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5 Coffee Cocktails To Get You Pumped For The Weekend

Are burnt out from the long week but you still wanna party all weekend? Get recharged with these 5 coffee cocktails, that will help you forget the long week and help you party all night! 

The Roast and Toast - The classiest way to add a marshmallow and coffee to your bourbon! This delicious coffee and bourbon drink is garnished with a flaming marshmallow! Find the full recipe here.

 The Roast and Toast - A Bourbon and Coffee Cocktail

Coffee Old Fashioned - A new take on an old classic, this cocktail adds a bolder spin on this classic whiskey drink. Sip slow and enjoy all the flavors, besides, it's the weekend! Find the full recipe here.


Coffee Gin & Tonic - It may sound like an unusual combination but the taste is surprisingly good! If you’re into your classic gin & tonic, mix it up with this coffee kick! Find the full recipe here.


The Batman - Yes, the name is already kick-ass, so you know the drink will be even better! This rum and coffee combination will keep you up all night so you can party or do whatever it is you do late at night. Find the full recipe here.

 The Batman cocktail

Rum Java Float - Remember summer time as a kid? Well this is waaay better! Sit out on your porch or by the pool and sip on this boozy twist to a childhood classic! Find the full recipe here.



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