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Top benefits of aloe in skincare

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



top benefits of aloe

We all understand that skincare is important, but some guys just don’t care. At least, they don’t care until you can present the real stakes to them in a way that is compelling. You might be ready to face a few wrinkles and some gray hairs as you age, but that’s a long way off. Why should you get into skincare now?

The reason is that you’re forgetting how much more skin is on your body. Even if you’re ok with showing age on your face, do you want to show age on your downstairs? 

Now that we have your attention, let’s talk a little more about it. As always, we try to make things like this easy, and it’s why we developed MANSCAPED™ Ultra Premium™ Body Wash. It’s a wash that is designed specifically for your manly skin. It’s good for you in a lot of ways, and one of the best things about it is that we loaded it with aloe vera. Here are a few reasons you want to be using aloe as part of your regular skincare routine.

crop cleanser

Relieves irritation

Aloe is great for a number of skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. It has tons of nutrients and active ingredients that help to soothe irritation regardless of the source. That includes temporary sources of irritation.

Irritation is a common side-effect of shaving and grooming. It will even pop up when you get a little too sweaty and chafed. Even in these circumstances, aloe will help you feel better. Safe for your skin, it takes the edge off of some of the inevitable discomfort in life. Can’t help with heartbreak, but can help with groin irritation, which, arguably, is worse.


Another amazing benefit of aloe is that it is a non-greasy moisturizer. It can prevent your skin from getting dry and itchy, and this is important in a number of applications.

As an example, showers dry out your skin. It’s ironic that soaking under running water can lead to dry skin, but the combination of hard water and strong soaps can remove the outer moisture layer from your skin, and dryness comes after.

If you use soap in the shower that has aloe, it helps counteract that dryness. And, since it isn’t oily, it doesn’t over-moisturize areas that stay damp (like your crotch).


Gentle, regular exfoliation is very good for your skin. It clears your pores and reduces the risk of acne, ingrown hairs and all kinds of other problems. Exfoliation also stimulates cell turnover which keeps your skin soft and healthy.

Aloe vera is a gentle exfoliator, featuring salicylic acid at safe levels. What that means is that it can clear away dead skin cells without the need for a physical agitator. This allows you to stay on top of exfoliating with less effort and discomfort.

Battles infections

While you use aloe to help your skin heal, it also works to prevent infections. Aloe has antimicrobial properties that apply to both bacteria and fungi. Is there anything aloe can’t do?

There are a number of naturally occurring compounds in aloe that fight these microbes. Many of these compounds are weak acids in low concentrations. They are just potent enough to keep your skin from getting infected without causing additional stress on your body.

manscaped body wash

Slows aging

Lastly, aloe vera has anti-aging components that do wonders for the overall look and feel of your skin. It’s packed with vitamins — namely C and E — plus beta carotene. These are all good for your skin and combat visible signs of aging across your body. 

That means that you want aloe in your face scrub (or lotion). It also means that you want aloe in the stuff you use downstairs. Who wants prematurely old man privates? That was rhetorical—no one does.

The list of benefits of aloe in skincare is impressive. It does wonders for your flesh on many fronts, and it’s something you want in your regular arsenal. That’s just another part of what makes our new body wash so amazing. It’s packed with aloe and other equally impressive ingredients. If you want to feel like your best self above and below the waist, it can help you get there.



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