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10 Craziest April Fools

April 1 is around the corner. You’re almost out of time to start planning your greatest master pranks. If you’re short on inspiration, or if you want to laugh at the antics of others, we have 10 great pranks lined up for you. Some of these are pranks you can easily do yourself. Some are legendary pranks that deserve the honor of being on this list. All of them are good, clean fun. Well, some of them are messy, but they’re still fun.

Easy Pranks to Try at Home

These pranks work at home, in the office or wherever you want to employ them. The point is that they are the perfect combination of easy and enjoyable. Actually, some of them are a bit more challenging, but if you’re determined, you can still pull them off.

10 craziest April Fools

The Mentos Ice Bomb

This is a pretty simple idea. You know what happens when Mentos go into a soda. The good news is that they don’t cause water to explode. So, put a Mentos in each slot on the ice tray. Fill it with water, and put it in the freezer. Then, just wait for the fun to happen.

Obviously, this only works if you’re expecting someone to have an iced soda. It also helps to use white Mentos. A bright pink or orange object in the ice is easy to notice.

If ice isn’t practical, you can also rig a Mentos to drop in a bottle of soda when the cap is unscrewed. 

The Public Phone Number

The version of this prank that is fairly famous is the flier for a Chewbacca roar contest. The rules are to call the number on the flier and leave a voicemail with your best Chewbacca impression. The victim gets a bunch of random and hilarious voicemails.

You can stick with Chewy; it’s a classic after all. You can also get creative. Think of what would be either the most annoying or most hilarious possible voicemail for your victim to receive. Then, just go for it. People get bored, and they’ll participate. Just, think twice before you employ the internet on this prank. It can get out of hand pretty fast.

The Candy Bowl of Death

This is probably the easiest and most devious prank of all. Get a candy dish. Fill it with equal parts M&M’s, Reece’s Pieces and Skittles. Sit back and enjoy the chaos.

If you doubt how good this prank is, just try a handful for yourself. Maybe keep a chaser handy.

The Time Jump

This was once the standard prank of every 4th grader in the world. It has since become one of the most challenging pranks in the lineup. The difference, of course, is cell phones. You can change every clock in the house (which is probably just a stove and/or microwave). It won’t trick anyone. If you want to pull this off, you have to get to the victim’s phone, and that’s not so easy.

If you can get their phone, simply changing the time zone will get you the time jump you desire. If you can’t get their phone, then you need accomplices. If everyone says the time is different, they’ll eventually believe the crowd instead of their own phone.

Convince them they’re late or early, whichever would be funnier.

No TP for You

10 craziest April fools

This is another easy prank. All you have to do is get the loose end of the toilet paper and put some hairspray on it. Then, stick the end down. No matter how hard they try, they won’t be able to get a loose end. If they want to finish their business, they’ll have to tear into the roll and create a new starting point.

Whether this prank is more or less hilarious during a TP shortage is something you’ll have to decide for yourself, but in future years, it’s sure to be nostalgic.

The Fake-Out

This is the true master prank, and it only works for consistent pranksters. If people have learned to be wary of you on April st, you want to fake them out. Bake some brownies and put nothing gross in them. Make them a drink that is perfectly fine. Enjoy watching them squirm all day as they constantly peer suspiciously at you. 

Then, prank them on April 2nd for good measure. Doing this stuff on the 1st is tradition, not law.

Historic Pranks for the Ages

While we’re on the topic, let’s revisit some of the greatest pranks of all time. Each of these is the stuff of legends in its own right, and each for substantially different reasons. If you think you can match any of these pranks, then make sure you pull it off and let the rest of the world know. Until then, you can enjoy a quick tour through the annals of prank history.

The Washing of the Lions

In London, a person put out the word that anyone could go to the Tower of London to see the annual washing of the lions. When victims arrived, they found that no such ceremony existed. Does this sound a little tame to you? Well, this was the original April fool's prank. It happened for the first time in the 1600s, and it was so popular that people in London repeated it every year for more than 200 years. They would get the out of towners and laugh.

This is the prank that started the whole tradition. Now here’s the real question. Is this a true story, or are you being pranked right now?

Pokemon Go

10 craziest April Fools

Do you remember this crazy fad? A few years ago, the world was caught up in the storm of Pokemon Go. It was wildly popular, and then it died very quickly. It turns out that the original inspiration for this game was a Google prank. In 2014, their April joke was a mod to Google maps that let people look for Pokemon. They even promised a Google job to the best Pokemon Master. Niantic saw the engagement, and a year later, they released Pokemon Go.

The Rick Roll

Younger readers might not have experienced the joy that is the Rick Roll (You seriously clicked the link? Wow). The rest of you know. This prank has proliferated across the entire internet. What you might not know is that it started as an April fools joke. The first known instance was April 1, 2007. It grew in popularity, and YouTube made it their official prank in 2008. It’s a classic. In fact, it’s one of the great classics.

War of the Worlds

The best April fools prank of all time didn’t even happen in April. It was a Halloween prank where a radio show got bonafide news broadcasters to join in on their War of the Worlds skit. You’ve probably heard of the panic it caused. Because of the trust in the radio personalities in the program, a number of people thought an alien invasion was really happening.

Let’s be real. You may have participated in some good pranks in your time, but were any of them on the scale of convincing the public that an alien invasion is happening? 

You might think it’s cheating to include something that technically isn’t an April Fool’s Day prank, but this is the bar that every other prank aspires to match. If you have doubts, check out the original radio broadcast.

That should be enough to help you get the most from your April 1 this year. All of these pranks are intended to be timeless — unless you’re reading this far into the future and the internet no longer exists. Feel free to copy any of the pranks, put your own twists on them, or comment with your greatest original work. Let’s have a little fun this April.



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