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Thunder from Down Under - Do Penis Exercises Work?

Even if you didn’t care in the slightest about your own penis size, society won’t let you forget about it. See that guy with the big truck? He must have a small dick. You hear garbage like this all the time, and when exposed to it enough, it can bring some guys down. It’s not uncommon for a guy to worry about the size of his penis, and that worry can lead to some pretty bad thought processes. Today, we’re going to tackle the entire conversation of male enhancement. When we’re done, you’ll hopefully have a healthier outlook on the topic and know which processes do and don’t work. Do penis exercises work?

Penis Size

Before we jump into penis exercises and all of that, we need to address the elephant in the room -- or perhaps the lack of one. The only reason you’re curious about penis exercises is because you have doubts about your own endowment. Understanding and addressing those doubts is essential to safely looking into penis enhancement. Some guys get too obsessed and go too far only to find disaster in the end.

So, let’s all be honest for a moment. Everyone sees porn at some point, and plenty of us use it on a regular basis. That is the honest and true source of a lot of penis envy. You see, a woman becomes a porn star by being really hot. Guys have a completely different requirement. Anyone can work out, but to be a porn start a man has to be exceptionally huge. We’re not talking about the top one percent in penis size. We’re talking top 0.01 percent or bigger. We’ve all seen some huge schlongs in porn, and it can lead to doubts.

Let’s address those doubts. The average penis size (don't worry, no unsolicited dick pics here) around the world is five to six inches in length. That means that anyone with a six-incher is actually above average. Let that sink in for a moment. Despite the foot-longs you’ve seen in your secret porn stash, a six-inch penis is above average. Do you still feel small knowing that? 

Here’s something else to consider. Women can take care of themselves with nothing but their own fingers. Is your member really smaller than a woman’s finger? Realistically, anything longer than three inches is sufficient. Now, some guys do suffer from having a micro penis, but they’re likely to work with a doctor since that’s a legitimate medical issue. For the rest of you, penis enlargement is not necessary for you to be successful in the bedroom.

do penis exercises work

Getting Bigger Anyways

All of that said, it’s completely possible to have a healthy mentality and approach towards penis enlargement. After all, there’s a reason we talk about walking around with a big dick. It has a psychological effect, and if you want the mental benefits of a slightly larger tallywacker, then there are ways to go about it. Manscaping was actually born of a similar thought process. You want to embrace things that make you feel sexier or more capable because the mental benefits can improve all aspects of your life. If you’re in that crowd then get ready. We’re going to tackle the truth of penis enhancement right here and now. 

Exploding Myths

Before you can understand how to get bigger, you need to understand what doesn’t work. Avoiding the worst myths out there can save you time, money and pain. So, let’s start with enlargement pills. There is no such thing. Despite what the advertisements say, none of them add any size at all to your junk. Some might make your erections more extreme and last longer. That can give the appearance of a very slightly larger penis, but it isn’t actually improving your potential.

By similar measures creams and other additives don’t work. There isn’t a magic food or supplement that will add to your length or girth. The physiological constraints on your penis size come from the flesh and blood vessels. Additives won’t magically make you grow extra skin or pump more blood specifically to your penis. Give all of this up.

The last thing guys consider before exercises is surgery. This is medically sound, but penis enhancement surgeries are risky and have tiny benefits. There are a few ways to go about it, and most of them will only make your dick appear larger without actually increasing size. There is an operation that adds fat cells to improve girth, but is it really worth risking the functionality of your member just for a few more millimeters of girth? 


Enhancement shortcuts don’t work. You probably already figured as much. Penis exercises come with a little risk, so before you go down that road, there are a few alternatives to consider. These tips don’t change your penis size, but they can help with perception. The first and easiest of these is manscaping. When you trim the hedges, the trees look taller. Everyone says it because it’s true, and it’s a major motivator for a lot of guys to manscape.

Losing weight can also help with perception. First, your belly will always be between your eyes and your junk. The larger your belly gets, the smaller your dick looks from that perspective. Shedding some fat can do you a lot of good. By that same token, a lifestyle that makes you leaner will also make your dick look bigger from all angles. This is because the male body naturally stores a little pouch of fat right around the base of the penis. If you slim that down a little, you’ll be able to see more of your dick protruding from your body.

Lastly, good cardio health can give you a natural boost. It’s like penis enlargement pills but without the heart risks. Good cardio won’t make you look bigger, but it can help the quality of your erections, and it can make you feel better. That’s always a good thing.

do penis exercises work


Ok. That’s enough foreplay. Let’s get into the exercises themselves. For a short answer, these have been shown to work clinically, but the results vary wildly. You’ll see why.

The first and most common of penis exercises is simple stretching. It’s obvious that it can work, but it’s equally obvious why there are big risks of damaging your goods in the process. Stretching is based on the same premise that has been used by select tribes around the world. You’ve probably seen them in National Geographic or something similar at some point in your life. They might stretch their ears or lips or other body part. They do it through a lifetime of “training,” and there’s no question that it can work. For the penis, stretching usually involves hanging a weight from your junk for hours at a time. It takes months to see any progress, and it’s super easy to use too much weight and cause damage. If you’re interested in this route, find someone with experience to help you avoid disaster. Also consider involving a doctor.

The other primary technique is called jelqing. It follows the same principle as stretching, but it’s toned down and considerably safer. Urologists disagree about how effective it is, but there are more than a few doctors who acknowledge that jelqing can add a little length and girth to the male member. The technique is pretty simple. You get yourself to about a 75-percent semi and then use a stroking technique to subtly stretch and train your penis. You can find instructions here. Keep a few things in mind with jelqing. You can still cause damage if you grip too hard or go for too long. Also, it takes dedication to see noticeable results. If you’re worried about a date this weekend, consider manscaping. Jelqing won’t have you ready in time.

do penis exercises work

Well, now you know. Penis exercises can and do work, but not without effort and risk. You aren’t stuck with the exact penis size you have now, but that size really might be ok. It’s really worth considering a perspective check before you subject your junk to the long and arduous process of training it to be a little bigger. Besides, if you’re that worried, the half inch or so you stand to gain from exercise might not be enough to make you feel better about the whole thing. The very most important way to safely exercise your penis is to enter into the process with a healthy outlook. Work on that first.



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