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How to be the best looking man at a wedding

Aside from the groom,of course, you want to be the best looking fella at a wedding. There are some definite perks to standing out from the crowd of suits at a wedding. Here are some grooming tips that will ensure you’ll look your very best at any big event!  ...
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5 Sweaty Summer Grooming Solutions

Let’s be honest, we all suffer with these sweaty summer problems. Suffer no more! There are some simple solutions to prevent these horrible summer situations. Smell good, feel good, and avoid all the consequences of sweaty summer skin!   Swamp Crotch - In the summer, just sitting around makes your...
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What to pack on your summer vacation

Ready to hit the beaches and the bars? Don't forget these summer vacation essentials, so you can enjoy your vacation in style!    Sunscreen - This is the most important thing when it comes to packing for a vacation. Not only is sunscreen more expensive when you’re at a tourist...
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How To Reduce Body Odor

You may have heard about the old saying “ you are what you eat”, in some ways, this is very true.  A lot of our body odor comes from what we are consuming. What we consume is a part of balancing our body’s PH, which greatly affects  our body odor....
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