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5 Gym Bag Must-Haves for Men!

Staying healthy is important, and hitting the gym should be a regular part of your overall regimen to keep your body feeling and looking its best. Sure, you could just walk into the gym, hit your reps, and go on about your day, but is that really the best idea? When you've spent an hour or so soaking in your own sweat, a little after-workout attention to your body will go a long way. Once you've started to prepare your gym bag properly, you'll probably discover that there are tons of things that should be included, either so they're available for regular use or just-in-case-you-forget-something instances. 

There are five main must-haves every man should have in his gym bag: clothing, accessories, shower and body essentials, electronics, and some miscellaneous other stuff that doesn't necessarily fit neatly into any particular category. With this in mind, let's take a deeper dive into the parts and pieces that comprise each section.

1. Clothing

Even if you wear your workout clothes to the gym, you'll probably find it handy to keep a few things stored in your gym bag just in case you forget them or need to change after your workout. Plus, if you hit the gym between meetings or errands, you'll need to make sure you can change out of your day clothes and into gym-appropriate gear. 

Gym Shorts

An extra pair of gym shorts or two will ensure you've got your tush covered in case you're trying to squeeze in a cardio session when you're on the go. This makes it easy to make excuses to get your workout in, rather than finding reasons to avoid a regular workout regimen. 


Tuck two or three t-shirts in your gym bag, too. If you need to head out and complete some unexpected errands after you finish working out, you'll be glad you have a clean t-shirt standing by. As an added bonus, if you're coming directly from the office, it's great to have a designated t-shirt that's meant for the gym so you don't have to work out in your undershirt. Stock up on MANSCAPED's super soft, comfortable cotton t-shirts so you've always got a go-to garment for your upper half.


manscaped boxers

For obvious reasons, clean underwear can totally turn your day around. The last thing you want to do is go through the rest of your day with ball and butt sweat impeding on your life when you could have otherwise stashed a clean pair of skivvies in your bag. Plus, having an uncomfortable pair of underwear on can totally ruin your workout, so it's important to always have the option to shed your southern covers in favor of another pair, should the necessity arise. Manscaped's anti-chafing, cooling boxer briefs are the perfect accompaniment to any man's workout knapsack. Why? Because they're made with Crop Cooling Technology™ that inhibits overheating and facilitates optimum pH levels. Our proprietary microfiber blend ensures breathability and repels moisture, making a day at the gym a walk in the park.


One can never have too many pairs of clean socks stashed away in his gym satchel. Let's say you're coming from the beach or the pool; in those cases, you may not be wearing any socks at all. If you're coming from work, you might need to swap out your dress socks in favor of something more durable. If your workout's all said and done, but now you've got smelly feet that are sweaty and wet, you'll be glad you've packed a backup pair. Look for moisture-wicking socks that are specifically designed with workout performance in mind.

Gym Shoes

A spare pair of sneakers can save the day if you otherwise aren't wearing gym-appropriate shoes or have a tendency to forget to pack tennies when you're getting your stuff ready the night before. To keep the stink at bay, consider keeping a spare set of sneakers in your bag that you've never (or seldom) worn and make sure you've got shoe deodorant packed away so you can pump the magic elixir into your shoes in the event you do wear them.

Flip Flops or Sandals

Even if you're not planning to shower after your workout, sandals are a great idea to put on your feet as your getting your stuff together. Of course, if you will be showering, you should consider this type of shoe a must, as it can help prevent athlete's foot and other unpleasant funguses from invading your space. 

2. Accessories

The accessories you should keep in your bag are often-forgotten necessities that many men don't realize they didn't pack until they reach for them during a rigorous workout. To prevent this disappointing moment of stress and frustration, make sure your bag is always packed with these accessorizing essentials.

