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10 Reasons Why Sweaty Men Can Smell Bad

All men stink. They might not smell bad at all times, and the level of stench varies, but we all have bad days. You already know the basics. If you get really sweaty, you’ll probably smell worse. But, if you dig a little deeper and get into the why’s of it all, you can make adjustments that will save you from those embarrassing moments. Never again do you have to be the smelly guy in the group. Here are 10 reasons why sweaty men can smell BAD.


It turns out that stress sweat is physiologically different from normal sweat. When you exercise or just get hot, the sweat your body produces is mostly water. That water evaporates to cool you down, and it results in minimal smelliness. Stress sweat contains a lot more dissolved in it. Lipids, proteins and other substances are mixed in with the sweat, and it provides more fuel for bacteria on your skin. That increases the overall stench factor. If that wasn’t enough, stress sweat is also mostly concentrated in the pits. So, if you can’t kill the stress, your best line of defense is a good antiperspirant. You want something with aluminum or zinc and a good, pleasant deodorant smell.


It’s long been known that obesity can contribute to B.O. There are a few factors at play. First, when you have those extra pounds, your body temperature tends to run a little higher. That makes you prone to more sweating. Additionally, when you’re out of shape, mundane tasks put more stress on your body (see above). That combines with a general need to sweat more overall, and the result is a bacteria feeding ground. Sweating more and having more stress chemicals in the sweat is a recipe for some seriously ripe B.O. So, even though exercise might make you sweat more in the short term, it’ll help you leaps and bounds in the long run.

 10 reasons why sweaty men can smell bad


We’re not going to get into some of the grosser and more disturbing alleys of medicine. But, there are plenty of common skin problems that can contribute to smelliness. The most common is athlete’s foot. When it gets a hold on your feet, you’ll often notice by a sudden jump in the stank of your feet. Many times, it can precede the itchiness. Unfortunately, such infections aren’t actually limited to the feet. Fungal infections can get you anywhere -- especially parts of your body that are good at retaining moisture. Preventing these problems is mostly a matter of managing that moisture (which will talk about more in a minute) and seeing a doctor at the onset of any problem. A proactive approach will keep you from smelling your worst.

Medical Conditions

Infections aren’t the only medical conditions that can be associated with stinkiness. Diabetes, thyroid imbalances and other regulatory problems are known to change the chemistry of your sweat. When that happens, things can get stinky. They can also get a little weird. For instance, diabetes is known to affect people’s breath and make it smell sweeter. Regardless of the condition, if you notice a sudden change in your natural musk, it’s probably worth a trip to the doctor. You can think of it like this. Kids going through puberty are experiencing wide swings in their hormone levels. That makes them seem sweaty and nervous, but it’s normal for that age. When it happens to a fully grown adult, it can be a sign that something isn’t right.

 Mating Potential

Science is often stranger than fiction. A study done by Swiss scientists proves that point. Without getting too technical, they compared natural body odors of a bunch of men and women and compared which scents were more or less favorable. To make a long story short, they found that DNA markers could predict how people reacted to the smell of adults of the opposite sex. More specifically, women were more attracted to the smells of men who were farther away from them genetically. Conversely, men who matched enough DNA markers smelled repugnant. They postulated that this is a natural way to encourage mating with better genetic partners. Genetic diversity is important to producing strong offspring. So, if a woman thinks your natural musk is sexy, she has great baby mama potential.

Dirty Clothes

We’re getting away from medical science and more into lifestyle. The rest of this list is going to address routine stuff you can do to not smell so bad. While we hope we don’t have to explain to you the importance of doing laundry, we are going to address some common problems. A lot of guys like to have workout clothes that they don’t wash every day. In the sense of conservation, this is nice. When it comes to being smelly, it’s a bad habit. Leaving sweaty clothes unwashed allows bacteria and fungi to accumulate. When they come back in contact with your skin, you raise the chance of one of those mostly harmless infections that can make you super smelly. If you don’t want to wash workout clothes all the time, have a few sets that you can rotate. Also, be sure that they are fully drying between wears.

 10 reasons why sweaty men can smell bad

Excess Hair

We already mentioned that bacterial growth can contribute to B.O. Really, it’s the leading cause. There will always be bacteria on your skin, but when you feed them, they produce some rank odors. Since sweating is an inevitable part of life, you need to take countermeasures to combat nature. One of the best ways to do this is to groom your body hair. Regular use of The Lawn Mower 2.0 and Plow can keep hair growth in your armpits, crotch and ass to a minimum. Since these are easily the sweatiest and smelliest parts of your body, it’s a small amount of work for huge returns.

You see, body hair makes you sweat more. Maybe to a small extent it acts as insulation to keep you warm, but reality its primary effect is to slow the evaporation of sweat. This makes the sweat less efficient, and it can actually lead to excessive sweating in otherwise normal conditions. Even worse, the slower evaporation gives bacteria more time to feed on the contents of your sweat. As gross as that sounds, it smells worse. A regular trim and shave can undo the bulk of this.

pH Balance

We hope you already know to shower after every grooming session. Even if you do, it’s important to understand that all showers are not created equally. More specifically, all soaps are not equal. When you shower, exfoliating is crucial to getting your skin truly clean. Unfortunately, it can lead to a subtle shift in the pH of your skin. This might not seem like anything important, but your skin actually produces a natural acidic barrier that helps stem microbial growth. All of this is to say that you need a soap that helps maintain a healthy pH when you scrub. The Active pH Control in Crop Cleanser can solve this problem, so make sure you use it every time you shower.

Not Enough Deodorant

Even with a good pH balance, you’re still combatting natural sweat to smell good. You’ve been using deodorant on your pits for long enough to understand that it can go a long way. Pay attention for a minute. We aren’t telling you to cake more deodorant onto your pits. We’re telling you to apply that principle to the part of your body that sweats the most, traps the most moisture and regularly smells the worst. You need ball deodorant. Crop Preserver won’t just help your junk smell better. It will keep you from retaining too much moisture, and it complements the pH control in your body wash. When you use it regularly, it will eliminate the most prevalent source of stench on your body.

You Just Need a Refresher

When you utilize all of the knowledge we just dropped on your smelly ass, you stand a chance of fighting the odor. In fact, your average day will smell a lot better. But, sometimes life can throw challenges our way. Some days will be more stressful than others. Or, maybe it’s just an extra hot part of the summer. Whatever the cause, the final line of defense against B.O is a reliable refresher. That’s what Crop Reviver provides. It maintains the pH control of our other formulas, but it’s the gentlest of them all. You can go for a refreshing spritz at any part of the day. So, when circumstances start pushing you towards smelliness, you can beat them back with extraordinary ease.

There you have it, gents. Those are the leading reasons you smell bad. As you just saw, science is in your corner. Defeating your own B.O. will help you romantically. It will also raise your general comfort levels. If you want to see how you take this approach to more aspects of your life, then you need to spend more time at



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