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5 Lesser Known Facts about Electric Groin Hair Trimmers

As expert and professional manscapers, we take our tools seriously. The flagship device for any manscaping expert is going to be his set of groin hair trimmers. It gets regular use and does one of the most important jobs in the whole process. We’ve spent countless hours researching and designing such clippers, so we thought we’d spare a moment to share some knowledge with you. Today, we are happy to present you with five such tidbits. These are true facts about clippers and the work they do, and these troves of information are neither commonly known or easily discovered. Enjoy these five lesser known facts about electric groin hair trimmers.

They’ve Come a Long Way

The very first hair clippers in the world were invented in the 1800s by Nikola Bizumic. No one is quite certain when he perfected his tool, but he was an active barber in Serbia between 1850 and 1890, so we know the date was somewhere in there. The original clippers were manual. They still worked on the same principle as modern clippers -- using multiple contact points and blades to more quickly shear thick hair -- but they lacked all of the modern safety features we enjoy today. We wouldn’t recommend testing them on your balls.

The first electric clippers were invented in the 1920s. There is still dispute about who was actually first, but we know that Leo J. Wahl completed his design in 1921. You might recognize that name since his company still manufactures hair clippers to this day. What’s more interesting is that he based his design on an adaptation of a hand massager. That explains why hair clippers make your hands go numb.

The most advanced groin hair trimmer today would be The Lawn Mower 2.0, and it finally solved the numbing side-effect that has plagued clippers for so long. It also thankfully includes a blade guard and other safety features that will protect your boys when you use it.

They Are More Useful in the Summer

A lot of people assume that hair grows faster in the winter. This seems true with a lot of mammals. After all, dogs seem to have no trouble shedding when it gets warm. But, humans aren’t quite the same. Even though you might value your body hair more when it’s cold, your body just isn’t as adept at growing it under those conditions. Warm weather stimulates better circulation throughout the day, and that is the key to better hair growth.

That doesn’t just make the hair grow faster in the summer. It also grows a little thicker and stronger during the hot season. All of this combined means that your hair trimmer is working triple overtime when you’re regularly hot. You want to make sure you have a sharp blade and have done your maintenance before that season kicks into high gear.

They Don’t Speed Regrowth

There’s another common misconception about hair. The classic tale is that trimming and shaving hair will make it grow back faster and thicker. This isn’t actually true. Sticking to a good manscaping schedule won’t amplify the problem of managing your groin hair. Instead, the regular schedule helps prevent buildup that would otherwise be a nuisance.

The reason this myth perpetuates is because most people begin shaving when they enter early adolescence. Their undeveloped bodies slowly increase the rate of hair growth, but it would happen whether they shave or not. It is merely coincidence that so many of us have noticed increased hair growth as we began to shave more often.

They’re Good for Your Hair

A lot of manscapers misunderstand something fundamental. They tend to view body hair as an enemy that must be conquered or vanquished. This is completely wrong. Body hair does need to be tamed, but part of that is helping it to be healthier. Healthy hair is typically softer, easier to manage and less irritating. Trimming your hair can definitely be good for it, but it might not be for the reasons you suspect.

Simply put, excessive moisture and water are bad for your hair. This isn’t necessarily a problem for your beard or the top of your head, but you’re a man. You get swamp crotch. We all deal with it, and we all know it happens to every guy. This particular benefit of trimming is simple. If you have less hair, you trap less moisture. That’s a positive feedback loop that leads to healthier hair and a more comfortable life.

5 Lesser Known Facts about Electric Groin Hair Trimmers

They Work Harder Than You Realize

Our last fact for the day has to do with the general strength of hair. A single strand of hair on your head can typically support a weight of 100 grams. That’s actually impressive when you think about it. It means 10 hairs could support a kilogram, or 2.2 pounds. A hundred hairs could support a small to medium-sized dog. What’s crazier is that pubic hair is tougher than the stuff in your scalp. The combined tensile strength of all the hair below your belt could readily hold a ton of weight.

Now, we obviously don’t recommend trying this. While your hair is strong enough, your skin is not, and trying to perform this feat would leave you in agony. All of that said, this shows that your trimmer is doing a lot more work than you realized. Multiply that by the extra hair growth of the summer, and you get a tough job for any trimmer. One thing that can help get that work done is a higher RPM motor. It makes more cuts per second and gives the trimmer more power to get through your impressively strong bush.

The Ultimate Secret to Groin Hair Trimmers 

We promised you five lesser known facts about electric groin hair trimmers, and you have them. This bonus fact is actually reasonably well-known. Groin hair trimmers are at their best when you manscape properly. This means laying out a whole routine and sticking to it. We’ll get you started with a basic outline. Feel free to adapt it to suit your own lifestyle, but pay attention to the reasons behind each suggestion. That's the key to great manscaping and the myriad benefits that come with it.

Cut Hair Before Showering 

Remember what you learned about water being bad for hair? This is a compelling reason to do your grooming dry. You can lay down a Magic Mat and get the heavy lifting done with your Lawn Mower 2.0 in short order. Now, you still want a lubricant for any shaving your Plow does, but doing all of this before you shower limits damage done by the water. This is especially true for those of you who prolong your showers by trimming in the water. 

Shower Efficiently

Even though water can be an enemy, you still need to keep yourself clean. You also don’t need to be in an absolute rush. A standard shower doesn’t include overexposure to moisture, and the time you’re saving by grooming beforehand should be plenty. But, you can still make your shower more efficient by using the right wash. Crop Cleanser is a multi-use formula that takes care of your body and scalp with a single bottle. More importantly, it has Active pH Control to help restore the healthy outer skin layer that suffers from excessive moisture.

Apply a Finishing Touch

The last step in basic manscaping is to use a few products after you shower. They’re beyond easy. The first is Crop Preserver. This deodorant will help reduce flop sweat between your legs. We already talked about why that’s good for you. It also complements the Active pH Control you applied in the shower. Beyond Crop Preserver, you can apply Crop Reviver. It’s designed to refresh your pH activators as needed. It’s also a revitalizing mist that keeps you smelling fresh. Most importantly, it’s gentle. If you’re worried you might be building a funk over the course of a day, and extra spritz or two won’t hurt at all.

5 Lesser Known Facts about Electric Groin Hair Trimmers

And those, gentlemen, are the secrets of groin hair trimmers and manscaping. We know, you’re completely impressed with our amazing knowledge. The thing is, you haven’t seen anything yet. Our complete knowledge stores are almost too vast for human comprehension. But, we’ve prepared them for you in easily digestible junks at Feel free to dive down the rabbit hole. You’ll find that the topic of manscaping is richer and more rewarding than you had ever dreamed.



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