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March 30, 2017

5 Gestures That Show You Are A Gentleman

Being a gentleman isn’t only about looking good but it’s about the little things that really show your true character, here are 5 little gestures that all men should adopt!


  1. Open Doors - For everyone and anyone. A true gent not only opens the door for his lady, but for everyone. It shows you are respectful and chivalrous, two traits that anyone can appreciate and admire.


  1. Bring something to the party - Seriously, don’t be that guy that doesn’t bring anything to party or for the host and please, don’t be the guy who brings something and goes home with what they brought! Bring something nice for the host, it's only proper when someone is offering up their home for a party. It’s to tacky to bring a nice bottle to the party and go home with the remaining, just leave it!


  1. Be punctual - Showing up on time, shows you care and you respect those around you. A true gent doesn’t keep anyone waiting on them.


  1. Don’t take the last bite - Gentlemen always offer the last bite to others before taking it themselves. It shows you are considerate and respectful of those around you.


  1. Always say “Thank You” - It may seem antiquated to write a Thank You card but it's a real smooth gentleman move! It doesn’t even have to be a card but send an email, let those who have helped you out know that you appreciate them!

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