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Grower vs. a shower - What you need to know

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



Grower vs. a shower - What you need to know

Do you have a big penis? Do you have a small penis? Do you really know which is the case? Most guys have firm opinions about their penis size, but very few know where they stand. According to the United States government (yes, really), the average adult erect penis measures just under six inches in length. Keep in mind that we’re talking about an erect penis. Your flaccid penis is a whole other manner.

Grower, Not a Shower—What Does That Actually Mean?

Man Staning In Front Of A Shocked Woman

You’ve heard the phrase, “I’m a grower, not a shower.” It’s self-explanatory. We all get the gist, but can we dig a little deeper and see if this phrase is more than just an excuse?

It turns out that grower versus shower is a genuine comparison. Surveys have found that roughly three-quarters of men think of themselves as growers. Only a quarter think of themselves as showers.

So, what is happening to get this distinction? As you already know, when you get aroused, a bunch of blood pumps into the penis. It becomes engorged, erect, and hard. The difference between a grower and a shower reflects how engorged a penis gets when turned on.

Most guys notice a substantial change. Your penis grows 20 percent or more. It seems like a pretty big difference. Some guys don’t see that much change. Their penis gets harder, but it doesn’t get a lot bigger. Now, imagine if your flaccid penis was the size of a full erection all the time. It’s a big difference, right? That would make you a big shower.

We’re going to get into the actual science of this comparison in a bit, but first, we should talk more about penis size in general.

Factors That Affect Penis Appearance

If we’re gonna get into this, we have to make a quick distinction. Some things make your penis bigger or smaller, while other factors only impact the appearance of your penis. We’ll cover both, but keep that in mind.


This all starts with genetics. Your genes impact a lot about who you are and how you look. Some guys are born with bigger penis genes than others, and there’s no overcoming it.


There are factors besides genes that still impact penis size, and a major one is hormones. For starters, they affect development when you’re young. You could have the best genes in the world, but if external factors (say a bad diet) impact your hormones in your youth, it could change things dramatically. Even when you’re grown, estrogen and testosterone levels will impact your penis size. More specifically, in grown men, these hormones affect the intensity of an erection. When you have lots of testosterone, you’ll get harder, which helps to maximize your grower stats. Estrogen has an inverse effect.


Nutrition is your other big factor. It can impact your hormones, which matters, but there is more to the story. Assuming your hormones are in perfect balance, nutrition will still affect your penis size. Nutrition deficiency, while you’re growing, will keep your penis from reaching its maximum potential. As an adult, nutrition affects blood flow, which can change how much growing you can do in the moment.

As for the appearance of your penis, there are so many external factors. Your general fitness matters a lot. A large belly and chubby thighs can make even a big penis seem small by comparison. Similarly, a large bush can detract from your monument of manhood. A body groomer can fix that issue easily. What you wear, the health of your skin, and so much more all impact appearance. Keep reading, and we’ll show you how to improve the appearance of your penis.

Who Has a Bigger Penis, Growers, or Showers?

Woman Holding Two Cucumbers

You’re not going to like this, but science has yet to answer this question. Real studies have explored growers and showers, but there is not enough data to conclusively say that one is bigger than the other.

That said, there are some takeaways for you to consider. First, a study by IJIR clearly defined showers and growers. According to them, a grower’s penis expands by 1.5 inches or more when they get hard. That’s the cutoff line.

Using that metric, only about a quarter of guys are genuine growers. Most of you out there are showers.

The other thing they found is that flaccid penis size, more often than not, is a good indicator of erect penis size. You have to be an abnormal grower for a small soft penis to become above average in the heat of the moment.

So, what can we learn from this? Everybody is different, and your penis size matters a lot more to you than anyone else. If women can get themselves off with their fingers, your penis is plenty big enough to do a good job. You just have to learn how to do it.

Can You Become a Shower?

This is an interesting question. For most of your life, you’ve been a grower. Now, you want to be a shower. You want to impress guys in the locker room or something. There’s good and bad news in this answer.

The good news is that you can become a shower. The bad news is that some type of erectile dysfunction usually accompanies this change.

You see, the grower vs. shower phenomenon is mostly determined by skin elasticity. Guys with more elastic skin are the growers. If your skin is losing elasticity, that means something is fundamentally changing with your penis, and that’s not always a good thing.

Well, that’s the answer for naturally becoming a shower. If you want medical intervention, that does exist. Penis implants are a thing, and they can make your flaccid penis quite a bit bigger. They don’t increase your maximum erection, but they do turn you into a shower. Just remember this important thing. Any surgery on your penis comes with serious risks. There are many other things you should consider before you pay someone to cut your dick open.

Perks of Being a Grower

Showers like to feel like they are swinging a big dick, but there are huge perks to being a grower. The first is that a smaller flaccid penis is safer. It’s harder for things to hit and hurt it, and we can all appreciate what that means for daily life.

Another big perk is a pleasant surprise. While you might be underestimated in your flaccid state, you know that once you get hard, people will be shocked. It’s a fun turnaround.

How to Make Your Penis Look Bigger

Let’s get back to appearances. These tips help you look bigger without actually making any changes to your penis. That means they aren’t harmful.

Male Grooming

MANSCAPED Perfect Package

The first and most obvious is to shave your pubic hair. The adage remains true. When you trim the shrubs, the tree stands taller. To be more specific, removing pubic hair makes the base of your penis more visible, and its full length is easier to see. It isn’t hidden.


The second tip is to lose weight. We already talked about how a belly can overshadow your penis and make it look smaller. Tightening up, in general, will help your penis stand further out from the rest of your body and look big and strong. Also, general fitness is good for blood flow, and better blood flow leads to harder erections.




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