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June 15, 2017

5 Summer Style Trends to Try

Summer is a great time to experiment with bold colors and cool patterns! Try these bold new fashion statements that you might even want to wear year-round! What is your favorite summer trend? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Let us know! 


Bright Colored Pants - Forget about your classic denims and khakis and switch it up this summer with bright colored pants that really bring some attention to all the right places! Paired with classic tees and casual button-ups, you’ll look cool and casual.


Camouflage - That’s right camo is back but don’t get too crazy with this print, you don’t want to look tacky, just trendy! Pair it with plain neutrals for a cool military inspired look.


Pastels - Look like a freshly painted Easter egg this summer with cool pastel tones! These pastels can be paired together for an extra preppy look or look more relaxed by mixing it with deeper tones.


Loose Suits - We don’t mean ill-fitted suits, we mean a loose fit. Something more casual. Plus, it’ll give you some breathing room in the hot summers.



Wide Legged Pants - This summer is all about breezy effortless clothing.  These wide legged pants give you a cool casual look and can be paired with a loose tee. These are just as comfy as a pair of sweats but look less like you’re bumming around in your pj's.  


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