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May 17, 2017

5 Gestures That WIll Impress Her When She Comes Over

If a beautiful lady is coming to your place tonight, these simple gestures will really impress her! After all, you are a gentleman! 

  1. You put the toilet seat down - As funny as it sounds, that little gesture shows you’re a real gentleman and you’re thinking about her! Yes, it’s not that hard to put the seat down so why don’t you do it, since you’re the one who put it up in the first place? She’ll take it as a chivalrous move.
  2. Light a candle - This isn’t just to set the mood but to deodorize your stinky place. You may not notice a funky smell, but she might. Keep it classy and
  3. Clean up after yourself - If you are eating a meal together, you should insist on cleaning the dishes right after. Don’t be a slob and wait for her to start cleaning everything up. When you’re both done eating, start collecting plates and start cleaning them. Even it’s a pizza box, throw it out. Show that you respect her and you’re not a pig.
  4. Cook her a meal - Nothing is more impressive than a man who knows how to cook! It doesn’t have to be extravagant or restaurant quality but cooking for her shows that she’s with a real man who can take care of himself and her!
  5. Be well-groomed - We know we’re always saying it, but it makes a huge difference when you make yourself presentable! Even if you’re just having a date-night-in, don’t just wear your old basketball shorts and a tee! When you dress well, she’ll know you put in the extra effort because you care and you want to impress her!

Bonus points for Manscaping! You never know when the occasion will arise!

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