Reusable Water Bottle

gym bag must haves for men

While most gyms have water bottles available for purchase if you forget your hydrating device, it's better for the environment if you keep a reusable water bottle on hand for those oops-I-forgot-my-bottle moments. In doing so, you'll ensure you've got ample amounts of water to restore your body's vital nutrients when you sweat while simultaneously taking a step to reduce the waste that otherwise would have been produced if you didn't have that handy dandy bottle hanging out in your bag.


Whether you need a pre-workout protein boost or a post-gym snack to revive your body and give you back some lost energy, it's a good idea to keep healthy snacks stowed away in your sack. Sure, apples, carrots, and celery can't exactly take up residency in the confines of your workout bag, but that doesn't mean you can't find some shelf-stable substances to store in the packets of your pouch. Here are a few ideas:

Large Towel

If you have the time for an after-workout shower, you'll feel accomplished and complete when your fitness activities are finished. Some gyms don't offer towels, which is something you certainly don't want to find out the hard way, as the alternative will be to dry yourself off with the dirty t-shirt and shorts you just took off. On the other hand, even if your gym does offer towels, you might just feel more comfortable wrapping up in terrycloth that comes from your own home. 

Not planning to shower? You'll still benefit from being able to wrap your body in a clean, absorbent sash while you switch from your sweat-infused clothes to something that's more appropriate for public-facing contact. 

Small Towel

This little guy will follow you from machine to machine, keeping sweat out of your eyes and your hands from slipping and sliding on the machines. It's a great idea to take a break in between reps and rest your heart for a moment while you wipe your face clean.

3. Shower & Body Essentials

As we said, we're big proponents of post-workout showers, but sometimes you just don't have time to suds up before you have to get back to life. With these essentials packed into your bag, you'll be shower-ready or suds-free clean, no matter where you're coming from or where you need to go after your workout. 


Deodorant is an absolute must. Don't skimp on this by assuming your morning application will stay strong enough to last throughout your workout and beyond. It only takes a second to reapply a layer of protection that combats sweat, bacteria, and the odors that are known to come from this combination. For your gym bag, consider keeping a spray deodorant on hand, even if you normally use a stick or gel. It tends to be less messy and isn't subjected to the possibility of melting and making goo like other options are. And, you can offer it to a fellow gym buddy without swapping skin cells, should someone else be in need of a freshening up.


A little lotion can go a long way, but it's important to keep it available so your skin doesn't endure the negative effects that can happen from soap and harsh winter weather. Look for lotions that include natural ingredients, which are known to restore the protective skin barrier and protect your outer layer.

Shampoo and Body Wash

gym bag must haves for men

A duo deal like Crop Cleanser body wash is ideal for a gym bag solution because it offers a two-in-one punch that works everywhere from head to toe. This moisturizing, invigorating body wash and shampoo regulates the skin's natural sebum activity while cleansing and hydrating your body. It's perfect for gym bags since it does two jobs in one bottle, and you can easily close up the pump when you're finished primping. It features a clean-and-fresh-yet-subtle scent that's manly without being overpowering.

Ball Wipes

If you have absolutely nothing else in your bag except for a water bottle and ball wipes, we'd say you've covered the bases. After all, no man should ever leave home without Crop Mop refreshing wipes. Let's be real; you honestly have no excuse to ever be caught with swamp crotch because these little gems come individually wrapped, and each one is just about the size of a credit card. That means you can slide a few into your gym bag, keep a couple in your car's console, and lug a few around in your laptop bag.

Crop Mop is great for post-shower, pre-boxer cleansing, but you don't have to be stepping out of the shower to reap the benefits of these little beauties. In fact, because they're biodegradable and flushable, you can take a quick swipe to your southern hemisphere anytime, anywhere. This is great for on-the-go gym rats who might need to cleanse their crops without experiencing a full-fledged shower. The soothing aloe leaves the sensitive skin around the scrotum feeling smooth and balance while the Active pH Control™ reduces the risk of itching and irritation. Because really, who wants to walk around with an itchy set of junk in his trunk?

