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5 Easy Ways to Amp Up Your Burger Recipe

Take you burger to the next level and start eating like a man! These 5 simple tips will amp up your burger game and impress your guests this summer! 

Try a meat blend - You don’t always have to stick to 100% beef! Try mixing in a little Italian sausage or other variety of pork! It will definitely make your burger patty juicy and flavorful!

Mix in veggies - A great way to add flavor into your patty is mixing in some flavorful veggies like peppers, onion, garlic, etc. When these are cooked with the ground meat, they release all their flavors and juices into the patty.

Stuffed patties - An easy way to amp up the flavor is doing a stuffed patty! Get some cheese, bacon, whatever you want and place it in the center. When you bit into that burger, you’ll have an awesome surprise!

Homemade condiments - Yes, this isn’t as easy as buying your condiments but it’ll taste 10x better! Try making a salsa or your own BBQ sauce! You’ll never get tired of eating a burger after you’ve made your own sauces!

Get good buns or make them - Seriously, you’ll be shocked at the difference a good bun can make. A soggy sesame bun is for children and you’re a man, so east like it! Don’t forget to toast it, it makes a difference when you put a little time and care into your food.



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