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How to deal with groin itch & rashes.

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



How to deal with groin itch & rashes

Whelp, if you’re dealing with groin itch issues or rashes around that area, that sucks, man. 

But don’t worry, we might have an idea (or nine) of what’s going on down there that’s causing you all these issues and we’re here to help. That’s right, MANSCAPED™ team to the rescue. 

You’re not alone to deal with your itchy crotch. And we will gladly help give you some suggestions for how to clear up that upper thigh rash. 

Odds are your groin itch and rash issue is being caused by one, if not more, of the following issues:

  • Your pubic hair is too long and you need a trim
  • Your underwear or pants/shorts are too tight
  • You’re chafing 
  • You’ve irritated the area by incorrectly shaving
  • If you shave, the hair growing back might be spikey/pokey
  • You need to moisturize the area
  • You need to clean the area
  • You’ve got a funky bacteria or fungal infection issue going on and might need to go to the doctor for a prescription (or at least get an over-the-counter medication)
  • You’ve got a sexually transmitted disease and you need to go to the doctor and clean that up, friend


While we’re going to take some time below to dive into each of these issues, the biggest prevention against groin itch and rashes is really all about three main things:

  1. Keep the area clean
  2. Keep the area moisturized
  3. Keep the area maintained

These three things are also how you’re doing to deal with addressing any current groin itching or rashes going on. Note: If you have a larger issue like a bacterial or fungal infection or an STD keeping the area maintained will also involve some medical attention and next steps from your doctor or pharmacist. 

And because MANSCAPED™ has your back (or in this case, your groin area), you know we have all the tools and products that will help you with the three things above. We’ve got you, bros. We’ve got you. 

Nine itchy/rashy groin issues

Your pubic hair is too long and you need a trim.

Pubic hair tends to be long, curly, and coarser than your head hair and other body hair. 

When you stuff all your junk into a pair of underwear and then pull on those skinny jeans pubic hair that is too long can get caught, squished, and/or moved around in weird ways. This can cause all sorts of irritation and itchiness, so our suggestion? Trim it, yo. 

It’s like our wonderful The Lawn Mower® 4.0 was made for your groin area. 

This bad boy is the best tool we’ve got on the market right now for keeping your pubic hair trimmed and neat. The days of the overgrown bush are over (and we’ll argue that was never positive, so thank you, trends and technology). 

Use The Lawn Mower® 4.0 during your bathroom routine a few times a week to get rid of those stray hairs and keep the overall bush shorter. Depending on how fast your hair grows, you might be able to do this just once a week, but the point is, keep it trimmed. 

The less pubic hair you have, the less chance it’s going to get all squished and irritated. 

The Lawn Mower 4.0

Your underwear or pants/shorts are too tight.

Even if you trim your pubic hair like we recommend, wearing too-tight underwear or pants/shorts can trap heat and moisture. This means your groin area will get more sweaty and that can lead to irritation and itchiness. 

Your nuts need to be supported, yes, but that whole area also needs to breathe, man. 

We’re also going to leave our link to our amazing new boxer briefs riiiiiight here: MANSCAPED™ Boxers 2.0. They are designed to cradle your balls and are butter smooth. 

You’re chafing. 

Chafing is an overall irritation of an area caused by friction. This can be friction that is a result of #2 up there or a physical activity like running, hiking, or another exercise in which clothing and or skin bits are constantly rubbing together. 

All of this rubbing irritates the skin in that area and the term “rubbed raw” applies here. You're literally rubbing the top layer of your skin off. Chafing usually causes red, splotchy areas on your skin and can even cause blisters. This level of irritation itches like a mother and will probably hurt, too.  

While our amazing MANSCAPED™ Boxers 2.0 mentioned above were designed to be anti-chafing, we also recommend applying Crop Preserver® at the beginning of your day. 

Whether you are about to work out or just have a long work day ahead of you, our anti-chafing ball deodorant is quick-absorbing, clear, and designed to protect and soothe your groin area. Just a little dab will do it to keep you fresh, hydrated, and comfy in the nether regions. 

You’ve irritated the area by incorrectly shaving.

You might have razor burn. 

While we 100% support the shaving of the nuts and the shaft, we also support shaving correctly. 

Never, we repeat, NEVER shave dry, men. Take your time when you shave, prep the area appropriately, and then take care of the area appropriately after you shave. 

You need to start with a clean surface. This means you need to take a shower, soap up the groin area with our specially designed Crop Cleanser®, then apply your Crop Gel®, and use your groin-specific razor that is itself clean and sharp.

Crop Cleanser® was created for a man’s groin area. It’s gentle and loaded with natural ingredients to keep things down there not just clean, but well hydrated and smelling good. 

Crop Gel® is a masterpiece. It’s a CLEAR groin shaving gel. CLEAR. As in, we know when it comes to shaving your balls you want to see what you’re doing. 

After you shave you need to take your time drying off and then you can apply Crop Preserver® and go forth with your day deodorized, moisturized, and correctly shaven.  

Crop Gel

If you shave, the hair growing back might be spikey/pokey.

If you shave your nuts when that hair grows back it can be a little spiky or pokey. 

That’s a sign you probably should shave again and until you do that new hair growth is going to be spikey and is going to cause some itchiness and irritation. 

Nuff’ said. 

You need to moisturize the area.

Dry skin itches. No matter if it’s on your legs, your arms, or your groin area. 

This is why we love and pitch products like Crop Preserver®, Crop Cleanser®, and Crop Gel®. They have ingredients that are meant to add moisture to your hygiene routine, not take it away. 

Hydrate your body throughout the day by drinking plenty of water and make sure you use products that moisturize. 

You need to clean the area.

Sweat causes wetness and bacteria build up and all of that funkiness gets itchy. 

No matter if you are up and about all day long on your feet or at a desk job, your nuts get sweaty, and if you don’t clean the area regularly that junk just builds up and causes more issues. 

While nothing beats a solid shower and hygiene routine, we also have Crop Mops® to help you refresh throughout the day. These babies are individually packaged and you can throw them in your backpack, briefcase, or gym bag to use whenever you need them.  

You’ve got a funky bacteria or fungal infection issue going on and might need to go to the doctor for a prescription (or at least get an over-the-counter medication).

Keep the groin area clean. 

With pubic hair, bits of folded skin, hanging balls and a penis, and everything confined in underwear the groin area is susceptible to some grossness if you’re not keeping it clean. 

Things like bacteria and fungus love a hot, wet environment and they breed like crazy. This leads to smells like whoa and bigger issues like an actual infection. Ever heard of jock itch, men? That is a legit fungal infection and it can take some serious medication to calm down and eliminate. 

You’ve got a sexually transmitted disease and you need to go to the doctor and clean that up.

Keep it clean, boys. Why do we feel like we’re a broken record? 

Clean your sheets. Wash your clothes. Wear clean underwear. Pay attention to your sexual partner(s) and their cleanliness. 

That groin itchiness could be caused by crabs AKA pubic lice. That means you have literal insects crawling around in your pubes and that needs to be addressed now. 

So remember, if you’re suffering from groin itch and/or a groin rash, we recommend keeping your groin clean, moisturized, and maintained. And if that doesn’t work and you have the below symptoms, that’s beyond our pay grade and needs medical attention. So, if you are noticing an intense smell that’s not going away, blisters, yeasty patches, crawling things, or pain in your groin area, GO SEE A DOCTOR. Or if you are dealing with an itch or a rash that doesn’t go away in a few days after doing the three things above, GO SEE A DOCTOR. 

Shower often, trim, shave, moisturize, and KEEP IT CLEAN. 



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