you’re in danger of going too short. The problem is that this can take a long time and feel cumbersome, so once you know how you want your mankini to look, you can reverse the process. Do the shortest grooming to the desired line first. Then, scale up to longer lengths. It comes at the risk of not being able to see your lines as cleanly, but if you’re confident, it can save a minute or two from your practiced grooming session.

That said, you still need to trim before shaving. The Plow is designed for dense bush, but it’s still a razor in the end. Having to scrape doubled over, curly hair from your skin is going to irritate the soft flesh. That said, anywhere you plan to shave will be part of your first pass with the Lawn Mower.

As for the rest of your manscaping routine, it’s fairly set in stone. Regardless of how you groom, you need a healthy application of Crop Cleanser to sooth the damaged skin. It’s not something you can skip, because as you hopefully already know, trimmers and razors peel away the protective acidic barrier. Active pH Control remains the best way to fix that.

Also, grooming techniques will never change or eliminate the need for Crop Preserver and Crop Reviver. If you’ve ever used Crop Preserver before, you probably don’t need any external motivation to stay with it. That stuff feels amazing. They also both help with all of this pH stuff. 

This brings us to the end of today’s session. Hopefully, you trust us about electricity and water. If not, there may be no helping you. We also hope you’re ready to embrace the superior technology of the Lawn Mower 2.0. We made it to help you, and we want you to enjoy that help. It’s also why we maintain We figure that with enough advice, you can avoid our worst mistakes and ascend to a higher plane of manscaping. When you do, we hope you’ll comment with your best tips and tricks.



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