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How To Make Your Penis Smell Good

Have you ever smelled your own funk? Of course you have. After an intense workout, it’s common enough. Worse though is when you’ve been in slacks all day. There was stress and you had to move around more than normal. You have a sweaty penis, and those thin slacks are doing nothing to cut that smell off at the pass. You just know everyone else can smell it too.

Sometimes, we guys can be real animals. We stew in our own filth and don’t give a second thought to it. Other times, we know we reek and we need a remedy. Fear not. You’re about to get a complete course on how to make your penis smell good.

Man With Long Hair And Button Down Holding His Nose

What Causes Smelly Penis?

Since we can all agree that no one wants their penis to drive away the masses with incredible odor, we should probably take a minute to learn about common causes of odor.


Balanitis is a condition that specifically affects the head of your penis. You’re already scared. So are we. In particular, balanitis is an inflammation, and it can be related to a lot of different issues. Allergic reactions, yeast infections (more on that in a minute), bacterial infections and even having a tight foreskin can all cause balanitis.

In most cases, this condition is mild and won’t do too much for you. You want to practice some hygiene and stop using any new products that might have caused an allergic reaction. If you do both of these things, you’ll probably be fine. If your condition comes with intense pain or doesn’t resolve, go ahead and visit your friendly neighborhood doctor.

Doctor Holding An STI Test


We all know what STIs are, right? These are infections that can be spread through sexual interactions. Some of the most famous (especially in regards to smell) are chlamydia and gonorrhea. Plenty of other infections can cause problems including a bad smell.

If you have strange discharges, unexplained pain, abnormal urination or any signs of irritation or discoloration that come with your smelly penis, you might have an STI. You should be able to think back as to whether or not you are sexually active to gauge your risk level. Regardless, these combinations of symptoms always merit a visit to the doctor who can diagnose and treat your condition.

Yeast Infections

Yes, guys get yeast infections. It is less common with men than women, but plenty of guys have gone through this, and it is important that you understand the signs so you can get treatment when you need it.

In men, yeast infections usually come with a red rash or white patches of skin. The skin is usually moist and you might find a thick, white substance under any folds of skin (and especially the foreskin). Yeast infections also typically come with itching or burning sensations.

All yeast infections are caused by fungal growth. More specifically, candida is the fungal culprit. It is usually on your body at all times, but when it grows too much, it causes the infection. The condition is usually easy to treat with an antifungal cream. You can get them over the counter or get a prescription from your doctor.

Non-Gonococcal Urethritis (NGU)

Urethritis is any inflammation of the urethra (that’s the tube your pee comes out of). NGU is a particular classification of urethritis that is not caused by gonorrhea. So, the good news is that if you have this, you don’t have that one STI. The bad news is that you still have an inflamed urethra.

NGU can cause you to smell pretty funky downstairs. It can come with a white discharge (not that white discharge). It can also make it painful to pee. If you have these combinations of symptoms, you want to go ahead and visit Mr. Doctor. While some causes of NGU can clear up on their own, other causes won’t. It’s better to get ahead of this guy.

The important thing to learn here is that you can get urethritis whether or not you are sexually active.

UTI On Blocks With A Stethoscope

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

A UTI is any infection that affects any part of the urinary tract. This ranges from your kidneys to the tip of your penis and covers everything in between. You can get a UTI from a number of sources, but the majority stem from bacterial infection. You can get such infections from sex, but you can also get them from swimming in a pond or just living life.

Symptoms of a UTI include bad smells — especially a fishy smell — emanating from your penis area. UTIs can also include burning or pain when you pee, discomfort in your genitalia, abnormal discharges and even fever and chills. If your penis smells fishy or you think you have a UTI, you want to see a doctor because you probably need antibiotics.


So, smegma is a pretty gross thing that happens. When the oils and dander of your skin get to build up in the folds of skin on your penis, they can turn into a gooey substance that smells quite foul. It also looks gross.

Technically, anyone with a penis can develop smegma, but it is way more common among the uncircumcised. If you don’t pull back the foreskin and clean under there on a regular basis, smegma becomes inevitable. Smegma odor is one of the more pungent odors you can get downstairs, and it will likely hurt your sex life.

If you ever find yourself asking “why does my penis smell so bad,” smegma is a likely answer.

The good news is that smegma is largely harmless. Just wash yourself and you'll be fine.

What Does a Normal Penis Smell Like?

