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10 Reasons To Date a Man Who Manscapes

reasons to date a man who manscapes
Manscaped men have a distinct advantage over non-manscaped men. The biggest advantage is in the dating arena. Here are the top ten reasons to date a man who manscapes.
  1. A manscaped man looks and smells cleaner - a big plus in a lady's book.
  2. He looks BIGGER - an even bigger plus (pun intended).
  3. There’s no chafing/itching for his partner (because razor burn isn’t sexy).
  4. He’s more confident in bed.
  5. A manscaped man is willing to try new things - whether it's rock climbing or tango lessons.
  6. Women are proud to be seen with a manscaper - you can tell by the big smiles on their faces.
  7. It makes your sex life amazing - Most couples report a dramatic increase in bedroom activity.
  8. A manscaped man pays more attention to his appearance in other ways - dressing more stylishly and getting better haircuts.
  9. Manscaping gives a man extra confidence and an edge at work, leading to higher productivity and promotions.
  10. A woman who's in a relationship with a manscaped man feels like her man's a catch. And treats him like one!

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