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Men Growing Breasts Causes and Prevention: Must Read This

You looked in the mirror, and you didn’t like what you saw. The chest region is looking soft and fluffy. You probably had decent pecs at some point, but now, they’re not exactly at their best. There’s no reason to be embarrassed. This has happened to almost every man at some point. The good news is that with a little knowledge, you can get rid of the man boobs and have your sexy pecs back. Let’s learn about breasts on men and how to deal with them.

Getting Medical

Officially, doctors refer to man boobs as gynecomastia. It can happen to males of any age. No, really. The most common ages for guys to have excessive breast tissue are infancy, teenage years, and after turning 50. Those are all times when the male body goes through some big changes, and that’s going to highlight the theme of the day. There are a lot of causes of gynecomastia, but the majority of them have to do with your hormones. We're going to get into the nuts and bolts of all of the common causes and help you craft a plan to deal with man boobs — in case they’re ever a problem for you.


One of the primary causes of male breast tissue is taking medications that mess up your equilibrium. There are a lot of meds that can do this, and the first one may surprise you. It’s antibiotics. Dealing with common infections can actually cause some boobies to grow. If you’re in that situation, don’t worry too much. Take care of the infection first. You can take care of the boobs after you’re healthy (tips for that at the bottom). 

Hormonal Medications

It shouldn’t be surprising, but anything that messes with your hormones has a chance to grow your breasts. There are a lot of meds that fall under this category. Your primary concern — when it comes to boobs at least — is any medication that blocks or inhibits testosterone. There are very good medical reasons for such drugs to be prescribed, but when a guy has lowered testosterone, bigger boobs will be a common side-effect.

This is a good time for a little extra explanation. It turns out that guys have the same potential for boobies that women have. You even have milk ducts. But, high testosterone levels typically minimize mastia development. So, when you mess with the T, you get bigger b’s. 

Men Growing Breasts Causes and Prevention: Must Read This

Psychiatric Medications

Psych meds often impact hormone regulation and balances. It shouldn’t be surprising that they can come with a side of boobs (not to be confused with sideboob). It’s worth noting that not all psych meds come with this side-effect. Even the ones that do won’t impact all guys the same way. Even if you get boobs from your drugs, that’s usually better than not taking them. All of this is to say that when you have a medication that makes your breasts larger, it might be worth it.

Of course, you can always talk to your doctor and find something that helps with the least amount of negative impact on your body, but treating serious medical conditions is usually more important than having small boobs.

Ulcer Meds

This one might surprise you a bit. It turns out that a lot of medications that help treat ulcers also might give you moobies. It’s a little weird, but we’re going to double down on the advice you just read. Ulcers are unpleasant, and they can turn truly nasty. Treating them is probably more important than how tight your chest is. Besides, there are things you can do to mitigate the boob problem.

That covers the medicine portion of boob growers, but there are plenty more root causes to discuss.


Drinking doesn’t just give you a beer gut; it can also give you man boobs. You might think this is because it’s easy to gain weight if you drink a lot. That’s true, and it can contribute to your cup size, but that’s not what we’re really discussing right now.

Alcohol (when consumed copiously and often) can do some messed up things to your body. It can muck up your hormonal balance. More likely, though, is that it will create legions and other problems with your liver. If you drink enough to hurt the efficiency of your liver, it can lead to fatty tissue buildups in a number of places, and one of those might be your chest. 

We all enjoy a drink now and then, but let the risk of man boobs serve as one more incentive to keep the drinking under control.

Excessive Body Fat

If you gain a lot of weight, your boobs are going to get bigger. It’s pretty straightforward, but once again, that’s not what we’re actually talking about here. It turns out that excess body fat can grow your boobs the same way alcohol might. When you have too many fatty deposits, they have to go somewhere. That’s different for each individual, but for a lot of guys, the fatty deposits end up on the breasts.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to be overweight to have excessive body fat. There are medical conditions and dietary problems that can put a high fat percentage on your body, even if your total weight is at a healthy level.

Men Growing Breasts Causes and Prevention: Must Read This

Thyroid Issues

We’re back to hormones. Your thyroid is basically the highest-ranked body part for hormone regulation. If it’s out of whack, you might end up with big boobs. It’s worth noting that this doesn’t necessarily mean that your testosterone is low. Abnormally high estrogen levels can also cause breast growth.

More importantly, thyroid problems can just plain ruin your life. If man boobs help you identify this problem and get it corrected, you should thank them.


This is pretty well known, but we can still stop and appreciate the irony for a minute. Some guys use anabolic steroids or androgens to get bigger muscles. Big Ol’ boobies are an extremely common side-effect. If you have your doubts, just ask Arnold Schwartzenegger (or any other bodybuilder from the 80s). 

