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Can I use shaving cream for sunburn relief?

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Using shaving cream for sunburn relief

Summer is here. It's time to get outside and live life to its fullest. But, while you're doing that, you might run into the problem of getting a little too much sun. Of course, it's always best to wear sunscreen and avoid sunburns (even when you're looking for a tan), but the truth is that they are a part of life. If you go hard and end up with a sunburn, you'll be wanting ways to deal with it. So, we're going to help. We're going to talk about sunburns, treatments, and one particular trend that seems to be emerging. Are people using shaving cream for sunburn relief? Does it work? We'll explain it all.

What is a sunburn?

It's time to learn a little science! Try to contain your excitement. If we're going to treat sunburns, we should probably understand what they are.

A sunburn occurs when UV light from the sun ionizes some of your skin cells. That is to say that the UV photons actually strip electrons away from where they are supposed to be; this causes chemical changes that can damage and even kill skin cells (the bulk of the damage is usually in your RNA).

When your body takes cellular damage, it responds. For example, in the case of a sunburn, blood flow to the area is increased so your body can deliver hormones and raw materials needed to treat the issue; this is what causes them to turn red, by the way. It's also what causes sunburns to swell — although swelling is typically mild for minor sunburns.

While some of the pain and discomfort stems from your cells taking damage and not working right, most of it is caused by your natural response to the damage. That means that most of what you're treating when you have a sunburn has nothing to do with the sun itself.

Man With Sunscreen On His Face At The Beach

Medically tested sunburn treatments

Now that we know what's happening, we can strategize treatments. Your discomfort stems from swelling and inflammation for a sunburn, so most remedies should focus on those issues, and there is a handful that work pretty well.

Cold compress

A cold compress can help reduce swelling in the area. It won't do much for inflammation, but managing swelling certainly helps, and the coolness can feel soothing to the burn.


It's the simplest remedy. When you sleep, your body can focus more resources on repairing the damage caused by the sunburn. It can be hard to get good sleep, depending on the sunburn, but it's your best bet for speeding up your recovery.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is often touted as a treatment for sunburns, and it has merit. Aloe has been clinically shown to reduce inflammation. It can also help with dryness, which is a common side effect of sunburn.


Hydrocortisone typically comes in a cream, and it's medically designed for the specific purpose of combating swelling at inflammation. That seems like a pretty good solution for the sunburn problem.

Why shaving cream?

You might have noticed that shaving cream is not on the list above. That's because we couldn't find any compelling studies that looked directly into the impacts of shaving cream on sunburns. There is no definitive scientific answer as to whether or not they can work.

Does shaving cream help relieve sunburn pain?

That said, we can use science to discern whether or not shaving cream has any real potential to help. First of all, most shaving creams and gels are designed to hydrate your skin. Dead and damaged skin cells have trouble holding and managing moisture, which is why sunburns get so dry. Shaving cream definitely helps with this part.

The other reason shaving creams might work is that many of them are designed to soothe the skin. They can contain a number of ingredients that act as mild antiinflammatory agents or pain relievers. Shaving cream isn't the same as hydrocortisone — which is medically designed for this purpose — but it can take the edge off of a sunburn. That's especially true if it has Aloe Vera in it.

So, if you want to experiment with shaving cream or gel, it's harmless and really might help.

Can you use Crop Gel™ for sunburn relief?

The Manscaped Crop Gel

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Let's start with the disclaimer. Crop Gel groin shaving gel was not designed to treat sunburns. It has powerful hydrating elements and can soothe your skin. Whether or not you try it on a sunburn is up to you.

What we're more interested in is why it's so good for shaving (duh). There are several benefits to using Crop Gel and the ingredients list is a big part. Tea tree oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, and orchid flower extract all go into Crop Gel shaving gel to ensure that it is hydrating and creates a reliable barrier for your skin when you shave. It's also designed to stay clear when you apply it, making it much easier to see what you're doing (which is especially important when you're shaving the boys). When you try Crop Gel shaving gel, you'll see that it's a high-quality shaving gel. We're confident that it will be the only gel you trust when you shave your most delicate areas.

So, get outside. Enjoy the summer, and if you run into a sunburn, you now have the knowledge to treat it properly.



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