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5 Senses Gifts for Him

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



5 Senses Gifts for Him

Hey guys, pipe down for a minute. We're talking to the ladies today. You men can read along; you might even read something you like, but this message caters specifically to women who have a man in their life.

It's not always easy to find gifts for your guy. We get it. Gift giving is a challenge at times. We want to help, so we've compiled this list to provide gift ideas that can keep you going for a long time.

The key to a generous gift is to stimulate the senses. With that in mind, we've packed this full of five senses gift ideas for him.

A Gift for All Five Senses

The Performance Package

We're going to start with the best gift of all. This is a gift that stimulates all of the senses, and it's something you can enjoy too. There's nothing wrong with a little selfishness when it comes to gift-giving.

The best gift is the Performance Package. It has something for all of the senses. It will also help your man look and smell better for your sake and his.

The Sight Of Our Tools & His

His eyes will be stimulated by the sleek and beautiful tools in the package. Your eyes will be stimulated by the elegance and beauty of his now-groomed package.

Our Trimmers Make Just Enough Noise

His ears will appreciate the QuietStroke™ technology that turns the hum of his trimmer into a soothing whisper.

He Will Enjoy Our Signature Scent

The MANSCAPED™ signature scent found in all of our products will delight both of your noses.

Make Him To Feel Good All Day

For touch, our unique boxers reduce chafing and make a man feel grand downstairs. This might be his favorite part.

Allow Him To Taste Your Lips Again

As for taste, he'll appreciate not having to taste his own nose hairs anymore. More importantly, he'll enjoy the taste of your kiss when the package makes him irresistible to you.

If you want five senses gift ideas for him, you can appeal to all of them with just one package.

Give Him The Gift of Sound

A Pair Of Yellow Headphones On A Cord

If you want to reward a man's ears, a few gifts come to the foreground. Headphones and speakers are great gifts for any audiophile. Which ones should you get him? Ideally, you'll get to know his tastes and cater to them. If you're at a complete loss, here is a starting point. Bose is one of the most respected names in the business for a reason. All of their products are of high quality.

If you're looking for something more specific, a few internet guides can get you on the right track.

Then again, you don't have to go with the obvious choice. You can treat his ears in plenty of creative ways, and there is one that will stand above all. A sexy voice recording will mean more to him than any speakers or headphones ever could. Get him all riled up and have fun with the consequences.

Gift Ideas for Sight

Sound is the easy one. Sight is a bit less obvious. How can you treat his eyes to something special? Some of our ideas will catch you off guard.

You can start with a great book (you didn't see that coming, did you?). Most men have something they enjoy reading. Probe his tastes and get him a book he'll love. It will go over better than you might think.

On the other end of the spectrum, you could get him a sport's package. Maybe it's a subscription so he can watch his favorite team. Perhaps it's tickets to a game. Perhaps it's just some fun sports memorabilia that he can enjoy.

All of that is just stalling. You know the best way to treat his eyes. It's all about sex appeal. Give him some sexy photos of yourself. He'll love them. If you're at all shy about that, buy yourself the sexiest lingerie you can find and give it to him. He'll understand, and he'll go wild for it (or maybe he won't get it, but you need to know that about him anyway).

You could even watch some porn with him. Seriously, guys are always interested in seeing something sexy. If it comes from you, it's all the better.

A Few Ideas For Treating His Nose

The nose is an underrated inspiration for memorable gifts. Sure, girls get nice-smelling stuff all the time, but guys like to treat their noses too. Of course, guys and girls don't always want to smell the same things. For your guy, the choice of scent might be a little different from what would make you smile.

Your guy will probably appreciate a great-smelling something that he can consume. A good bottle of wine or liquor is a great starting point. A choice cigar will go well if he enjoys a toke. Coffee is also a no-brainer.

Outside of consumption, guys like good cologne (especially since it has your seal of approval), high-end soaps, and quality beard oils. Any of them will make him happy.

Gift Ideas for Touch

Hands Wearing Blue And White Gloves

Touch is the best gift of all when you do it right. You can appeal to the strongest of the senses with things that make him feel comfortable, sexy, or classy.

A nice, plush robe is impressive. It will keep him warm, and he'll bask in comfort every time he wears it.

A leather wallet is another excellent option. The sensation in the fingers is something special, and he'll feel fancy when he uses it.

Most importantly, any touch that involves you will be entirely welcome. You can give him a sensual massage — bonus points if it has a happy ending. You can even let him touch you (as long as you're comfortable with the idea). He'll love that the most. Intimate touch is pretty much always the best gift a man can get.

The Path To A Man's Heart Is Through His Stomach

We're not talking about gifts that will improve his taste or style. Save the fashion-week outfit for another time. We're talking about things he will enjoy putting in his mouth. They say the path to a man's heart is through his stomach, and they're entirely right.

The comfortable place to start is with alcohol. If he's a beer guy, get him some craft beers that he'll like. If he's into whiskey, try a whiskey subscription or a bottle recommended by your local expert. You can even get him his own brewing or distilling kit so he can make it himself.

Food never goes wrong. Cook him a special meal or dessert. Hire a chef if the kitchen isn't your forte.

If you're feeling really creative, you can let him eat things off of you. Then you can combine taste and touch. You know he'll go crazy for that. Who could resist?

In all seriousness, guys are pretty straightforward. You could buy him his favorite burger, and he'd still be thrilled about it. If you can fill his stomach with something he likes, he'll follow you like a puppy. That's all it takes.

Final Thoughts

Those are your five senses gift ideas for him. You might have noticed a resounding theme. Gifts that involve you are always the best, but if you want just to get him something nice, he'll love that, too.




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