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February 13, 2017

2017 Manscaping Trends

2017 manscaping trends

If you’re going to invest so much effort into manscaping, you want to stay ahead of the trends. The year is still young, but here’s where things are headed so far in 2017.

Professional Pampering

Spa days are no longer just for ladies. Before you let your masculine drive object to the concept out of reflex, consider this: professional beard grooming/shaving has been around for centuries, and it feels great. If you extend your hair care to the rest of your body, getting in the hands of a professional with specialized tools and the perfect touch is going to feel amazing. On the other spectrum, many men are incorporating waxing into their total care, and that’s just better done by an expert. The intense pain is easy to alleviate with a nice massage afterwards, so a body care day can turn into a surprisingly enjoyable experience. Now, turning every part of your manscaping over to professionals would be an outrageous commitment of time and money, so you need to know the next part too.

The Art of Subtlety

While manscaping started as just managing forests around the body, it is evolving quickly. In 2017, the most accomplished manscapers are the ones who can’t be picked out of a lineup. It’s all about achieving a natural look, by whatever means necessary. In some places, particularly the back and/or shoulders, waxing gets a natural, smooth finish. In others a hair trimmer can clean up the look without being too obvious. Ultimately, it’s a matter of tailoring your routine to your body. If you have a bold streak, though, there’s a time and place for that too.

All Out Beards

Beard length is difficult to master, but if you’re going big, then that can include more than just growing long hair. Glitter, dyes, braids and beard decorations are all picking up steam. In 2017, bold creativity will lead the pack, so finding something eye-popping and new to do with your facial hair will put you in the limelight. They won’t all be winners, but there’s no way to win this contest without getting a little crazy.


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