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The Science Behind Active pH Control in MANSCAPED™ Formulations

You've probably heard about pH-balanced products before. For most deodorant and body product advertising, this is a key phrase that people often expect to see, even if they have no idea what it means. It's become a phrase that's absolutely a hallmark of body-healthy formulation, which must mean something; after all, why would ever notable company use such a phrase if it's just a couple of letters put together to make brands look better?

The truth is, not every body product is optimally formulated for positive pH control. Those that are will help you withstand uncomfortable, smelly situations, leaving you with more confidence and the capability to get through your day without worry. Products that aren't designed to eliminate odors and balance out body chemistry are sure to leave you high and dry when the going gets tough (or, worse, they'll leave you feeling low and really wet!)

At MANSCAPED, we're proud to say that all of our products are specially formulated to ensure proper pH control so active men—or guys who simply want to make sure their junk is kept tight—can confidently take themselves from day to night.

pH Control 101

Let's start with the basics. pH stands for "potential of hydrogen." It's the measurement of how many hydrogen atoms are in a solution, or, more simply put, it's the measurement of how acidic or basic an ingredient is.

The stuff you learned in your freshman chemistry class might not have meant much to you then, but now it's time to dust off some of that good ol' muscle memory and take your mind back to a time when at least an hour of your school day lived on a scale of 1 through 14.

Substances on the lower end of the scale—between 1 and 7—are considered acidic. Battery acid, for example, has a pH of 1 because it's, well, pure acid. On the opposite side of the spectrum, ingredients that have higher-numbered pH scores are considered alkaline (or basic). Baking soda is a good example of an everyday household item that's alkaline. Baking soda has a pH of 9, which is what causes it to taste chalky and bitter.

A pH of 7 is technically neutral, as it contains just as much acidity as it does alkaline. When it comes to keeping your body balanced, however, the perfect middle point is seldom what your body needs for optimal protection. Your ideal control is likely somewhere on the lower end.

The Science Behind Active pH Control in Manscaped Formulations

pH Control: MANSCAPED Meets Your Skin Barrier

Your skin contains something called the acid mantle. This marvelous piece of protection keeps your manly parts from becoming itchy, irritated, or overwhelmed with bad bacteria. Thanks to a number of acids naturally produced by your body, the acid mantle's main job is to keep bad bacteria at bay while ensuring good bacteria (yes, there is such a thing!) has a playground that's well hydrated and happy.

You need to cleanse your skin and get rid of the bad stuff without stripping it off all the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. That's the trick. Manscaped's pH-balanced formulas understand how bad acid mantle overkill can be for the body. Our Crop Cleanser body wash meets the needs of your skin's mantle without stripping it of its own essential ingredients. Crop Cleanser is formulated with sea salt and aloe, both of which do the job of alkalizing the body naturally and gently.

When you're looking for a great body care, it's important not to disrupt your skin's natural acid and moisture barriers. Unfortunately, disruption is one of the main selling points for many companies. At MANSCAPED, we have no business creating an unpleasant atmosphere for your below-the-belt area. Our Crop Preserver ball deodorant is equally as sensitive to a man's private needs as Crop Cleanser body wash; the differences is that this ball deodorant does double duty after you're all showered, shaved, and ready to go. Our Crop Preserver ball deodorant is formulated using reside- and oil-free anti-chafing talcum-like liquid. The main ingredient is based on the alkaline side of the spectrum, which why this product is the perfect way to prevent unwanted sweaty balls while keeping everything else right in balance.

crop cleanser

Why Gentle Cleansers Make a Big Difference

If your balls have ever suffered the unpleasant situation that arises when you use cheap hotel soap or reach for whatever household product the internet told you is good for cleaning your body, you already know how uncomfortable your in-the-pants situation can become. For those who are fortunate enough to have never tried a homemade sack-cleaning remedy or left those little soaps wrapped up on the hotel sink where they belong—just be glad there are others who came before you who were willing to explore the detriments associated with skin detergents that aren't pH balanced.

You never want to stop washing your balls completely. Believe us—the problems you'll incur from a fear of improperly balanced pH products will set the stage for all kinds of unwieldy adventures. It's important to find products that allow you to wash your lower region regularly without putting up with chafing, itchiness, or overall discomfort.

That's what MANSCAPED was created to do.

pH Control in the MANSCAPED World: How to Balance the Area Around Your Balls

Now that you understand why pH balance is important, it's up to you to work in a regimen that takes the stink away while simultaneously provided much-needed hydration to your most important parts.

1. Lay down the Mat

The Magic Mat shaving mat should be your go-to accessory when it's time to get your briefs straight. Our mat is perfectly designed to fit within any bathroom area, enabling you to catch the rogue curlies long before they make their way into the corner. This easy-to-clean-yet-still-disposable shaving mat is any man's dream. You'll start your search for a well-trimmed body here and simply discard the hair that comes off the top, once you've put the rest of our tools to task.

the lawn mower 3.0

2. Trim Your Tree Trunk

Put The Lawn Mower 3.0 trimmer to use by getting rid of all the crazy hairs you don't want under there. The Lawn Mower 2.0 is designed to move between sensitive spots without taking too much off the top. This enables your skin to breathe more naturally so you can take advantage of our pH-balanced products without worrying about excessive bacteria that can easily build up your hair follicles when you sweat or go a day without bathing.

3. Step in the Shower

After you've gotten rid of bacteria-holding hair follicles, you can rest assured that your shower will make an impact on the overall pH balance of your skin once everything is said and done. Crop Cleanser body wash is pH balanced and formulated to ensure you stay comfortable and confident long after you turn off the water.

4. Preserve Your Special Parts

Your armpits aren't the only parts of your body that deserve deodorant. As a guy, you have some other bits that can become even smellier than anything your armpits could ever produce. Tamper the smell and get you pH levels back in balance with Crop Preserver ball deodorant. The ingredients in this ball deodorizer protect your skin's sensitive moisture barrier, keeping harmful bacteria away while enabling your balls to feel refreshed and sweat-free.

5. Revive Your Crop

One more thing before you step into your briefs—tack on some of our revolutionary pH-balanced skin toner. Crop Reviver ball toner is formulated to reduce irritation and inflammation, keep your sensitive areas feeling fresher longer, and optimize the pH levels of your skin.

MANSCAPED is your one-stop shop for all things below-the-waist related. From trimmers to deodorizers, our entire company is founded on the idea that everything in your pants deserves to be pampered in a manly way. Order your grooming goodstoday, and get ready for softer sensitive skin that should definitely be shared!


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