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Why Does Peeing in the Shower Feel Good and Is It Hygienic?

Alright fellas. It’s time we come together and tackle one of the most controversial topics of all time: peeing in the shower. Anyone who’s done it knows that it feels great. Anyone who fights the urge worries that it’s gross, unsanitary, and potentially dangerous. We’re going to cover it all. We’ll learn why it feels good, whether it’s a good or bad thing, and what that means for some other lifestyle choices. If you already feel gross about this, you might want to skip the rest of this discussion. If you’re a real man, read on and learn something valuable.

Why It Feels Good

There’s no single, unifying, definitive answer as to why peeing in the shower feels good. It’s a mix of physical and psychological factors. For some, the taboo nature of it is the big story. There’s still a feeling that we shouldn’t pee in the shower, so it triggers the same rewards as playing hooky from school or work.

Another psychological signal is the flowing of water. The running water in the shower can amplify our need for relief, and that makes the release even sweeter. It’s kind of like when you have an itch you can’t reach. When it persists for a longer time, it feels even better to finally scratch.

There are some purely physical reasons that peeing in the shower feels good. Being naked and wet generally makes one cold pretty fast. Your urine, however, is a toasty 98.6 degrees. If you’re at all cold, it will feel great swirling around your feet. 

That’s why most of us shower in warm water. What’s extra nice about warm showers is how they relax our muscles. It makes warm showers feel great on sore muscles or after a long day. It also relaxes the bladder. Since you’re more relaxed when you pee in the shower, it’s a gentler, less intense action, and it feels a little better.

That’s the gist of the sensation. Some people might have other personal experiences that contribute to the good feeling, but in general, this is what it’s all about.

why does peeing in the shower feel good and is it hygienic?

But Is it Clean?

The real debate with peeing in the shower comes down to hygiene. We can’t really tell each other what feels good, but cleanliness is science. So, let’s turn to science to look at the hygiene of taking a piss in the shower. 

Far and away, most of your urine is just water. Yeah, it gets some color to it, but that is from the electrolytes dissolved in the water. More importantly, most of the electrolytes in your piss are just table salt. You get smaller amounts of other stuff mixed into the equation (like aspartame), but ultimately urine is natural and safe for the environment. It’s perfectly fine to piss in the woods. Environmentally, it’s just as safe to piss in your shower. If you still aren’t convinced, remember that your toilet and shower ultimately drain through the same pipe.

As for the shower or tub itself, the urine is pretty harmless there too. Sure, if you pissed in the shower when it wasn’t running you would get the urine smell and some stains. But, if you only piss in the shower while the water is running, those problems don’t exist. It’s kind of a self-cleaning exercise. And, since urine is mostly sterile until it leaves the body, you’re not worried about releasing unknown bodily horrors into your tub.

So, mostly, peeing in the shower is perfectly clean, but there is a pair of exceptions. The biggest is when you have an infection. Urine is basically sterile in the bladder, but it does pick up bacteria that live in your urethra. Normally, the bacteria are completely harmless and are actually good for you. If you have an infection, that story changes completely. Any infection of the bladder, urethra, penis, or other related areas taints your urine. At that point, peeing in the shower risks spreading that infection.

Even though the running water can clear most of the infected down the drain, it’s definitely possible for bacteria or other microbes to stick to the shower or tub itself and spread to the next user. Even worse, it can cling to your feet, and they can spread the infection all over your home. That’s definitely not good.

The other exception is when you’re evacuating substances from your blood. This is best understood by looking at alcohol. When you drink, you eventually have to break the seal. This is because your body filters the alcohol into your urine to get rid of it. That alcohol is literally in your piss, and if you piss in the shower, you’re getting it all over the tub or whatever. Now, with alcohol, that might not be such a big deal, but sometimes we might be passing something a little stronger. It’s probably better to keep that stuff in the toilet — especially if you share your tub with others. 

Why Does Peeing in the Shower Feel Good and Is It Hygienic?

Other Reasons to Drain in the Shower

It feels good. It’s hygienic. If that’s not compelling, there are other reasons to let her rip while you shower. The first is that it saves water. If you’re environmentally conscientious, you might like to know that pissing in the shower can make a big difference. British researchers suggest that if everyone pissed in the shower, it would save 187 million gallons of water a year, just in Britain.

Even guys who aren’t worried about the environment probably pay a water bill. Roughly 27 percent of all indoor water is invested in using the toilet. Consolidating one of your bathroom trips with the shower can lower your water bill by a fair amount. That’s right. Pissing in the shower is good for your wallet. Bet you didn’t see that coming. 

Aside from saving water, pissing in the shower can actually be good for your health. Urine is naturally antibacterial and antifungal (when it isn’t infected). It can reduce the risk of athlete’s foot and other skin infections when it swirls around your shower drain.

Don’t Pee in the Pool

It seems prudent to stop and cover a tangent here. Peeing in the shower is fine. Peeing in the pool is not. There’s an important distinction that we need to cover. Pools are different from showers in two important ways. First, they’re a closed system. Urine deposited into a pool will stay there for a while. That buildup can be a bad thing. Even though urine has some antibacterial properties, if everyone unloads, you ultimately get a bacterial buildup that is bad for everyone. Additionally, all of those electrolytes build up in the pool and you end up with a weird, unpleasant situation.

The other issue you need to consider is chlorine. Ok, technically not all pools use chlorine, but they do use some type of powerful ion. The ions kill bacteria, algae and anything else that might try to grow in the pool. That would prevent a bacterial buildup from everyone pissing in the pool, but urine and cleaning ions interact in a strange way. The urine actually neutralizes the chlorine (or alternative), and makes the pool more vulnerable to microbes. Also, that chemical reaction isn’t exactly a good one. The classic “pool smell” that everyone knows is from urine reacting with chlorine. It’s a mildly unpleasant odor for a reason. Too much of it can be toxic. This doesn’t mean you need to run screaming from any pool with a mild odor to it. The chlorine equally breaks down the urine, but when it gets really bad, it can genuinely taint the pool So, to summarize, don’t piss in the pool. Oceans, lakes, rivers and the shower are all fair game. The pool isn’t.

Well, that should about settle it. According to science, pissing in the shower is usually the better choice. It saves water. It feels great. It’s not just clean; it also helps fight fungal infections. In so many ways, peeing in the shower is the way to go. Just steer clear of the certain circumstances that can make it a bad thing, and don’t make the mistake of using shower pissing to justify peeing in the pool. If you can keep all of that together, you might find a way to enjoy your showers even more. If you’re someone who gets pleasure from the rebellious act of peeing in the shower, sorry. Maybe you can pee in someone else’s shower for that.



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