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2018 Best Male Grooming Clipper

At this point, male grooming has escalated beyond some new fad that will fade as fast as the boy band trend. It’s a societal expectation. Not just that—it’s also a better way to live. Anyone who hasn’t experienced the freedom and comfort of getting unruly body hair under control isn’t really living. They may think they are, but really, they’re not. But this is a case of you don’t know what you don’t know. If you don’t experience the magic of male grooming, how will you know that it will improve your life in immeasurable ways? Whether you’re looking to up your game or finally get onboard, the crux of great grooming is finding the right electric trimmer for the job. Once you have that accomplished, everything else is downhill. So, we have done the work to make the search easy. After testing every trimmer out there, there is one trimmer that stands above the rest, and we’re going to show it to you now. It’s the 2018 best male grooming clippers, as chosen by regular Joes and grooming mavens.

A Good Trim

We won’t beat around the bush (pun intended). You’re here to find the best clippers to attack your junk bush with, and you mean business. With no extraneous ado, the best trimmer for the year 2018 is the Lawn Mower™ trimmer from MANSCAPED, purveyors of the best tools and formulations on the market today. The Lawn Mower is precision-engineered to make first-timers as capable as seasoned pros in the art of grooming, so discard your newbie worries. It’s cordless and supported by an ergonomic rubber grip, meaning no awkward positioning around a too-short cord or slipping out of your hands. Handling this compact wonder is easy and intuitive, so anyone can safely trim their pubes without a major risk of nicks and cuts. Your balls are the last place you want nicks and cuts, believe us. A detachable (and adjustable) safety guard improves on that safety and doubles as a guide to help you keep from trimming too close. You can choose the length of hair based on your personal preferences. This is one of the many reasons The Lawn Mower is the 2018 best clipper on the market. 

The Lawn Mower utilizes a 4,000 RPM motor and stainless steel, dual blades. This means it can handle even the darkest jungles down there without breaking a sweat. The incredible cutting technology is powered by a standard AA battery, so you don’t have to worry about expensive replacements or extra gear. And forget about cords: MANSCAPED knows that cords are the last thing you need to deal with when attacking your man bush. It’s rated for 4.5 hours of cutting time on each battery. That’s plenty of trimming for even the most meticulous groomers. If you want a clean, easy, safe trim, the Lawn Mower is the easy choice. It is not, however, the end of the story. There’s much, much more.

Enhancing Your Experience 

If you stopped after only using the Lawn Mower, you would feel cleaner, happier, and sexier. You would know that you found the best clippers in 2018. It would be enough to slowly but unquestionably transform your daily life and confidence level. Most men don’t believe it until they try, but words can never truly capture the extraordinary comfort and confidence that come from managing your ball hair using expertly engineered tools and specially formulated skincare products. That said, a simple trim is only the first step down a path that has greater potential than you have yet realized. Excited yet? 

Protecting the Epidermal Layer

At the risk of getting a little science-y on you, a regimented, careful treatment of your skin and hair is vital to good health. You’ve heard about this from lotion and shampoo ads, but it isn’t all a bunch of marketing mumbo jumbo. Even the best trim in the world still disrupts the equilibrium around your groin. Removing excess hair is good because it helps combat bacterial growth (so we’re not in any way recommending you skip this step), but the process can irritate the skin and fray the pubic hair. That’s where MANSCAPED formulations come in to play with their pH-powered advanced mechanism. For example, Crop Reviver is a toner that combats these negative effects of unbalanced pH levels in the nether region. It helps tone and revitalize your manhood after a trim, and it specifically works to maintain the pH balance on your skin. This is more important than you probably realize. Imbalances in pH can lead to a host of undesirable issues like redness, inflammation, bumps, and other, more serious, skin, and sexual health issues. Using Crop Reviver after every trim, and during the day as needed, will elevate the good feeling (literally and figuratively) that you get from grooming to a whole new level.

Ball Deodorant

We usually don’t recommend that gents new to grooming start by going completely bald down there. But that’s a clearly personal choice. Some men and their partners love a completely bare sack, and more power to them. That said, have you ever seen a bald man sweat? It can get messy, so you have to place some protections in place. While trimming your pubes has tons of benefits, the most overlooked potential drawback is that you have less natural defense against accumulating sweat. While this is good at preventing bacterial and fungal growth, it might make you prone to crotch stains and dreaded swampiness in your crotch area. A little ball deodorant solves the problem. Of course, since it’s us, you know that this is more than simple deodorant. And this has no relation to the Speed Stick you use on your pits daily. Crop Preserver from MANSCAPED is a down there deodorant that will fight chafing and just help you move freely. It’s remarkably good at enhancing physical activity and just making you more comfortable. It goes on as a gel powder formulation, which is super high-tech. Plus, your crotch won’t smell like the strange growth at the bottom of a gym locker—just let it dry before pulling your pants on.

Magic Mat

The Magic Mat won’t make your grooming any groom-ier. What it will do for you is help you stay proactive. The Magic Mat’s purpose is simple: take the work and dirtiness out of grooming. It does this in two ways. First, it adds a little fun to the process by giving you some fun jokes and articles to read while you work. More importantly, it makes cleanup as easy as humanly possible. Trim and shave over the mat. When you’re done, fold it up and toss it. If you want to avoid excuses and stay on top of grooming, the Magic Mat is your best, funniest friend.

2018 Best Manscaping Clippers

The Shed 

Like Mat, the Shed grab-and-go travel and storage bag is designed for convenience. It can hold your entire kit in one cohesive space. Even if you aren’t on the go, having your stuff organized makes it easier to groom on a schedule. If you do hit the road, packing couldn’t be easier. Made of a sturdy manufactured leather, it has a convenient handle and water-resistant lining, features needed when toting around your grooming tools and products. 

2018 Best Manscaping Clippers

You have it here. The essential package for everything you need all condensed into a manageable list. Of course, male grooming, like any art form, can always be pushed further. If you really want to explore the depths of this topic, browse Not just any website, this is the compendium of male grooming knowledge and technology, in addition to exciting product updates.



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