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Long Nose Hairs and Why You Need Them or Not

Let’s talk about your nose hair. We know. It’s not a sexy topic, but that’s kind of the point. Most guys understand that nose hair is a turn-off. You realize that it’s something you should probably manage if you’re ever going to be attractive to a member of your dating pool. Despite that, nose hair is a nuisance that you don’t really want to consider. It’s easy to ignore it, especially when you’re young. As you get older, your nose hair is going to keep growing. Some of you are nodding along already. Sorry.

For the rest of you, if you don't learn to manage nose hair now, you’re going to have a bigger hill to climb later in life. Nasal hair represents a lot of problems, and knowing that might motivate you to finally take some action. Let’s discuss long nose hairs, what they do, and whether or not you really need them.

Why Do We Even Have Nose Hair?

Considering that the hairs are unsightly and often annoying, what are they doing in our noses in the first place? We tend to think that body parts exist for a reason, and that extends to nose hair. The general idea is that it helps prevent large particles from getting into your sinuses. That at least makes logical sense.

But, nose hair is a far cry from an impregnable shield. We all have the hair, yet we all get things up our noses anyways. In plenty of ironic cases, nasal hair actually exacerbates the issue of things getting up your nose (kind of like getting an eyelash in your eye). So, it’s probably better to consider the true pros and cons of nasal hair when we think about grooming it.

man pointing at nose hair

How Long Nose Hair Helps

Not all nose hair is the same. Some of it can get pretty long, and in some cases, that’s a useful thing. In other cases, your long nose hair might be about as useful as your appendix, but we’ll get to the cons in a moment. The primary advantage of long nasal hair is that it can catch more particles than short nasal hair. Pretty obvious stuff, right?

The longer hairs cover more surface area and are able to trap more material. This makes long hair a better shield against a wider variety of things that your sinuses might not like. 

For this reason, anyone who has a sensitive nose or serious problems with allergies, rhinitis or asthma should think about leaving their nasal hairs long, despite the fact that it’s unsightly. If you don’t have these issues, then the long nose hair isn’t really doing more for you than short nose hairs.

How Long Nose Hair Hurts

Leaving social consequences aside, there are two main drawbacks to long nasal hair. The first is that things can get trapped in it. We all sneeze, and when you sneeze, the point is to get things out of your nose that aren’t supposed to be there. Long nasal hair stops particles from going through the nostril. That’s a two-way trap, and if you have a buildup, it can essentially create a nasal damn. This can make sneezing fits worse, and it can be plain gross.

The other drawback is that long nose hair itself can be an irritant. Most guys can relate. You find that your nose is a little itchy for no reason. You’ve been good with the moisturizer, so you know it’s not a dry skin issue. Yet, the itching keeps pestering you. Eventually, you start to get self-conscious about the need to wipe or rub your nostrils every minute. You don’t want to be gross. You also don’t want to look like you’ve been snorting things you shouldn’t.

That’s the main drawback of long nasal hair. The short hair usually won’t cause this irritation, but long hair has been plaguing man forever. It can even get bad enough that the long nasal hair is causing you more discomfort than relief. So, there are times when it’s ok to get rid of some hair.

How to Remove It

If you’re still not convinced, there are powerful social motivations for adding your nasal hair to your male grooming strategy. Women hate nose hair. Most guys aren’t terribly fond of it either. It can make your nose whistle, and it can catch boogers and make you look really gross. If you want to have the best social life possible, you’ll have to think carefully about your nose hair.

Now that you’re convinced, let’s talk about the three most common ways to deal with the hairs.

the weed whacker nose trimmer


This is one of those areas where plucking has shined for a long time. But, as plucking nasal hair has grown in popularity, scientists and doctors have taken a closer look at the practice. Here’s the short version. Plucking is the least sanitary way to go after nasal hair. You’ll be at a risk of an infection in your nose, and that’s not fun. Plucking a stray hair every now and then won’t lead you to the plague, but you don’t want it to be your primary practice.


For those who haven’t seen the videos, you might be confused by this prospect. Nostril waxing is in fact a thing. You basically put wax on a stick and shove it up your nose. The real practice might be a bit more refined, but you get the idea. Once the wax hardens, you can pull the hairs out. It’s like any other waxing adventure.

So, here’s the thing with waxing. It still exposes hair follicles in your nose. That can increase the risk of infection, but waxing is safer than plucking for one simple reason. You have to get the wax hot to use it. That means you have no chance of getting lazy and using an unsanitary device to pull out your nose hairs. So, it’s better than plucking, but it still might not be the best plan.


Trimming is easy enough. There are tons of tools to get the job done. You can use scissors to go after anything sticking below the nostril line. You can also get an electric trimmer that makes fast and easy work of the job. In fact, that’s why we made The Weed Whacker™.

Considering that nasal hair isn’t always bad, here’s your general rule for trimming. If you can’t see it, you can leave it alone. The long hairs are also the most visible, so you can look pretty and reduce irritation with the same concept of trimming. Ultimately, you’ll end up with the best of both worlds. The short hairs still filter particles, but you don’t get the downsides of long nasal hair. This is yet another reason why trimming is better than waxing and plucking. Those methods don’t leave short hairs behind.

The Real Value of a Nose Hair Trimmer

When you bring The Weed Whacker into the equation, you get some extra benefits. It isn’t just making hair management easy. It’s also providing safety and comfort. The trimmer has a powerful motor that runs at 9,000 RPM. That means the risk of tugs and tangles is minimized, and your trimming is far more comfortable as a result. The trimmer also has proprietary technology that is designed to keep your skin as safe as possible. You will get no such safety from tweezers or wax.

The Weed Whacker is also waterproof and shock-resistant, so you can use it safely in the bathroom. Plus, the replaceable blade allows you to keep your tool sharp and clean with less effort. In all, this is a device that is made to solve a specific problem, and it does a great job of it.

If you want to learn more about the MANSCAPED™ trimmer or any of our other tools, be sure to browse our website and check out customer reviews. We display them proudly because we know what happens when you focus your efforts on making high-quality tools to help guys with their grooming. You can join our happy customers if you take the leap and tackle your nose hair.



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