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5 Protein Packed Recipes to Start Your Week Off

We know Mondays suck, so we want to give you some inspiration to kick off #MotivationMondays ! Get all the energy you need to start off the week and keep you pumped for your gym routine with these delicious protein packed man meals! Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potato...
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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Drinking More Whiskey

Let’s be honest, we don’t need a reason drink more whiskey but it is Friday, we are stressed, we work too much, we work to hard, we don’t sleep well, we don’t eat well, we’re bored, we just want to, we really want to…. Oh, and here are 5 more...
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The Benefits of Shaving with a Safety Razor

The art of shaving has been desecrated by today’s cheap plastic razors that hack away at the hair and tear up the skin. We are here to let you know that there is a better way to shave and it's been around for a 100 years! Trust us the benefits...
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The Men’s Guide to Texting Women

As much as you’d like your superpower to be mind-reading, unfortunately women would probably end up being impenetrable to this power. Don’t worry we are here to help you understand the complex inner-workings of the female mind. So you just met a cute girl, you have her number, what’s next?...
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