This question is a little more complicated than it might first seem. The thing is, people are different, and there is a range of answers to this that will vary from individual to individual.

Let’s start here. Under normal circumstances, if your penis is normal and healthy, you shouldn’t be able to smell it at all. Other people could smell it if they got close enough, but you should be so used to your own scent that you can’t even recognize it. This is true of all body odors — even your own bad breath.

Naturally, there are exceptions. If you’ve had a sweaty workout, the genital odor in your crotch is going to shift and strengthen, especially if you aren't using any genital deodorant. In fact, some of your smelliest sweat glands are down there. So, when you think you can smell your own funk through your gym shorts, you aren’t going crazy. You stink down there and should shower. Still, all things considered, that’s normal. You should have some dick stink a little after a workout.

Another big exception is sex. When you have sex (or masturbate), it changes the rules a little. Most guys can smell their own semen, and other people can definitely smell semen. It’s a distinctive aroma, to say the least. The fact that you can smell it is still normal. You shouldn’t walk around sporting that smell because it will gross people out, but it’s a case where you can smell yourself and everything is still normal.

Let’s recap. A normal penis usually doesn’t smell like anything. After a workout, it will smell like gym socks (more or less). After sex, it will smell like sex (that sure clears things up . . . ). If you notice your penis smelling unusual, especially to yourself, that is your red flag.

Woman Pushing Her Man Away In Bed

Is Having a Stinky Penis a Deal Breaker for Sex?

Let’s start with the short answer: yes. Guys have missed out on sex because they had a smelly penis. Still, the specifics to this answer are worth exploring. You’ll probably be surprised by some of this.

We ran a survey to see how people really feel about crotch smells and sex. Respondents to our survey ranged from ages 17 to 72, so we got a pretty good mix. The answers are more than a little interesting.

It turns out that 44 percent of guys have rejected having sex because they had a smelly crotch. Are you one of them? Can you relate? Guys have a chance to score, and they back out because they are afraid of the reaction they will get when the pants come off and the smell wafts across their partner’s face. Yowsers.

This one is less surprising, but 54 percent of guys have walked away from sex because their partners had a bad smell downstairs. We all get that. Half of guys power through, but we all get it.

This next stat makes us guys look pretty bad. Only 15 percent of men have been turned down for sex because of the smell of their groin. We’re ready to turn people down, but it doesn’t come back on us all that often. Maybe it’s partially because of the first stat. Maybe we’re just more sensitive about this stuff than the other sex.

Here’s the bottom line. Having a smelly penis can adversely affect your sex life, even though it’s more likely to turn you off than your partner. People sure can be strange.

Man Showering With His Back To The Camera

How to Clean Your Penis

Alright. We’ve established that you don’t want your penis to smell bad. So you ask yourself, “How can I make my penis smell good?” We’re going to learn. Here’s the process to always have a clean penis.

1. Choose a mild soap

If you have a harsh or strong soap, it can sting or trigger a reaction. You don’t want any of that, you want a soap that can safely clean your penis. Aside from the obvious, having a mild soap will help you overcome any laziness or aversion to scrubbing your junk.

2. Take a warm shower 

You want warm water, not hot water. If it turns your skin red, you went too far (unless you’re just that sensitive). Your warm shower is where you do your daily cleaning.

3. Lather your penis with soap

You’re going to lather up and apply soap to your penis. You do want to agitate the skin, but you don’t want to scrub vigorously. If you have a foreskin, make sure you get up under there and rinse thoroughly.

4. Dry off completely

Don’t attack your junk with a towel. You can pat yourself dry, but you want to get as much moisture as reasonably possible. Having a damp crotch all day helps microbes grow and is bad for your skin.

5. Use ball deodorant to keep everything smelling fresh

We’re talking about Crop Preserver™ of course.

Helpful Tips

Tips for Cleaning your Penis

We covered the process of cleaning your penis, but some tips will help you follow best practices and avoid common mistakes.

1. Don’t overly wash your penis

If you get too vigorous or do this too often, it can make your penis sore. There’s no need for that. A daily, gentle cleaning is sufficient.

2. If you use talc, ensure that it doesn’t get under the foreskin if you are uncircumcised

The science seems pretty mixed on talc right now, so let’s all exercise a little caution. Reducing exposure is the smart play, and that definitely means that you don’t want it trapped under your foreskin.

