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10 Reasons The Lawn Mower™ 2.0 Trimmer Is the Best Trimmer Ever Made

We’ve been dedicated to male grooming for some time. We’ve seen many of you grow from trembling newbies into seasoned pros. We’re not crying; you’re crying! But, seriously, we really care about grooming, and we have something new for all of you. Regardless of your current progress along your personal manscaping journey, our latest release will be of great help and value. We’d like to spend today introducing you to The Lawn Mower 2.0 trimmer. We can say without ego that it is the best trimmer we have ever made. In fact, we're going to prove it to you in classic blog/list form. Here are the top 10 reasons why The Lawn Mower 2.0 trimmer is the greatest trimmer the world has yet seen. 

Better Cutting

Let’s be straightforward here. You buy a trimmer for exactly one reason: trimming your hair. Anything that isn’t magnificent in this aspect deserves a home in the dumpster. The Lawn Mower 2.0 trimmer takes the cutting edge technology of its predecessor and expands upon it. A higher RPM motor helps the blade glide seamlessly through even the densest shrubbery. Such a high RPM would be dangerous without the right blades; the 2.0 has amazing ceramic blades. They come with a number of advantages that we’ll get into in a minute, and when you combine the strength of ceramic blades with high RPMs and a finer spacing, you get the best trim possible.


We’ve regularly praised The Lawn Mower trimmer for its cordless design. Cords are way more of a problem for grooming than most people realize. The 2.0 adheres to the cordless philosophy and improves it by adding a rechargeable battery. The days of stockpiling replacements just to keep your junk fresh are gone. The 2.0 rechargeable battery is good for 60 minutes of work off of a single charge. That means you can go weeks (or months if you’re lazy about upkeep) between charges. Topping all of that off is a USB charging port. There’s no more convenient way to keep your new favorite trimmer ready for action.

The Lawn Mower 2.0


Trimmers are noisy. It’s most notable when a haircut puts one directly by your ear, but nervous groomers notice the buzz of their trimmers all too well. A quieter trim is nice. It’s less grating and helps you really enjoy the process of grooming.

Far more importantly, the vibrations that create that noise can easily make your hand go numb. You don’t need us to explain why that’s a dangerous notion for someone trimming their balls. The key here is that noise suppression is really vibration suppression. The QuietStroke technology of the 2.0 helps you increase control and safety when you trim.

Water Safety

For starters, male grooming can be wet work. Some of you insist on trimming in the shower. We get it. Others just run into the inevitable wetness that comes from operating in a bathroom. Regardless, you need a trimmer that can handle water. The cordless and waterproof design of the 2.0 makes it easy. You can run this in the shower with no problems.

Equally important is grip safety. We wouldn’t make a trimmer that is waterproof without considering ergonomics. You can trust the 2.0 to stay firmly in your grip even when it gets wet.

Lastly, we’re coming back to those ceramic blades. They're incredibly rust resistant. And, that’s a good thing for a trimmer that gets wet.

Adjustable Trimming

Only slightly less important than being able to cut hair is giving you control over the cutting of that hair. You’ll find plenty of that with the 2.0. Besides the ergonomic design, it comes with adjustable trimming guards. This lets you be as selective as you like with your grooming lengths. It reinforces the notion that not all hair should be the same length, and it gives you the freedom to explore the aesthetics and feel of many different trims.

Replaceable Heads

Yes, we just used the word head. Feel free to comment with your best head jokes. In the meantime, we’re going to explain something important. The world’s most perfect blade still gets dull. Despite what some of you anime nerds think about katanas, no blade is exempt. Admitting is the first step, and so we’ve designed the 2.0 with replaceable trimming heads. If your blade needs a swap, you can do it easily and keep your trimmer in pristine condition at all times.


Replaceable heads also help with hygienics. The ceramic blades are already inherently antimicrobial. Still, anything can get dirty. With the 2.0, that’s less of a problem than ever. Fully corrupted blades can be swapped, but simply cleaning the devices is easier than ever. If you’re really a germaphobe, you can even dedicate different blade heads to different trimming jobs.


the lawn mower 2.0

Easy to Clean

Remember when we told you it’s waterproof? That means you can spray it down pretty easily to avoid hair buildup or grosser problems that arise. Just use a more aggressive setting on your shower and get after it. For those with a bit more dedication, The Lawn Mower 2.0 also comes with a cleaning brush that can help you keep it pretty and functional. We don’t really care how you clean your device as long as it works.


If everything we just listed came in a $72,000 package, it would be meaningless. A great trimmer does everything you need. The best trimmer does it all and maintains accessibility. A lot of the most revered trimmers on the market can get well over $100. That’s not a fear with the 2.0. It’s priced aggressively because we want you to use it.


Lastly, you want a trimmer you can trust. There are a few brands out there that ignite that feeling of trust, but when it comes to manscaping, there is one that stands above the rest. At MANSCAPED, we have one purpose and one focus. You can trust our obsession with manscaping to lead to tools that we would use over any other. If trust is something you value, then you’re going to inevitably use The Lawn Mower 2.0.

Using it Well 

You might dream of having the best Ferrari ever made, but if you can’t drive a stick, it doesn’t matter. The same applies to male grooming. Having the best trimmer is great, but you need to know how to use it. We’re going to give you a fast overview of the grooming template to make sure you’re armed with the knowledge to match your new trimmer.

manscaped formulations

Trimming Correctly

The Lawn Mower 2.0 isn’t the only tool you want to use when you trim. You also want a Magic Mat shaving mat. It’ll help with the cleanup. As for technique, start with the longest trimmer setting and slowly work your way down. That will give you the chance to see what length feels right on each part of your body. 

Shave Carefully 

After a trim, a safety razor can help you with the shaving. We’ll trust you to be careful and instead give you a simple tip. Anus and balls are typically expected to be bare. Some pubes are fine. The rest is up to you. 

Shower Correctly

Grooming should always be followed by a shower. That gets rid of irritating clippings and gets the Active pH Control in your Crop Cleanser body wash to work right away. It’s the best offense against razor burn and similar agitation.

 Finish Like a Man

After you shower, you need to spend a brief but important effort on the finish. It’s really easy. Pat dry (the skin will still be sensitive). Then, rub some Crop Preserver™ ball deodorant into your groin and junk (this is not a happy time lubricant; you've been fairly warned). It’s part of the Active pH Control system and will help your skin recover from a shave. Lastly, use a little Crop Reviver toner. It’s the third piece of the formula. Together, these efforts will keep shaved balls from feeling like sandpaper. And, you’ll smell fantastic.

That’s it for today, gents. We took the best trimmer on the planet and turned the dial up to 11. We hope you’ll enjoy it. As for the rest of your manscaping, keep an eye on MANSCAPED.COM. We promise every discovery and insight we uncover on our path to manscaping nirvana will be shared there. So, until next time, keep the boys fresh and pubes short.


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