Now that we’ve all basked in the irony of getting moobies from drugs that are supposed to make you ripped, you can let this serve as another reason to not do steroids. They’ll mess you up. Also, how many truly huge guys do you see getting all the women? Toned is great. Massive is too much for most people.

Liver and Kidney Disease

Remember how alcohol can mess up your liver and make your boobs bigger? This is the same story, but you don’t have to drink too much to have liver or kidney problems. Drinking doesn’t help, but these conditions can stem from a number of sources. Sometimes, man boobs are the first sign of a problem. Other times, they’re the cherry on top of an already tough situation.

Either way, you don’t want to mess around with liver and kidney disease. If you think there might be a problem, go see a doctor. No, really. Go.

Tea Tree Oil and Lavender

Irony has returned. It turns out that some of the most popular homeopathic treatments around come with an unfortunate side-effect. After the tea oil and lavender do — whatever they’re supposed to do — they can make your boobs bigger. What’s really fun about these causes is that they have a topical effect. You don’t have to eat the lavender to suffer its wrath (why would you do that?). Just rubbing these oils and extracts on your skin is enough. In fact, you don’t even have to rub them on your boobs. How’s that for scary?

Low Testosterone

Ok. After everything you’ve read, this is pretty obvious. Still, we want to point out that low T isn’t always the result of drugs, medication or lifestyle. Sometimes, testosterone levels naturally drop. In those cases, it’s pretty normal to see some bigger breasts on a guy. In fact, if you notice your boobs getting bigger and you can’t track it to anything else on the list, that’s a good indicator to go see the doc. It could be low T. Hopefully, it isn’t something harder to treat. Once you get your testosterone back online (which is extremely treatable by modern medicine), you’ll get your cup size back down to where it’s supposed to be.


Finally, we can discuss the most common and obvious source of big man boobs. It’s basic fitness. When you gain weight, the extra mass has to go somewhere. Breasts are a common place for guys to store some extra fat (even when they don’t have a specific, fat-related medical condition). The gut, love handles, and boobs are the most common problem areas for men. It’s just how we’re built. Thankfully, battling poor fitness is actually the easiest thing to conquer on this list. No doctor’s visits are required. You can just get back in shape (said by someone spending waaaaay too much time in front of a computer).

Men Growing Breasts Causes and Prevention: Must Read This

Dealing With Man Boobs

This really comes down to two possibilities. You either need to treat the source cause, or you need to get in shape. Let’s cover that first possibility quickly and easily. If your boobs aren’t from a bad diet and poor exercise habits, go see a doctor. They’ll come up with the best course to deal with your boobs. And, more importantly, they’ll help you resolve the underlying cause.

If you’re in the fitness category, then the rest of these tips are for you. Consequently, if your boobs are the result of a medication you need, and your doctor says it’s ok, you can follow these tips to minimize the problem.

Work Out

You saw this coming. Still, there are ways to optimize your workout for the best possible results. In short, do cardio. Your intuition might be to do push-ups or bench press to firm up the boobs. That’s not entirely wrong (they’ll be listed in a bit), but you need to burn fat. The best way to do that is with cardio.

In fact, we should delve deeper into this. It’s time to get nerdy. Calories are burned when your cells use respiration to create ATP. That’s the chemical that literally fuels cellular activity. You can increase this activity by using your muscles. The more you use your muscles, the more calories your cells burn. It’s pretty easy.

Of all the muscles that you can voluntarily control, the legs have the most mass. So, to burn fat anywhere on your body, you want to engage your legs. Pretty much all cardio will do this. Better yet, cardio will also engage your core (another big muscle group), and it will get your heart beating fast — which is excellent for burning calories. Cardio melts the fat (sort of, we’ll expand on this in a minute).

The Big Three

Outside of cardio, working your chest muscles will help with the appearance of your boobs. It will increase muscle mass in the area, tighten your chest, and make you look more fit in the area. It’s absolutely worth working your chest, and there are three classic exercises to this end: push-ups, bench press, and butterflies.

If you decide those aren’t enough, feel free to do a little research. There are lots of chest exercises in the world, and they all have merit. Find what works for you.

Fix Your Diet

There’s an old saying: the gym will make you stronger, but pounds are lost in the kitchen. There is an incredible amount of truth to this. Burning calories is important, but if you just eat them back, you’ll never get rid of the moobies. You have to count your calories. You need to focus on eating leaner foods with less oil in them. Trade a salad for a burger every now and then.

Your workouts can build up muscle in the pectoral region, but that’s not enough. You have to lose the fat too, and that happens in the kitchen.



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