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Do The Ladies Love Grooming? Why Women Are Manscaping Too

Wondering why women are manscaping, too? Why so many ladies are taking an interest in what their partners do with their pubes? Let's explore these questions in our latest article and find out why manscaping could be your next big adventure.

In a recent survey from Cosmopolitan the vast majority (92%) of participants said that they take part in some form of pubic hair grooming. A whopping 69% of men who took part said that they at least trim around their junk.

Why Women Are Manscaping

Do you find that surprising? You shouldn't. More and more people everyday are taking up manscaping and taking a little pride in how their nether regions look, and for good reason.

In the same survey, a massive 70% of the women who were asked said that they'd prefer a partner to have a trimmed and tidy pubic area. So what are you waiting for?

  • Why Should I Bother Manscaping Just Because Women Like It?

  • As you can see from the stats above, women love a man who takes care of his body and takes part in a little manscaping from time to time. But that isn't the only reason you should consider getting yourself a spanking new safety razor and giving your downstairs a makeover.

    Why Women Are Manscaping

    In this article we're going to explore why grooming is such a positive move to make, including; increased cleanliness and smell, looking trim and tidy, and increased self-confidence. So although women love your junk trimmed, ultimately it's your choice as to whether you take the plunge.

    Have a little look at the next few sections and see what you think. First up is probably the most important reason to keep what's in your pants nice and tidy.

  • Keeping It Fresh And Clean

  • Think about it this way, guys. Do you fancy getting a stray hair caught between your teeth during the most intimate of moments with a partner? No, thought not.

    And let's not get started on the smell. You might not notice it, but an unkempt bush can retain all kinds of funky odors throughout the day. It's mostly just harmless sweat and bacteria, but who wants that smell wafting up their nostrils in the throes of passion?

    Why Women Are Manscaping

    Making sure your downstairs is neat, tidy, and accessible is the perfect way of showing a little appreciation to your partner.

  • Looking Your Best

  • Aesthetically, a trim and tidy package is always going to look better than a veritable jungle. And keep this little tip to yourself; whatever size parcel you're packing down there is going to look a hell of a lot more impressive if you get rid of that overshadowing pubic hair.

    Your partner probably spends hours thinking about their appearance and how they can look their best for you. Keeping your downstairs smooth (or at least neatly pruning and shearing that shrubbery) is just a polite way of returning the favor.

    Why Women Are Manscaping

    Think about how much effort women put into dressing right, smelling good, choosing the right outfit, and somehow having perfect hair and makeup. Of course, they don't just do all this to impress men, but it doesn't hurt. The least you can do is tidy up your meat 'n' two veg for them! And it's not just them who benefit from it.

    What Does Manscaping Say About You?

    Not only are you going to feel better about yourself with a freshly shaved/trimmed crotch, potential partners are going to actually view you in a better light.

    Some psychiatrists have said that “groomed body hair says a lot about the man.” Keeping everything clean and tidy down there can actually allow you to project the image of a more confident and organized man than you may actually be. In turn, this newfound self-confidence can only help inspire you.

    Just like a spotless and thought out room is the best way to achieve mental peace of mind, a well-maintained pubic area can help you become a more positive and balanced man. Grooming is like manscaping feng shui!

    But I Don't Like The 'Bald' Look!

    That's fine, you don't have to take it all off. Pubic grooming is just like a regular old haircut – different people like different styles, it's up to you what you go for. Even just trimming your bush can make a massive difference in your appearance and cleanliness.

    If you're hesitant about shaving it all off and going as smooth as a baby, why not consider getting yourself an electric trimmer first and see how you like that look? You can take off as little or as much as you like until you like the way it looks.

    Why Women Are Manscaping

    We can almost certainly guarantee that once you give it a go you'll realize just how good it feels and just how much confidence it can instill in you having well-maintained body hair.

    So, should you take the plunge?

    Now that we've reached the end of the article, what's the final verdict? Obviously, it's nobodies decision but your own what you do with your pubic hair and your body, but after seeing what benefits there are (cleanliness, women like it, self-confidence etc) why not at least give it a try?

    The best thing about body hair? If you don't end up liking the way it looks or the way you feel, it'll grow right back, so don't be down in the dumps thinking that it's a permanent change to your body.

    Whether you decide to do it for that special lady in your life, just to give it a try, or to try and find a new lease on life and feel better about yourself – best of luck in your manscaping adventure!

    Why Women Are Manscaping



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