Antibacterial Gel

Germs are everywhere in gyms. No matter how many times the machines are sprayed down, thousands of grubby fingers touch the dials and hold onto the handrails every day. To give your immune system and body the best chance of avoiding unwanted germy invasions, keep some antibacterial gel in your bag and squish it onto your hands after you've washed them or taken a shower. Even the cleanest of gyms are going to have germs running around like they're on a playground; this is a simple way to stave off sickness.

Oral Healthcare Items

Top off your cleanliness routine by ensuring your smile and breath are ready to face the world. It's a good idea to keep a toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash tucked into your bag so you can feel like your best self when your workout's complete, but be advised that there are certain dangers to storing your toothbrush in a damp and dark place like a gym bag. In fact, your toothbrush can actually make you sick. To avoid this pitfall, consider opting for pre-pasted, disposable toothbrushes that you can simply toss in the trash after you've freshened your breath.


One final note about fresh breath before we go—always keep a tin of Man Mints in your bag for easy access to a pleasant minty flavor that's formulated for confidence. They're small enough to stow away in a pocket of your bag but big enough to pack a powerful punch that'll reinvigorate your mouth.

The Shed

Now that you know which accessories belong in your gym bag, it's important to keep them all in one easy-to-access place so they don't float around your bag and get lost in the nooks and crannies of your pouch. This is where The Shed comes in handy. This made-for-men grooming bag features high-quality, sturdy fabric and a secure zippered closure to keep everything in when you're traveling from Point A to Point B. It comes in a travel-friendly, compact size, measuring in at 9" x 4" x 6", making it the perfect accompaniment to your gym-bag collection of essentials.

gym bag must haves for men

4. Electronics

For the most part, the electronics you'll need are on the machines themselves, but what about your favorite music? And how will you know if you've improved with this workout over last if you don't have a device doing the measuring of your steps, heart rate, blood pressure, and other vital statistics? 

Keep a spare set of headphones in your bag, just in case you ever end up at the gym without your normal go-to pair. The moment you realize you have to work out in silence if you don't have a spare pair perched in your satchel, you'll regret not having packed your pack properly. Keep a fitness tracker stowed away, too, so you can measure the metrics related to your workouts.

5. The Other Stuff

There are some things that don't fit into a category, necessarily, but they're still essential to a well-packed gym bag. Odor-eliminating spray, for example, is an imperative piece of the puzzle. While we've discussed the importance of keeping your body and clothes clean and smelling good, we haven't yet talked about the tools that keep can smelly bacteria at bay and away from your bag. From shoe sprays to spritzes that are made specifically for your satchel, it's a great idea to arm your arsenal with smell-good products that'll help diffuse the after-workout stench from erupting in your bag. Also noteworthy are the following items:

Muscle Rub

When you've really put all the effort forth that you can, and you know you're going to be feeling it tomorrow, get a head start on the soreness by applying muscle rub to those spots as soon as you can. 

First-Aid Kit

Do you really want to spend time running around the gym to find an employee if you've somehow managed to cut yourself? Yes, there's surely a first-aid kit or two in the fitness facility, but when you're broken or bleeding, it's nice to be able to reach into your bag and get the goods right when you need them. Here are a few things to consider keeping in your first-aid kit:

  • Pain relievers, such as aspirin, ibuprofen, or acetaminophen
  • Antihistamines
  • Antibacterial hand wipes that contain 60% or more alcohol
  • Bandages of assorted sizes
  • Bandage closures
  • Elastic wraps for wrists, ankles, knees, and elbows
  • Gauze
  • Anesthetic wipes
  • Disposable, instant-activating cold packs


When all is said and done, you've put a lot of work into ensuring you've got everything you need for an awesome workout every time. Wouldn't it be a shame if someone came and stole your sack right out from under you? Keep a padlock in your bag so you can store all your stuff safely and securely in a locker while you're getting your blood flowing.

Here at MANSCAPED, we believe in giving guys all the tools they need to be their best selves. Tell us what gym essentials you think are must-haves for gym-goers at one of our social media sites today!


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