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5 Facts Men Who Exercise Should Know About Hygiene

It’s usually safe to assume that anyone who spends time manscaping also appreciates the value of a good workout. Even if you’re still struggling to strike the right balance in all of this and you let your fitness slide from time to time (we’ve all been there), you’re ready to learn a few more facts about exercise. The truth is that working out is vital to health, but it also adds a few challenges to your hygiene game. So, instead of trading a fit body for one that is aromatically acceptable in polite society, you can learn a few facts and get the best of both worlds. Without further ado, here are five facts you might think you know about hygiene but certainly haven’t thought about enough. 

1. You Can’t Mask a Workout

Everyone runs into it at some point. Time gets short and you have to make bad decisions. Either you skip the workout or you can’t take a proper shower afterwards. We respect those of you who man up and get to the gym on those days. The question is what can you do about that inevitable workout stench. Most guys go with the obvious: they drench it in cologne. Even if you try to find a balance and don’t completely overdo it, this is the wrong option. Cologne, even great cologne, will not really mask the musk. Instead, the aromas will combine and you’ll get an unpleasant monster smell. It’s actually a common complaint among women.

There is a solution. Rather than try to mask the smell, you can mitigate it. This comes from a multi-pronged hygienic approach. You need to be using good skin care in your regular routine. You also need to keep your body hair under control so it can’t lock the smells into the crevices of your body. From there, a proper application of deodorant on your pits and junk will pretty much take care of things. It’s not ideal, but it’s certainly going to smell better than drowning in cologne or going au natural.

2. Gyms Are Filthy

We understand. There are plenty of ways to get a workout that aren’t in a gym. That said, if your exercise is near other people or involves equipment, then this lesson still applies. Locker rooms are notorious for their ever-present musk and propensity for spreading athlete's foot. That’s really only the beginning. There are plenty of skin and health conditions that can make a man’s (or woman’s) sweat less clean than normal. They can carry bacteria and fungus, and even worse, they can provide nutrients for the microbes.

If you want to avoid anything itchy, blotchy or odorous from finding you in the gym, you need good habits. It might not be realistic to be able to scrub equipment before and after every use, but if your gym does use sanitizers, don’t skip them. When that isn’t an option, make sure you wash your hands religiously. And, obviously, you want to finish every workout with an antibacterial shower.

 5 Facts Men Who Exercise Should Know About Hygiene

3. Your Gym Clothes Are Worse Than You Think

Once upon a time, gym class was mandatory in school. Everyone kept a single set of sweaty clothes in a dedicated locker, and at best, they were washed once a week. Since those days, we’ve learned that this is a bad idea. The sweat in a set of gym clothes is a breeding ground for all things unclean. It actually gets bad enough that moldy gym shorts are a common occurrence. Seriously.

We understand that you don’t want to wash your gym clothes every day. Besides being a pain and feeling wasteful, it’ll wear the clothes out in a hurry. The solution is pretty easy. Just keep a couple of workout outfits ready and rotate them. You can keep the dirty ones in a hamper or whatever until it’s time for laundry. That’s the only realistic way to beat the stench without devoting the rest of your life to washing sweaty gym shorts.

4. Supplements Can Cause Breakouts

It’s tempting to use supplements to help get a little bulk. Everyone gets the spam ads, and it’s hard not to wonder if they might actually work. The truth is that safe supplements do exist, and they can help you build muscle. But, they are not without side effects. No matter how you slice it, a muscle-building supplement has to impact your body chemistry in order to work. Because of that, you can get some weird results that have nothing to do with strength.

The most common issue you’ll find is an increase in acne. That would already be bad, but a lot of that acne might not be on your face. Back acne is a known plague for guys who dabble in steroids and other chemicals. It’s also regularly listed as one of the biggest turnoffs for women. We wish we had an easier solution for you, but those additives can often overpower hygienic efforts to fight acne. For a lot of you guys, you’ll have to choose between the muscle boosters and having clear skin.

5. Workouts Increase Bad Breath

This should be common knowledge, but a lot of guys seem to be out of the loop. An intense workout can lead to bad breath. It isn’t rocket science. Rapid, heavy breathing can cause dry mouth and lead to halitosis. Even if you brushed your teeth right before starting the exercise, a sufficiently vigorous workout will undo it all.

There are two things you can do to beat this. The first is to stay hydrated. It is the dryness that predominantly causes bad breath. The second is to treat your bad breath after a workout. As long as you’re aware, popping a bit of mouthwash or even a breath mint or stick of gum can mostly handle the problem. The best bet is always another round with the toothbrush, but it isn’t entirely necessary if you don’t have the option.

5 Facts Men Who Exercise Should Know About Hygiene

 You Still Need to Manscape

If you’re not completely oblivious, you’ve noticed that most of the issues tied to working out are driven by the accumulation of sweat. So, it should go without saying that managing your body sweat is the key to working out without making people’s noses bleed. As you’ve already guessed, that boils down to manscaping.

If you want to beat the sweat, it starts with a basic trim. Lay out a Magic Mat, grab a Lawn Mower and give yourself a once over. You particularly want to handle bushiness in the pits (hair is fine you’re just trying to keep it tamed), groin and anal areas. Those are the places where hair traps the most sweat, and they smell the worst anyways.

Once you get your trimming done, it’s ok to consider the razor. While your whole body needn’t be smooth, shaved balls and a shaved anus are worthy goals. The Plow is the weapon of choice for this task.

Another important note is the order of operations. The previous steps should be done before you shower. After your hair removal is complete, scrub yourself with some Crop Cleanser. It’ll kill bacteria, replace your B.O. with a pleasant aroma and restore your skin with Active pH Control.

You want to follow up on your shower with two more gems. Crop Preserver and Crop Reviver will add to the pH enhancements of your shower. They’ll promote healthy skin and hair, and the deodorant will take things a step further by managing sweat and reducing friction. Additionally, Crop Reviver is gentle enough that you can give yourself an extra spritze to freshen up as needed. Rather than create a cologne mask, it'll help your body fight natural odor. When you put all of the steps together, you get a manscaping routine that keeps you smelling attractive. But, you still have to be careful with your supplements. Not even manscaping can help that part.


Working out is important. Now, you should understand that manscaping is too. If you want to learn more about how to improve your manscaping game or improve your balance of things in your life, we have loads to offer you at It’s chock full of the latest devices for exquisite manscaping, and it’s loaded to the brim with advice on technique, trends and lifestyle advice. Anything you could possibly need is all available in a single place cultivated just for you.



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