3. Cleaning your penis after sex can reduce the chances of STIs

This is a big one. While cleaning your penis won’t eliminate all chances of getting an STI, it definitely helps. Shower after sex. It’s that easy.

4. Don’t shower with hot water

We touched on this already, but it’s worth emphasizing. A lot of guys take showers that are too hot. In the depths of winter, it’s tempting, but scalding showers are really hard on the skin and the penis. The hot water undoes a lot of your efforts here.

5. Don’t rub your skin with a towel

Again, we’re repeating for emphasis. It seems that most people associate towels with scrubbing the water away. It’s weird when you think about it and completely unnecessary. Get a fluffier towel if you have to, but it should be able to absorb water without you violently attacking yourself.

Common Questions About Keeping Your Penis Clean

These are some of the questions some of you were too embarrassed to ask in sex ed. No worries. We have you covered.

Can I use face wash to clean my penis?

In general face washes are safe for your penis, but there is a large caveat. Any time a soap causes discomfort or any type of reaction, stop using it and see a doctor if it doesn’t go away on its own or is unbearable.

Face washes tend to have stronger oil-removing detergents than your typical body wash. These detergents can cause discomfort when used on the penis, so keep that in mind. If you are unsure, try a very small amount of the soap on a single dot on your penis and don’t rub it in or around. If there is no reaction, it should be safe. Of course, you can just use Crop Cleanser instead to be sure your soap is gentle.

Why does my penis smell like vinegar?

Most abnormal or unpleasant smells that originate from your junk are because of microbial activity. Vinegar is a less-common penis odor, but it does happen, and it is almost always because bacteria are overgrown on your penis (assuming you didn’t spill vinegar on yourself). This is easily resolved by cleaning the area thoroughly. Use soap. Scrub. Don’t abuse yourself, but make sure you leave no crevice uncleaned.

Should I shave my penis?

This is really a personal choice. There are natural reasons why you have pubic hair, but most of them are minimized by wearing clothes and living a modern life. Removing hair down there (whether trimming or fully shaving) makes it much easier to fight off bad smells. If you need more answers to how to make your penis smell good, this should be on your list of options.

Can you use coconut oil on your penis?

Coconut oil is largely safe for your penis and is a good natural way to fight dry skin down there. Before you reach for the bottle, remember one thing. Any soap, cleanser, moisturizer or other application can get into the urinary tract (at least at the tip) if you are not careful. If the thing in there is not water, it might burn and be uncomfortable. Coconut oil is a good moisturizer, but it might prove unpleasant as a lubricant.

How often should I use Crop Preserver?

Crop Preserver

Crop Preserver ball deodorant is safe to use every single day. In fact, when we conducted a recent survey, 56 percent of men reported using it daily. It’s a great way to maintain healthy skin in your groin area and combat bad smells. If you happen to miss a lazy Saturday here or there, it shouldn’t cause any problems.

How often should I use Crop Reviver?

Crop Reviver

Crop Reviver ball toner is also safe to use on a daily basis, but most guys don’t feel the need. Only 37 percent of men in our survey claimed to use it every day, as opposed to 78 percent who use it at least once a week. The better rule of thumb for Crop Reviver is to use it after grooming and any time you feel like your groin needs a little extra love.

When to See a Doctor

Smell alone really isn’t much of a reason to see a doctor. The vast majority of causes for penis odors are harmless. When you should worry is if there are symptoms in addition to the smell. Those symptoms include any unusual discharge, and pain or discomfort, an increase in how often you need to pee, visible signs of irritation/redness/discoloration or known exposure to an infectious disease. If any of that sounds familiar, go ahead and see the doctor. If you’re ever in severe pain or discomfort, don’t wait. Go see the doctor right away. The worst that can happen from seeing a doctor is that you learn something valuable, so don’t be shy.

That’s it for today. You know how to make your penis smell good and how to take better care of yourself. Hopefully, that’s enough for you to join the tragic statistics we discussed earlier.


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Michael Howland

I always keep crop mops on and in the bed stand drawer. Great for after sex . Nothing like a nice refreshing wipe after a tryst. Enjoy all your products.

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Ok, NOW that is very interesting information. I would think that must of the solutions for S.P. would simply be good hygiene habits. But there are a lot of S.P. solutions and or treatments listed here.

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I knew some of this already but other parts where great information. Even as a guy who cleans regularly its still a good idea to be aware of all of this stuff. Knowledge is power!!


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