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10 Hidden Secrets Of Manscaping

We’re glad to see you have a healthy appreciation of the art of manscaping. It’s a time honored tradition and worthwhile investment. Because you’re committed, you often look for ways to better your process and improve your grooming. We applaud you and want to encourage you. Before you grab your Lawn Mower and get to work, here are some industry secrets that elude the average manscaping gent

1. Shave Before you Shower

We actually talk about this a lot. It’s a bit of an ideology war between us and some other big names in the business. While this is probably the weakest secret on the list, it’s one of the most important. Showering after you shave optimizes cleanliness. While others are right that a warm shower can soften hair follicles and help with lubrication, they overlook two things. Showering before you shave leaves you needing another shower right away. Otherwise, you’re leaving your skin agitated and hair clippings everywhere. We talk about this in greater depth in other posts, so feel free to read about it. The other possibility is that you’re shaving in the shower. This puts you at risk for slipping, more cuts and an inevitably clogged drain. You have lubricants to use before you shower. Shave afterwards, and you’ll eliminate bacteria and rehydrate properly from the outset. This is the first, yet most misunderstood, of the 10 hidden secrets of manscaping.

2. Don’t Shave Every Day

This one takes a while for most men to understand. After all, a lot of us have at least at some point committed to a daily facial shaving routine. Why wouldn’t we do the same on the rest of our bodies? Well, the bulk of shaving you’re going to do in terms of manscaping is around the groin (we’ll talk more about this later in the list). Simply put, your pubes don’t need a close shave every day. Instead, those little breaks ensure that you’re maintaining a healthy ecosystem down there. Also, the key to nether shaving is to have intentional layering. That will persist even as you grow a little stubble. The frequency with which you need to shave will depend on your physiology, but basically, if it starts to look sloppy or doesn’t feel as comfortable, then that’s your signal to grab the Plow.

10 hidden secrets of manscaping

3. Ball Cuts Aren’t As Bad As You Think

Ok. First off, if you’re literally cutting your balls with a razor, you’re doing it wrong. Like, way, way wrong. We’re talking about nicks on the sack. Sure, they’re annoying and uncomfortable, but they’re not agonizing. We’d wager every one of you out there would prefer a nick on the sack to a gentle tap any day of the week. That should help with perspective. The big thing to remember is that your nuts and groin grow a lot of bacteria. If you do get a nick, you want to clean it properly to avoid infection. That is something that can become unbearable. And, this brings us back to the first hidden secret. A proper post-shave shower will always keep your nicks clean. Also, with a little practice, nicks will become a rare occurrence anyways.

4. Maintenance Doesn’t Take Long

Your first few head-to-toe manscaping sessions are going to be meticulous marathons. Like anything, it takes a little practice. In very short order, you’ll find that maintaining your trims is pretty simple. First off, a lot of your body hair won’t need daily grooming. Even areas that do require a lot of upkeep won’t require a long stint. Just like you got faster at shaving your face, your standard routine will pass in a matter of minutes. For most guys, the shower is the longest and slowest part of the process. That said, if you slack, you’ll find that a course correction session lasts a bit longer. This is one of the most little know of the 10 hidden secrets of manscaping.

10 hidden secrets of manscaping

5. Stop Mutilating Your Nails

We see this all the time. Guys put in the effort. They have a killer wardrobe. They found the perfect head and facial hair style to complement their build. They perfected body and groin hair grooming. They’re the real deal. And then, you see their hands. They suddenly turn into Neanderthals when they get a pair of nail clippers. Your first hidden secret is to use Shears instead of traditional clippers. In fact, there’s a whole methodology that won’t fit here. Study. Let us motivate you by reminding you that the average woman will judge you for your hands long before she has the chance to judge you for your junk.

6. Moisturizing Is Tricky

On most of your body, some traditional lotion and your intuition work just fine. Pair that with a moisturizing body wash, and you’re good to go. In the crotch, things are a lot less obvious. Too much moisture is an easy problem. You don’t need us to explain the term “swamp crotch” because you’ve experienced it first-hand. This leads to bacterial growth, unbearable funk and potential skin conditions. Conversely, it’s easy to overcompensate and get too dry. The trick is a healthy balance, and not very many tools out there strike it. Get some Crop Preserver and follow the easy instructions (basically just rub some in after you shower). It’ll manage moisture for you so you don’t have to worry.

7. A Lot of Your Body Is Hard to Reach

Ok, that’s not the manscaping secret. The real secret is how to overcome those areas. Basically, we’re talking about your back and your ass. These are two regions that are better off smooth (although there is some room for debate on whether some butt hair is acceptable). So, you have three options (four if you include mutilating yourself in an ill-advised solo shaving session). You can enlist a trusted ally, get professional help or leave it alone. Leaving it alone is risky. A fuzzy back and ass will ruin an otherwise perfect manscape. As for trusted friends, not many relationships can survive helping a man tame his ass crack. You know it. We know it. That leaves the obvious option. Professional hair removal is acceptable and often preferred. Waxing doesn’t have to be done often, and laser removal and similar options can permanently solve the problem. We’re confident that back hair will never be in style, so it’s just a matter of how much you want to spend. While you're back there, you can try a few of these helpful tips

8. There Is Such a Thing as Too Much

Sports aside, men aren’t meant to look baby smooth. It’s unnatural and you look like the bald baby from Rugrats. Good luck with your love life. Also, if you’re consistently late to engagements because you’re spending so long in the bathroom every time, you need a more efficient method. We respect your commitment, but execution matters. Here’s the simple breakdown:

Start with a trim over the Magic Mat. Then, shave. From there, shower -- scrubbing well with a dose of Crop Cleanser. Once you pat dry, apply the two-piece: Crop Preserver and Crop Reviver. That’s it. Sure, you’ll have occasional sessions that are more involved, but you can get through this list in under an hour and look, feel and smell great at the end.

10 hidden secrets of manscaping

9. Get a Drain Catch

We already emphasized showering after you shave, but you’re still going to be unloading plenty of body hair into your pipes. They will eventually clog. A drain catch is easy to use and will stop anything large enough to lead you to an emergency plumbing session. Just be sure to actually clean the catch on occasion. It only makes your life easier if you use it correctly.

10. Consistency Is Key

You might think we’re talking about keeping to a routine. That is important, but this time we’re giving advice on hair length. It’s pretty simple. A guy rocking a man bun and a stout beard should have substantially different body hair from the fella with a crew cut and a smooth face. The hair under your clothes should be a reflection of the hair everyone can see. That said, no matter how epic you keep your beard, you want to avoid having body hair sticking out of your shirt etc.

Well, there are your 10 hidden secrets of manscaping that are no We always try to help you guys stay informed, so make sure you check frequently to stay on top of trends, discoveries and emerging manscaping news. We put a lot of effort into making it your most dependable source, so naturally, we encourage you to use and abuse it profusely.



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