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June 21, 2017

5 Sweaty Summer Grooming Solutions

Let’s be honest, we all suffer with these sweaty summer problems. Suffer no more! There are some simple solutions to prevent these horrible summer situations. Smell good, feel good, and avoid all the consequences of sweaty summer skin!


Swamp Crotch - In the summer, just sitting around makes your man parts sweat but it's not like you can shower three or four times a day. What can you do about it? Manscaping helps! No seriously, having less hair means you won’t feel as hot and you won’t sweat as much. This also helps keep dirt and bacteria from sticking to your manhood, causing a nasty smell. Using a deodorant down there can help too! That’s why we love our “The Crop Preserver” moisturizing deodorant!


Jock Itch - You don’t have to be an athlete to get this, you just have to have bacteria and dirt build up on your man parts, or really any sweaty part! “Jock Itch” is a fungus and trust us, you don’t want to have it. The best way to prevent it is washing well, preferably with a PH balancing cleanser, like “The Crop Cleanser”. Keep those extra sweaty areas dry! We recommend using a high quality deodorant, like “The Crop Preserver”. This will ensure you stay dry, even when you sweat! Again, manscaping definitely helps with the buildup of bacteria and dirt. Try to maintain your manscaping every week, especially in the summer. (Check out our blog on “How to Properly Manscape” for more tips!)


Breakouts - We tend to breakout more in the summer, not just on our face but sometimes all over our bodies. If you are breaking out, it doesn’t mean you have too much oil on your skin, in fact, your skin is lacking moisture. For the face, use a lightweight gel moisturizer for the summer or even aloe vera gel can provide just enough moisture without causing breakouts. Another reason you could be breaking out is bacteria buildup on your skin. Make sure you are cleansing well and staying dry, Manscaped “The Crop Preserver” is a versatile moisturizing deodorant and “The Crop Cleanser” will ensure you won’t be breaking out all over your body.


Chafing - No one likes hot sweaty skin sticking to each other and rubbing up on each other. Its an even worse feeling “down below”. “The Crop Preserver” is made with anti-chafing technology, preventing your delicate man parts from sticking to you and rubbing in all the wrong ways because it is a versatile cream, you can use it on other areas too! It’s deodorant properties keeps those areas dry in those hot summer days.


Sweat Stench - It’s hard to avoid in the summer time, even with layers of deodorant on! A little sweat stench maintenance with “The Crop Reviver” will keep you from smelling like your gym bag. “The Crop Reviver” is a refreshing, antibacterial, and PH balancing spray will ensure your body will smell clean all day. Sweat smells worse when your skin’s PH is unbalanced, the PH balancing property will keep that sweat from turning into the stench of hot garbage!


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