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Coolest tech for workouts

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



coolest tech for workouts

If you’ve ever exercised, you can appreciate when an amazing gadget changes the game. Even if you’ve never considered yourself athletic, good technology is helping people pursue fitness goals and achieve things that used to be unattainable. No matter where you fall on the fitness spectrum, these pieces of workout tech are awesome.


The PowerDot is a cool gadget designed to help with pain relief, muscle recovery and overall performance. It uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS). The device includes electrodes and all of the components you need, and it runs through your phone. By stimulating your muscles in precise ways, it can help you clear lactic acid, relieve knotted muscles and perform a slew of tasks that all help with training and recovery.


Massages can do a lot after a grueling workout. In response to that need, the scientists of the world have invented massage guns. They use what is called percussive therapy to provide deep-tissue massages at home.

The Theragun is an industry leader when it comes to massage guns. It’s a high-quality device that helps to work out soreness and other problems. In some ways, it’s better than having a professional masseuse. 

man stretching


Smart water bottles are now a thing. Apparently, some people need help with knowing when to drink water. Really.

The LARQ system is solving a completely different but important issue. Water bottles are great for staying hydrated, but they can be a pain to clean. Many of them aren’t dishwasher safe, and even those that are rarely fit.

The LARQ bottle has a self-contained UV-C LED light. It’s a self-cleaning water bottle. It sterilizes your bottle between uses so the water is always clean, and you don’t have to worry about washing it after every use.


This is a device that aims to actively measure your metabolism. Seriously. It looks a lot like a vape pen, and when you breathe into it, it measures a bunch of stuff on your breath. By calculating CO2 concentration, lung capacity, nutrient saturation and all kinds of other metrics, the Lumen can track your metabolism and help you guide your workouts and diet.

Smart insoles

Smart insoles exist in many forms. They were pioneered by ski equipment companies to help people improve their technique. It wasn’t long before running insoles caught up to that development. Out of all of the smart insoles on the market, we’re going to mention NURVV

Whether you go with NURVV or something else, the concept is the same. The smart insoles have pressure plates in them. When you wear them while exercising, they can track your form, pace and other raw metrics. That data is fed through the improved app, and it can make recommendations to help you develop form and improve your strength, endurance, speed and skill.

Form swim goggles

This device is specialized for aquatic workouts, but it’s super cool. Form swim goggles aren’t just some tool to keep your eyes from getting too much chlorine exposure during a swim. They provide a real-time heads-up display right in front of your eye. If you’ve ever appreciated the tracking stats on a treadmill, these goggles provide the same information while you’re in the pool.

You can keep track of laps, stroke efficiency, calorie burn, heart rate, and so much more.

man swimming laps

Cubii Pro

Cubii Pro is probably the most convenient thing to ever happen to the world of fitness. It’s an elliptical device that sits under your desk. It allows you to exercise while seated and even doing your day job. It’s all about convenience and efficiency. It adds activity to the day for fitness and blood flow. Cubii Pro can even help you have a more productive workday by releasing endorphins and getting your heart rate up.

Your phone

It might seem a bit obvious, but smartphones are amazing. With no add-ons whatsoever, your phone can do a bunch of things for you in terms of fitness. It can count your steps, estimate your heart rate, track calories and more. You can download apps that help you train for specific goals. Even something like Couch to 5k can help you go from zero fitness to running 5ks with a healthy level of cardio in a matter of weeks.

If you struggle with fitness or consistency, let technology help. That’s the beauty of living in the modern era. You don’t have to be a triathlete to be healthy. Make the gains you can and enjoy the benefits that come with them.



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