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How to Take Care of Your Shoes

Shoes can be an expensive investment and you really want them looking their best at all times. It doesn’t take much maintenance, just proper maintenance to keep them looking fresh for a long time! Here are some tips for keeping your kicks fresh AF! Protect and polish your leather shoes...
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How To Brew a Strong Cup of Coffee

The art of brewing an excellent cup of coffee has been lost with mainstream coffee shops and lazy pre-brewed or instant coffee available. Learn how to brew a strong cup of coffee that will give you the punch in the face you need to get through the week! Learn your...
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10 Things You Can Do With A Beer Other Than Drink It

Beer, the elixer of the gods... or maybe just of man, either way this amazing brew can do more than just get you drunk!    Pass a Kidney Stone Ok, so this one involves you drinking it, even though we’re supposed to give you tips on using beer without drinking...
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Why is maintaining PH balance so important?

Gents, it's time for a little science lesson from your friends at Manscaped! PH balance is a very important part of being healthy and staying healthy and so we know you will keep reading this article because you’re a smart fella. What is PH? pH is short for the power...
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