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What is jock itch and why do I get it?

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



What is jock itch and why do I get it?

Have you ever had one of those days where your groin was just plain itchy? We’re talking about that burning itch that you just can’t ignore. You have to scratch it and fight with it, and depending on your day’s agenda, it can lead to some really awkward situations.

If you’ve faced this, you might have suffered from jock itch. It’s a common condition that can really ruin a day. And you don’t even need to be a jock to suffer from it. 

What is jock itch?

Jock itch is a general term that covers a lot of different medical conditions. Any time you have persistent itchiness in the groin area, it can be called jock itch. When you have that unbearable itch that makes you want to go to town scratching yourself in public, it’s a problem, and you need solutions.

What causes jock itch?

itchy crotch

If you ask a doctor, they are going to tell you that jock itch is a specific fungal infection. We’re not here to argue with doctors, and that infection is not fun at all. We’ll get into the specifics in a bit, but there’s a little more on the topic. Because jock itch is a layman's term, people often use it to refer to a number of situations. So, we’ll cover causes outside of the general medical description, too.


This is the leading issue, and it’s the most important to understand. If your doctor tells you that burning sensation is from jock itch, they mean to tell you that you have a fungal infection. Specifically, the fungus that causes jock itch is a type of ringworm. Along with the itchiness, you’ll see red skin, and that skin usually has a marker that is circular in shape. That’s the signature indicator that you have jock itch and not something else.

The fungus that causes jock itch thrives in damp conditions, so it’s more common on the parts of your body that trap the most sweat. Hence, your groin is at the greatest risk.

But, since we’re talking about things similar to jock itch, there are other infections that will feel the same. Other fungi (such as athlete’s foot) can cause similar itching symptoms. There are also bacteria that fit into this mold. In general, excessively damp skin is prone to developing itchy infections.

Dry skin

Sometimes, you’ll have a persistent itch that isn’t caused by an infection. When that happens, it’s almost always due to dry skin. Here’s the frustrating kicker. You can get dry skin from sweating too much. It’s ridiculous but true. Sweat eventually dries, and when it does, it pulls moisture from your skin. That is exacerbated by the electrolytes in your sweat. So, too much sweat causes dry skin.

Dry skin is naturally itchy, and that’s why many guys think they have jock itch when their skin is just too dry.

Damaged skin

There are other sources of skin damage that have nothing to do with dryness or infections. Chafing and irritation can damage your skin, and that can lead to itchiness. Once again, the symptoms mimic that of jock itch, even if we’re not talking about the specific fungus in this case.

What can you do to combat jock itch?

man itching

We have an idea of the main causes of jock itch. What can you do about it? Well, if you have signs of an active infection, you should talk to your doctor. Jock itch is usually harmless, but you want something to treat it so the itching will mercifully stop.

There are plenty of over-the-counter medications that you can try. If they don’t work or you are unsure, a conversation with your doctor is the best way to get recommendations. When it comes to defeating jock itch, you need something that kills the fungus. That’s the real solution.

If you have a non-infectious itch in your groin, then a couple of other treatments can help. These things also help to prevent jock itch, so keep that in mind.

Crop Preserver® Ball Deodorant

Crop Preserver® Ball Deodorant does a few important things for your skin in the groin area. First, it reduces sweat, and that’s very important. If you don’t sweat too much, most of these itchy problems can never arise in the first place.

Another thing Crop Preserver® does for you is to reduce friction. This can help temper any itching sensations. It also lowers irritation and inflammation in your skin, which is good all around.

Lastly, Crop Preserver® has healthy infusions that lead to strong, healthy skin that is more resistant to all kinds of itching.

crop preserver

Crop Reviver® Ball Toner

Crop Reviver® Ball Toner adds to your arsenal. While Crop Preserver® keeps you dry, Crop Reviver® provides a healthy way to gently moisturize skin that might get dry. On top of that, it has healthy infusions of its own, including aloe. Aloe can directly reduce inflammation and soothe irritation, leaving you feeling better regardless of what ails your loins.

Jock itch isn’t fun for anyone, but now that you know about it, you can prevent it and deal with it if you have to. 

Crop Reviver



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